Japanese citizen “Instep is hurting, swelling, and started bleeing for unknown reason” – Photo

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that his instep is bleeding for unknown reason.


19:37  7/27/2014


“The instep has been hurting and swelling to be red since yesterday, but I didn’t think blood would stand on it.

Apparently it was bleeding slowly and continuously so blood penetrated the socks but I wonder if I ate something wrong ?

Or maybe I was over exposed ?”


This person seems to be living in Chiba prefecture to implement radiation measurement and share data.

It is possible that the integral exposure dose of this person was higher than other people by staying in highly contaminated places on purpose.


See also.. [Photo] Children’s hands in Tokyo also have rash like chilblains as Fukushima decontamination volunteer’s hand [URL]



You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Un japonais : “voute plantaire douloureuse, gonflée et qui a commencé à saigner sans raison” – Photo


Un japonais a publié sur Twitter qu’il saigne des pieds sans raison établie.

27 juillet 2014 – 19:37
“La voute plantaire est douloureuse, gonflée et rouge depuis hier mais je ne pensais pas qu’il y aurait du sang.
Apparemment, ça saigne doucement et continuellement ce qui fait qu’il y a du sang dans les chaussettes, je me demande si je n’ai pas mangé quelque chose de mauvais.
Ou alors ai-je été surexposé ?”

Cette personne semble vivre dans la préfecture de Chiba pour faire des mesures de la radioactivité et partager les données.
Il est possible que la dose intégrale d’exposition de cette personne soit plus haute que celle des autres gens parce qu’il reste exprès dans des endroits hautement contaminés.

Article lié : [Photo] Les enfants de Tokyo ont aussi des engelures aux mains comme le bénévole de la décontamination de Fukushima

Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Cartels, Bankers together with their captive politicians and agencies; are NOT interested in, Radiation Induced hemorrhagic conditions; among the Nipponese.

    On the other hand, West African, Virus-Induced, hemorrhagic conditions are Job-1. The USA military has been dispatched to a region which has ZERO national security value to the USA; putting military & support personnel at great risk. There is also an increased risk for USA infections, due to the mission. (Also not a consideration).

    The USA casualties, from either affliction are of no consequence whatsoever.

    Radiation bleeding, cancers, heart attacks and sickness are treated as ‘Good’.

  2. Special Victims

    If the Cartels and Governments merely wished to reduce GLOBAL population; the West African Ebola Outbreak would be an excellent opportunity to do nothing.

    The ACTUAL Death Squad Targets are apparently citizens of Japan, USA, Canada & Israel.

    So it appears …

  3. http ://washingtonexaminer.com/article/2551348 http ://s3.amazonaws.com/content.washingtonexaminer.biz/web-producers/2014-July/072814-facebook-community-standards.png

    Topics: Beltway Confidential Facebook Israel France Judaism
    Photo – (iStock) (iStock)

    A Facebook page calling for the death of Israeli Jews does not violate the social network’s “community standards,” according to multiple messages sent by Facebook in response to user complaints.

  4. Highly contaminated and unfit for cat food …

    ‘Feds to Consider Ban on Bluefin Tuna Fishing’, by Chris Clarke, July 23, 2014 4:13 PM, Fish, http ://www.kcet.org/news/redefine/rewild/fish/feds-to-consider-ban-on-bluefin-tuna-fishing.html

    The Fisheries division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA Fisheries) is opening a formal rulemaking process to determine whether it should add Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) to its list of fish species that must be released immediately if caught. The fish is sold in sushi joints as “maguro.”

    The move comes in response to an April petition by the Center for Biological Diversity asking NOAA Fisheries to amend its Fishery Management Plan for U.S. West Coast Fisheries for Highly Migratory Species, a program that addresses Pacific Ocean fish who divide their time between the U.S. West Coast and places like Japan and Siberia. CBD’s petition asked NOAA Fisheries to rewrite the plan to include a ban of catch of Pacific bluefin, or at least to implement annual catch limits and minimum sizes for the bluefin. Other “highly migratory” Pacific fish species whose catch is prohibited under the plan include basking, great white, and megamouth sharks, as well as Pacific halibut.

    And I do not particularly like cats …

  5. Iori San,

    I think that these anecdotes are not helpful to your cause of informing the public. There’s no way to link most of these reports to radiation. IMHO you do better focusing on objective reports such as thyroid scanning, white blood cell counts, and so on. Good luck.

    1. Evidence aplenty

      Furthermore, even the ABSENCE of proof; is not a proof of absence; except for shills, trolls and fools.


  6. Journalists in Japan face threats 3 years after Fukushima

    Committee to Protect Journalists, Blog | Japan By Joanna Chiu/CPJ Contributor http ://www.cpj.org/blog/2014/04/journalists-in-japan-face-threats-3-years-after-fu.php#more

    Commercial interests also influence reporting on nuclear issues. During the past four decades, nine of Japan’s top utility companies spent a combined 2.4 trillion yen (US$27.6 billion) to purchase media advertising to promote nuclear power, according to an investigation by the national bilingual newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Utility companies remain one of the top sources of advertising income for mainstream media, according to reports. In one case described by the Center for Public Integrity, electric companies forced an undisclosed television station to cut off an interview with nuclear skeptic Taro Kono by threatening to withdraw their advertising.

    Michael Penn, chair of the Freedom of the Press Committee of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, said some freelancers reporting on Fukushima face legal repercussions. “It seems that companies have chosen to go after individual reporters instead of the media organizations they work for, perhaps in order to intimidate them and send a message to other journalists,” he told CPJ. Penn was referring to a libel suit that one of Japan’s most powerful nuclear industry figures brought against freelance journalist Minoru Tanaka in 2012 in connection with his investigative reporting on the nuclear energy industry.

    In January of this year, freelance journalist Mari Takenouchi was interrogated by police after she criticized a project by the pro-nuclear organization Ethos for encouraging people to live in areas she believed were contaminated with radioactivity. The NGO responded by making a “criminal contempt” claim against her, according to blog posts and news reports.

  7. Yet, I am BANNED from commenting HARSHLY about HIRED Shills.

    nine of Japan’s top utility companies spent a combined 2.4 trillion yen (US$27.6 billion) to purchase media advertising to promote nuclear power, according to an investigation by the national bilingual newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

    First, 2.4 Trillion Yen are confiscated by Team Nuke. Then THEY complain of uncivil treatment, with that 2.4 Trillion Yen. Yeah, like that is a level playing field. And the Iori appointed moderator is too genteel to allow even a simple RANT against the 2.4 Trillion Yen PROPAGANDA campaign, in Japan alone. Similar ‘Team Nuke’ propaganda budgets are in effect elsewhere.

    1. Perhaps this is a site about Japan run by Japanese people and therefore have no interest in your US centric right wing rants.

  8. I wonder what happened to Iori Mochizuki-sensei ?

    彼が欠如していますか Is he missing? (Kare ga ketsujo shite imasu ka?)

    Nothing is quite right on his website. Has Iori met with foul play?

  9. Was Iori Mochizuki-sensei detained and/or arrested?

    彼が欠如していますか Is he missing? (Kare ga ketsujo shite imasu ka?)

    Nothing is quite right on his website. Has Iori met with foul play and/or government ‘sanction’?

    What happened to Iori Mochizuki-sensei?

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