[Breaking] M6.8 hit Fukushima offshore / No update on Fukushima plant status

At 4:22 7/12/2014 (JST), a strong earthquake of M6.8 hit Fukushima offshore.

The maximum seismic intensity was 4.

In area where Fukushima nuclear plant is located, it was 3. The epicenter was approx. 10km deep.


At this moment, no update on Fukushima plant situation has been published.






You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


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[Breaking] Un séisme M6,8 au large de Fukushima / Pas de nouvelles de l’état de la centrale


Ce 12 juillet 2014 à 04:22 (JST), un fort séisme de magnitude M6,8 a frappé au large de Fukushima.
L’intensité sismique maximale a été de 4.
Dans la zone où est implantée la nucléaire centrale de Fukushima elle a été de 3. L’épicentre était à environ 10 km de profondeur.

Pour l’instant, aucune nouvelle de la situation à la centrale n’a été publiée.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. Pure Bullshit: with ZERO apparent evacuation plans, 2ndary heat sinks, tsunami sea wall, solar-voltaic or wind generation battery charging capability. No provision to use groundwater for emergency cooling. No onsite filtration capabilities. No storage plan for tritiated and/or contaminated water. No apparent significant additional redundancy of any sort.

    Sham – Regulatory approval PRIOR to public comment period.

    No disclosed anti-terroristic measures adopted. No military defensibility apparent.

    ‘Kyushu plant reactors certain to be first to restart since Fukushima accident’, July 16, 2014, By TOSHIO KAWADA/ Staff Writer, http ://ajw.asahi.com/article/0311disaster/fukushima/AJ201407160060 https ://www.google.com/maps/@31.833776,130.189391,731m/data=!3m1!1e3

    The Nuclear Regulation Authority announced on July 16 that the Sendai nuclear power plant No. 1 and No. 2 reactors … at the Kyushu Electric Power Co. plant, located in Satsuma-Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, operations are expected to be resumed as early as this fall. The nuclear watchdog intends to make the Sendai plant a model case for approving restarts of the country’s reactors, all 48 of which remain offline in the aftermath of the Fukushima crisis. Effectiveness of resident evacuation plans and other factors are not taken into account in the screening process.

    The NRA will invite public opinions on technical issues for 30 days from July 17, and later finalize the decision to allow Kyushu Electric to resume operations at its Sendai plant. Kyushu Electric will discuss reactor restarts with local governments in a campaign to win their consent.

    1. Whatever happened to the Wind-based offshore Generator that was destined for Fukuppy?

      1. It does not matter.

        Wind Generation is not suitable for AC Electrical Power Demand Applications. The Blow Hard Windfarm will produce electricity for X-Homes, about 25% of the time; on a random basis. Solar Voltaic has similar limitations; except daylight is more predictable than wind.

        Useful for watering livestock and sometimes useful for recharging batteries.

  2. Smaller messages to see what is causing blockage:

    There is NO PLAN. There are no improvements; only more ‘Team Nuke’ lies.

    What would 2ndary (redundant) cooling towers look like?
    http ://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/55/VogtleCoolingTowers-4.jpg

  3. What would a REAL evacuation plan look like as opposed the the present situation? http ://www.cartoonstock.com/lowres/environmental-issues-power-powered-power_plants-plants-atom-dcr0727l.jpg , There is noplace to run or hide on a small island. Where are the shelter-in-place plans?

  4. Where is the REDUNDANT, reactor cooling system, in the event of a major TORUS breach?
    http ://3.bp.blogspot.com/-UuYj5YBixdU/TX-KDtI_lrI/AAAAAAAAAK0/wrVGQ25rpZk/s320/MKI%2BContainment .bmp

    If memory serves, the FLIMSY design basis only deals with a single 4” cooling pipe failure.

  5. So a brief mention, of anti -stop- – radi -X- tion , drugs is blocked for ‘security purposes’. How odd!

    1. Testing ….
      Antiradiation. Anti-radiation. Antidote. Antipodes. Antidisestablishmentarianism.

  6. There are no disclosed plans to pre-distribute and/or maintain KI and/or RadioGardase anti-radi-ation drugs to island homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, stadiums, trains or other public facilities.

  7. Still blocked

    www .access

    Very Touchy

    1. Testing … to see if i can post this link for Mr. Duff.
      http ://www.accessdata.fda.gov/drugsatfda_docs/label/2008/021626s007lbl.pdf

      1. Barack Hussein Obama and the Washington Post FALSELY declared that the USA Strategic Drug Inventory had been RIFFED as Surplus; circa 311.

        Obama is a lying, murderous, radical socialist FUCK and the Washington Post is his Press Flack Bitch. Subsequent Congressional reviews have indicated that the USA National Strategic Drug Inventory is intact.

        But too late for the Japanese ‘Downwinders’.

  8. Link is BANNED

    FDA Approves First New Drug Application for Treatment of Radiation Contamination due to Cesium or Thallium (10/2/2003)
    FDA News
    October 2, 2003
    Media Inquiries: 301-827-6242
    Consumer Inquiries: 888-INFO-FDA

    2003 is Not exactly ‘hot off the presses’

  9. Yes, there ARE drugs available, which would have substantially improved Nipponese public health, following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station disasters. These WELL KNOWN pharmaceuticals were withheld from the Japanese People and at one point, their usefulness and availability were denied.

    Apparently still BLOCKED

  10. PM Abe may be praying that nobody mentions Fukushima Cesium-134 or the highly radioactive, ferromagnetic Fukushima ‘Black Dust of Death’.

    http ://jto.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/n-abemiyagi-a-20140717-e1405504328460-870×541.jpg
    http ://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/07/16/national/abe-visits-towns-tohoku-disaster-areas/

    ‘Abe visits towns in Tohoku disaster areas’, JIJI. National, Jul 16, 2014

    Higashimatsushima, Miyagi Pref. – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday visited a seaweed breeding facility and a cabbage farming corporation in Miyagi Prefecture during his latest visit to the disaster-hit Tohoku region. Abe told reporters in Higashimatsushima that his administration is ready to provide support for agriculture and fisheries because they are important sectors to promote employment and reconstruction. The area was devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The facility, run by a local fisheries cooperative and rebuilt last October, plans to start shipping its products in September. Abe said he believes the government needs to provide more support for disaster-hit people.

  11. Are the efficacy and commercial availability of anti – radiation – medications; such as
    Radio –
    Gard –
    and the like, STILL hidden from the Nipponese People? Insoluble Prussian Blue, is demonstrated to increase radiocesium ‘Flush-Rate’. As in excrement flushing down the toilet.

  12. A censored world, where USEFUL innovations and life-saving drugs are blocked, hidden, obscured, denied and refused to people in need.

    This drug quickly reduces radiocesium levels in the human body, by blocking bilary reuptake; from the gut. The drug has been demonstrated to be useful in both high-concentration and low-concentration levels.

    Japan, Washington Post and Barack Obama LIED about drug availability and usefulness following 311.

  13. www .fda.gov/drugs/emergencypreparedness/bioterrorismanddrugpreparedness/ucm130335.htm

  14. Withheld care

    There are no plans to pre-distribute/maintain KI and/or RadioGardase antiradiation drugs to island homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, stadiums, trains or other public facilities; prior to the Sendai Nuclear Power Station restart.

    If anything goes wrong … the stranded population will sicken and die.

  15. DIE, you little children

    The point of course, is that ‘Team Nuke’ apparently plans to CONTINUE withholding life-saving, anti-radiation drugs from regional populations in FUTURE Meltdowns.

    Oops; that appears to REMAIN a closely guarded secret.

  16. Barack Hussein Obama and the Washington Post FALSELY declared that the USA Strategic Drug Inventory had been RIFFED as Surplus; circa 311.

  17. Obama is a lying, murderous, radical socialistFUCK and the Washington Post is his Press FlackBitch. Subsequent Congressional reviews have indicated that the USA National Strategic Drug Inventory is intact.

  18. About Prussian Blue Isomers (soluble-paint & insoluble-medicine)

    Example: Galactose and fructose are glucose isomers. They have the same molecular formula (C6H12O6) but their atoms are arranged differently, giving them different chemical & physical properties.

    Basic Chemistry Concept:

    1. There may be millions of differing proteins,
      but there are billions of differing carbohydrates (also known as saccharides), IIRC.

      It is nice to review the basics, for all readers.
      I did not know that about galactose & fructose, that they are isomers.
      Thank you for teaching me something new today. 🙂

  19. Who is the Death Squad Leader?

    It is a matter of some passing interest; whether the USA NSA, or Japan equivalent agencies are blocking discussion of proven efficacious anti-radiation medications.

    I lean toward USA NSA; but one bunch of murderousASSBites is about like any other.

    1. Why do i not have issues posting about anti-radiation medications?
      Any way to rule out ISP issues, for instance? (no need to know)

      1. Unknown, Calls for speculation.

        The radiocesium antidote topic is introduced. The official Japan government, deliberate withholding of care, has been discussed. The complicity of Barack Hussein Obama, Washington Post, IAEA, WHO, CTBTO and other WHORISH members and ‘simple-tools’ of Team Nuke are matters of public record.

  20. Team Nuke Death Squads

    No Warning, No Evacuation, No Personal Decontamination and No Anti-Radiation Medications; at Fukushima, Sendai or Anywhere else.

    Death to the Nipponese!

  21. About Prussian Blue Isomers (soluble-paint & insoluble-medicine)

    Example: Diamond and Graphite are isomers. They have the same molecular formula (C, pure carbon) but their atoms are arranged differently, giving them different chemical & physical properties. Graphite is soft (pencil lead) and metallic-gray, while diamonds are hard, transparent and brilliant.

    Basic Chemistry Concept:

    1. Quote: “Diamond and graphite are two allotropes of carbon: pure forms of the same element that differ in crystalline structure.”
      https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allotropy

      For previous unknown allotropes of Carbon,
      see https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allotropes_of_carbon

      Below freezing temperatures, tin changes allotropic structure.
      Remember the disintigrating tin buttons on Napoleonic uniforms?
      https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_pest#Napoleon.27s_buttons

      Quote: “With the adoption of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) regulations in Europe, and similar regulations elsewhere traditional lead/tin solders have been replaced by solders containing primarily tin, making prevention of tin pest and related problems such as tin whiskers a modern technological challenge.”

      https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_pest
      also see: https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_pest#Modern_tin_pest_since_adoption_of_RoHS

      Now, did any manufacturer use pure tin in their stupid “smart” meters?
      The colder the winter, the closer we are to “finding out”. 😮

      1. … which reminds me of: http ://nepp.nasa.gov/whisker/

        note: “The Art of Appreciating Metal Whiskers: A Practical Guide for Electronics Professionals”
        “Electrical Failure of an Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Caused by a Tin Whisker”

        Thanks to NASA’s Goddard Space Center.

      2. Agreed that allotrope & allotropy are better terms, for elemental bonding structure.

    2. Ah, thank you for teaching me that there are isomers of Prussian Blue.
      I was tempted to take some from automotive supply.
      That would be poisonous then, no?

      Speaking of “Prussian Blue”: http ://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2165342/Prussian-Blue-twins-Lynx-Lamb-Marijuana-changed-Nazis-peace-loving-hippies.html

      It would seem possible they may have uncovered & riffed Snoop Dogg’s “Strategic Drug Inventory”! Peace, Dawg. :lol

      1. Soluble or insoluble prussian blue for radiocesium and thallium poisoning?, Ann Pharmacother. 2004 Sep;38(9):1509-14. Epub 2004 Jul 13.
        Thompson DF1, Callen ED., PMID: 15252192 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] http ://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15252192

        OBJECTIVE: To review the available English-language literature concerning the efficacy of soluble and insoluble Prussian blue used as a therapeutic agent in radiocesium and thallium poisoning.

        DATA SOURCES: A thorough search of MEDLINE, Toxline, and EMBASE databases (1960s-August 2003) was performed. Search terms included Prussian blue, thallium, and radiocesium poisoning. Bibliographies of relevant papers were reviewed for additional citations. study selection AND DATA EXTRACTION: Reports and studies of human trials and cases, along with animal and relevant in vitro data, were sought. Data were categorized as insoluble and soluble Prussian blue and by thallium and radiocesium poisoning.

        DATA SYNTHESIS: The majority of evidence describing the efficacy of Prussian blue for radiocesium poisoning is based on the use of the insoluble form. In contrast, the majority of data supporting the efficacy of Prussian blue in thallium poisoning involves the use of the soluble form.

        CONCLUSIONS: Insoluble Prussian blue has recently been approved in the US for treatment of both thallium and radiocesium poisoning. While there is sufficient evidence that the insoluble form of Prussian blue is effective in radiocesium poisoning, there is a paucity of analogous data supporting its use in thallium poisoning. Whether the physicochemical differences between soluble and insoluble Prussian blue have any effect on outcomes in human poisoning is not known.

      2. Not necessarily ‘dangerous’, given the context of a serious radiocesium exposure. However, the insoluble form of Prussian Blue is presently the drug of choice.

        There should be thousands of published scientific studies of insoluble Prussian Blue medical applications and comparisons. There should be COHORTS of Honshu Island Japanese, who received TIMELY courses of treatment with Radiogardase to compare with similarly situated downwinders who, for one reason or another did not receive the drug.

        There should be VAST databases of Japan Public Health information, for evaluation of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station Disasters. Obviously, ‘Team Nuke Pukes’ have prevented this treasure trove from existing; much less public availability.

        Prussian Blue was withheld, as was KI; to the manifest detriment of the Nipponese.

  22. Perhaps someone else ..

    Experience has shown that Nuclear Electrical Utilities and the Governments of the USA, USSR and Japan; cannot be trusted to issue timely warnings and/or antiradiation medications to DOWNWINDER Populations; in a timely manner. Nor can the CTBTO, IAEA and/or their captive WHO be considered reliable; in times of Nuclear Reactor accidents.

    So, is there a RELIABLE watchdog on earth.

  23. ‘The Time Machine’, Author: H. G. (Herbert George) Wells, http ://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/35/pg35.txt

    The Eloi, like the Carolingian kings, had decayed to a mere beautiful futility. They still possessed the earth on sufferance: since the Morlocks, subterranean for innumerable generations, had come at last to find the daylit surface intolerable. And the Morlocks made their garments, I inferred, and maintained them in their habitual needs, perhaps through the survival of an old habit of service.

    Clearly, at some time in the Long-Ago of human decay the Morlocks’ food had run short. Possibly they had lived on rats and such-like vermin. Even now man is far less discriminating and exclusive in his food than he was–far less than any monkey. His prejudice against human flesh is no deep-seated instinct. And so these inhuman sons of men—-! I tried to look at the thing in a scientific spirit. After all, they were less human and more remote than our cannibal ancestors of three or four thousand years ago. And the intelligence that would have made this state of things a torment had gone. Why should I trouble myself? These Eloi were mere fatted cattle, which the ant-like Morlocks preserved and preyed upon–probably saw to the breeding of.

  24. Time Machine Excerpt

    Like the cattle, they knew of no enemies and provided against no needs. And their end was the same. ‘I grieved to think how brief the dream of the human intellect had been. It had committed suicide. It had set itself steadfastly towards comfort and ease, a balanced society with security and permanency as its watchword, it had attained its hopes–to come to this at last. Once, life and property must have reached almost absolute safety. The rich had been assured of his wealth and comfort, the toiler assured of his life and work. No doubt in that perfect world there had been no unemployed problem, no social question left unsolved. And a great quiet had followed.

    ‘It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble. An animal perfectly in harmony with its environment is a perfect mechanism. Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. Only those animals partake of intelligence that have to meet a huge variety of needs and dangers. ‘So, as I see it, the Upper-world man had drifted towards his feeble prettiness, and the Under-world to mere mechanical industry.

  25. Absolutely, Positively SNAFU-FUBAR

    Not a single Japan/TEPCO nuclear safety system worked ‘for shit’. at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disasters. Not ONE (1) system provided the intended functions. There is ZERO indication that personnel, designs, plans or even MOTIVES have improved, in the intervening 3.33 Years. Incompetence, LYING, Indifference to human suffering and utter disregard for environment continue to reign supreme in Japan.

    Not One System worked (a very shitty record, by my reckoning)

  26. Other Blues Both past and present
    Prussian Blue (PB 27) also called Antwerp Blue, Paris Blue, Milori Blue, Iron Blue, Chinese Blue, and Bronze Blue.

    A deep intense dark blue that was the first significant pigment produced as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Quality and permanence varied considerably according to the grades used.

    http ://www.paintmaking.com/blue.htm

  27. www .creative-chemistry.org.uk/activities/documents/paints.pdf

    Recipe: To make SOLUBLE Prussian Blue (Paint)

  28. One of the most commonly used pigments until 1970, Prussian blue was popular because of its high tinting strength and absorbance spectrum for the photograph. Due to its lack of toxicicity, Prussian blue could also be found in cosmetics and as a medicinal antidote to radioisotope and heavy metal poisoning in the eighteenth century. Prussian blue was widely accepted and used throughout the world until 1970 when it was replaced by another pigment, phthaloryanine blue.

    http ://www.sewanee.edu/chem/Chem&Art/Detail_Pages/Pigments/Prussian_Blue

  29. Let us illustrate some of the OBVIOUS design inadequacies of the General Electric Boiling Water Reactors, with Mark-1 pseudo-containment systems.

    The GE BWR crap-designs have a single-point-of-failure, in the case of a rupture of the torus, water cooling plumbing. Fuel cooling water enters the TORUS from several pipes and pumps; and flows UP through the nuclear reactor. This is an adequate PRIMARY cooling system; so long as the leakage is less than that of a single 4” pipe rupture. There is no other (redundant) cooling system. Other, less defective nuclear reactors have MULTIPLE fuel-cooling systems; such as a high-pressure Water SPRAY secondary cooling system. Or, a convection cooling capability; and/or an adequate circulating fluid capability inside the metal shell and/or ‘dry-well’.

  30. The GE BWR crap-designs have a single-point-of-failure, in the case of control rod shutdown mechanism. The GE BWR crap-designs do not have a separate, integral fission-poisoning system, such as a Boron injection system; at the ready; though other Nuclear Power Plant designs HAVE such a secondary fission-killing system.

  31. The GE BWR Nuclear Power Plant crap-designs have a single-point-of-failure, in the case of Steam Release from a rupture.

    The so-called General Electric Mark-1 ‘containment-system’, is a cylindrical concrete room. The room is undersized and under-strength, so it will NOT contain even a simple full steam-load release.

    The GE Mark-1 will absolutely NOT contain a supersonic detonation, such as occurred in the FDU-3 explosion of, on-or-about March 14, 2011. Nor would a GE Mark-1 system, if installed, have contained the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion.

    The General Electric Mark-1 and/or Mark-2 pseudo-containment systems are GROSSLY inadequate; on a design basis.

  32. The Sendai Power Plant scheduled for restart, WITHOUT a prior public comment period is, if memory serves, a Mitsubishi PWR. Misubishi completely FUBARED the plumbing design of the California San Onofre Nuclear Power Station. The tubes apparently vibrated at a resonant (water-hammer) frequency; causing MASSIVE and RAPID tube wear and tear.

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, attempted to acquire EXPERIMENTAL, lower throughput operational licensing for their proven defective design. The USA NRC denied this proposed experimental operational plan, for the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station, due to safety concerns.

    PWR designs are even more subject to brittle metal issues than BWR designs.

  33. Commercial Nuclear Power Plant designs are generally characterized by LOW thermal efficiency, due to a narrow operational temperature band, relative to gas turbines, with 2ndary water/steam heat recovery. Tertiary (propane) heat recovery turbines and spot-reheating further add to turbine generator system efficiencies. Finally, the waste heat water is non-radioactive and safe for use, in conventional systems.

    This thermal inefficiency is particularly the case with the use of multiple fluid designs, such as used in PWR designs.

  34. MOX

    The commercial nuclear power industry has doggedly continued to pursue the use of MOX (plutonium) enriched fuel. This MOX initiative is carried out, in spite of the atomic explosion which occurred in the FDU-3 disaster of March 14, 2011. The FDU-3 explosion was a supersonic, hyper-temperature blast, which was characterized by vaporized nuclear fuel and neutron irradiation with demonstrable transmutation of vicinity (previously inert) structural metals and other materials into gamma emitting radioisotopes. Transmutation via neutron bombardment is direct evidence of FISSION, getting out of the box, i.e. a nuclear blast.

    MOX fuel elevates, the already considerable danger, of commercial nuclear power plants.

  35. The civilian nuclear power cartel can only laughingly be described as a viable, commercial industry. Massive subsidy and extreme liability limitations are required by ‘Team Nuke’. ‘Team Nuke’ CANNOT compete with natural gas, coal, oil and/or hydroelectric power plants. ‘Team Nuke’ cannot secure private financing of their proposed installations. ‘Team Nuke’ cannot acquire private liability insurance; and REQUIRES government-mandated, bogus insurance pools and Limited Liability Protection for EACH separate nuclear reactor system.

    ‘Team Nuke’ is an extremely dangerous, financially risky, inept and deceptive cluster of serial-fuckups, entirely; IMHPO.

  36. Cartel Subsidy

    In My Humble Personal Opinion; Cartel Enrichment and Government Snooping are poor substitutes for: Product Utility, Public Safety, Thermal Efficiency, Economic Engineering and Environmental Preservation. This is particularly true when Cartel Enrichment is ENTIRELY Substituted for these enumerated Higher Objectives and Methods.

    This phenomenon of Cartel Enrichment to the DEGRADATION of ALL other (and more mutually beneficial) objectives; is perhaps found in its worst and most concentrated form; in the Civilian Nuclear Power Sector; originally known as ‘Atoms for Peace’.

    ‘Atoms for Peace’ is a failed and completely outdated endeavor.

  37. Control Room Redundancy

    Several RODENTS and inadvertent electrical switch-operation glitches have repeatedly demonstrated that Japan Nuclear Power Stations have inadequately redundant, control-room electrical power systems.

    Such inadequate engineering is illustrative of an incompetent industry and a compromised regulatory system. IMHPO

  38. One way or another – ‘Damn the Torpedoes – Full Steam Ahead’

    PUBLISHED : Saturday, 19 July, 2014, 2:03pm, UPDATED : Saturday, 19 July, 2014, 2:03pm http ://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/kyodo-news-international/140719/abe-says-he-will-see-nuclear-plant-restart-southwester http ://asia.nikkei.com/Politics-Economy/Policy-Politics/Abe-says-he-will-see-to-nuclear-plant-restart-in-southwestern-Japan http ://www.scmp.com/news/asia/article/1556601/abe-says-he-will-see-nuclear-power-station-restart-southwestern-japan

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has told business leaders in southwestern Japan that his government will see to it that a nuclear plant in the region is restarted “by some means or other,” sources familiar with the matter said on Saturday. “I will see to it by some means or other. I will properly deal with it,” Abe was quoted by one of the sources as saying in a dinner meeting in Fukuoka on Friday at which local business executives, including Kyushu Electric’s chairman, voiced their hope for the reactor restart. The Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture recently cleared an initial … major step toward becoming the first nuclear facility to restart under new safety standards introduced following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis. Kyushu Electric and eight other utilities have applied for safety screenings for a total of 19 reactors so far.

    Damn the: Elections, Polls, Japanese People, Elections, Economics, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Pacific Fishery and Neighboring Nations: Full Steam Ahead.

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