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Radiation level spiked up over 30 times much in various places in Fukushima / NRA “It’s summer heat”

Since last week, the spikes of radiation level have been recorded at least 8 locations in Fukushima prefecture. These were observed by the monitoring posts of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority).

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Scientists “Fukushima monkeys have significantly low level of white and red blood cell counts”

Photo : Wikipedia   Japanese scientists published the report to state Fukushima monkeys have serious blood problems in a significant negative correlation with muscle cesium concentration. On 7/24/2014, the report

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Cs-134 / 137 density jumped up 12 times much as previous highest reading in groundwater beside Reactor 2

On 7/29/2014, Tepco announced Cesium-134 / 137 density of groundwater increased by over 12 times much as the previous highest reading. This July, the groundwater was taken in the seaside