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95,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134 / 137 still measured in the school route of Kohriyama even after decontamination – Video

On 7/26/2014, a Fukushima resident posted a video on Youtube to report the actual contamination situation in Kohriyama city. It records the radiation measurements around the area where schools and

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

Tepco received the 30th Financial Support of 110 billion yen / Has received over 4 trillion yen so far

On 7/24/2014, Tepco received the 30th Financial Support of nearly 110 billion yen to cover the compensation payouts up until the end of this August. Nuclear power is told to

Breaking news Natural disasters

10 quakes within 10 hours in Izu-ohshima island / Epicenter “Very shallow”

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, 10 earthquakes occurred in Izu-ohshima island only within 10 hours on 7/28/2014. Izu-ohshima island is located approx. 110km in the south of Tokyo.   The