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Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Nuclear Expert “Fukushima plant is now like a swamp of radioactive material due to the contaminated water”

Photo : Tepco’s first discharge of contaminated groundwater to the Pacific   Assistant professor. Koide from Kyoto university commented on a radio program that Fukushima plant area is like a

Domestic and global Environment Ecology

JR Joban train line runs among the heaps of contaminated soil bags for “decontamination” – Photo

A Japanese citizen posted a picture to cut out an unrealistic reality of Fukushima prefecture.   22:38  6/17/2014 “JR Joban line runs among the contaminated soil bags removed for decontamination.

Domestic and global Environment Ecology

710,000 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137 detected from “iron sand” gathered by neodymium magnets

Photo : Wikipedia   Extremely radioactive material was gathered by magnet. The sampling location was “Kaiseizan park” in Kohriyama city Fukushima. (cf, Reality in Fukushima [URL]) The sampling date was 5/18/2013.   The

Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

The roof of North-West part of Reactor 3 had been collapsed in 3. 2011 – Photo

On 7/11/2014, Tepco announced the roof of North-Western part of Reactor3 had been collapsed during 311. The operation floor, the top of Reactor 3 building therefore has no “floor” in

Effects to be confirmed Health

Google trend shows “Joint hurts” is searched increasingly since 2011 in Japan / Sr-90 accumulates in bone

According to a google’s web service “Google trend”, the term “Joint hurts (関節が痛い)” is searched increasingly frequently in Japan since 2011 as shown in the graph below. The statistic starts