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Misinformation Politics

Japanese citizen “NHK concealed my interview to say the health condition improved after evacuation from Kanto area”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that NHK concealed her interview to include information to recommend evacuation from Kanto area.   1:37 5/9/2014 “I evacuated to Shimane prefecture (Western Japan)

Domestic and global Environment Ecology

87,100 Bq/Kg from sewage sludge in Fukushima / 3,800 Bq/Kg from Tokyo sewage sludge

On 5/20/2014, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism published a report about radioactive contamination of sewage sludge. The samples were collected from April to May of 2014. Even though

Contaminated water crisis

Rising Tritium level in Bypass water / Became the highest density again

On 6/25/2014, Fukushima Diary reported the Tritium density reached the highest level in one of the bypass wells.   Tritium density reached the highest in one of the bypass wells

Politics Support by eating

[Support by eating] Fukushima agricultural associations request approx 200 companies to purchase Fukushima peach

The agricultural associations in Fukushima prefecture started requesting approx. 200 companies to purchase the peaches produced in Fukushima from 7/1/2014. The association consists of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, co-op, fishery cooperative