JP PM Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the fully equipped protective clothing

Having stated Fukushima plant is under the control to IOC, Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the perfectly equipped protective clothing on 9/19/2013.


↓ Abe wears the red helmet

JP PM Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the fully equipped protective clothing


2 JP PM Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the fully equipped protective clothing



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

M. Abe, le premier ministre japonais a visité la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima en tenue de protection complète


Après avoir prétendu au CIO que la centrale de Fukushima est sous contrôle, le premier ministre japonais a visité la centrale nucléaire de Fukushima le 19 septembre 2013 en parfaite tenue de protection complète contre la radioactivité.

↓ Abe a le casque rouge

JP PM Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the fully equipped protective clothing
2 JP PM Abe visited Fukushima nuclear plant with the fully equipped protective clothing

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Such a pity that his protective mask didn’t leak. A few deep breaths of those refreshing radioisotopes might have done the world a favor.

  2. This supposed mix-up where Abe didn’t know the plant was leaking into the ocean and only into the Fukushima Bay thing at the plant, supposedly keeping all radiation trapped inside it; It’s a complete PR stunt to make him look better and save face for Tokyo for the Olympics. (Which again, the Olympics are purely so the world will forget about the accident. “See no one died when they got home by being in Tokyo for a couple weeks.” I can hear it already.)

    I’d love to know the advertising agency responsible for this. He has a huge PR team to manage his image I’m sure. This is all about saving face for him, Japan Inc., and Tepco. The timing makes it all too obvious. Same with Tepco making these little mistakes and them being blown out of proportion and redirecting discussion from how to solve the LEAKING NUKE PLANTS (Mult. reactors), but to how Abe even got screwed by Tepco so the gov’t will take over. Amazing since Japan’s gov’t just said they’d take over to fix the site. Neither should be trusted as it’s politics vs. corporatism. GREAT! Just remember to not let the media bound your debates and define them, and in order to do that you must be aware of the methods they use to decieve and manipulate. Learn online about propaganda and advertising, which are exactly the same thing only advertising is the creation and dissemination of propaganda for private interests. Then watch the news releases and what the gov’t wants done. You will quickly find the patterns. This is a textbook example of the PR machine in overdrive. Don’t forget that rebuttals that are days late will have the advantage of understanding what people are talking about and controlling those bounds of discussion to what they want. G’nite all. Stay strong Japan.

    P.S. An easy example of finding propaganda is to look at Russia. RT is running non-stop pro-Putin and pro-Russia articles in direct proportion to U.S. follies. See how Putin is now addressing all the previously “fringe” thinkers in society. Think his PR team doesn’t read the interenet and know who to pander to and which debates can be co-opted and steered to their liking? I love Russians etc., but Russia is no bastian of freedom either. Their government has much to answer for as does the U.S. government.

    1. Respectfully Disagree,

      The Soviet Union was a malignant organism and propaganda machine, until near the end. Then suddenly, without warning, appear noble GIANTS appeared on the world stage such as Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, Lech Wałęsa, Václav Havel and many others.

      The Russia of today is capable of great things and they have done some inspiring deeds, and some not-so-inspiring deeds. Meanwhile the USA is blundering stupidly, corruptly, blindly and without any discernable ‘values’. One somewhat defining sorry-episode for the USA was participation and encouragement of the 2008 invasion of South Ossetia, by the Georgian Republic. The FACTS of the circumstances place me in the somewhat awkward position of praising ‘Mother Russia’ and condemning the actions of the USA.

      Georgia deliberately targeted and shelled civilian areas in South Ossetia, and swiftly proceded to the dirty-work of a massacre; apparently in service of pipeline routes. Fortunately, the Russian Army was nearby and a tunnel route available. The Russians whipped the Georgian Army, like a rented mule. The CIA ran like rabbits to scarcely escape with their lives. And I cheered the actions.

      Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has stated recently that the USA is not exceptional. Sadly, I must concur that NOTHING that the USA government is presently doing globally is exceptional in any good way. ALL the present domestic and international actions of the USA are entirely base, common, dishonorable, ignoble, corrupt, immoral and vile. Putin is struggling to communicate this sad present reality to the USA citizenry; ‘over-the-head’ of Barack Obama and the USA Congress. He has succeeded remarkably, in that regard. The American citizenry heard the Obama ‘call to battle’ in Syria, and swiftly LEACHED ‘the dogs of war’.


      Bill Duff

  3. They’ve had more than enough time to see the light and instead have deliberately chosen the path of darkness.

    The death of one, or the few, for the security of the many is sometimes an inescapable necessity.

    Abe is willfully and criminally overseeing the endangerment of many many life forms in this world. Isn’t it about time that the Japanese grew some cojones and took Abe to task the old fashioned way?

    Maybe those of us outside Japan who are infuriated by what seems to be an insane cultural and political hubris within Japan should orchestrate the boycott of everything Japanese.

    No, I will never ever buy a Japanese car again until Japan faces up to its responsibility to the world and ACTS HONESTLY AND IMMEDIATELY!

    No, I will never buy Japanese seafood products, or any Japanese food products until Japan faces up to its responsibility to the world and ACTS HONESTLY AND IMMEDIATELY!

    No, I will not buy any Japanese technology until Japan faces up to its responsibility to the world and ACTS HONESTLY AND IMMEDIATELY!

    To hell with the economic consequences. I don’t care if Japan is the largest US bond holder. I don’t care if Japan is the third largest economy in the world. AND NEITHER DO THE RADIONUCLIDES POISONING OUR OCEANS.


    1. Agreed,

      The Citizenry of the USA and Japan, SHOULD ‘grow a set’ and exact some ‘old fashioned justice’; on these ‘bad boys’. It is a personal aspiration.


      Bill Duff

  4. Made in the USA

    The difficulty is, that the USA and the United Nations continue to participate in the Fukushima cover-ups. These coverups include: reactor failure mechanisms, radiation fallout data, radiation washout data, seafood contamination levels, AND radiation health consequences.

    Barack Obama withheld (AVAILABLE) antiradiation medications from the Japanese people.

    So, will you also boycott all USA foods and manufactured goods, because of UNAMERICAN policies by the present USA regime? General Electric designed all the defective architecture Mark-1 containment systems which failed at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. GE was the prime contractor at the FDU-1 Unit, which had a pipe failure due to the DISTANT earthquake.

    Take your business elsewhere. Good Plan. Be sure to include General Electric and French AREVA, MOX Monger for FDU-3, in your righteous economic boycott. French AREVA is constructing a MOX processing plant in South Carolina, today.

    By the way, TEPCO and Toshiba had partnership agreements with the USA electrical utility (NRG)to partner in new construction USA nuclear reactors at the South Texas Nuclear Facility.


    Bill Duff

  5. Is that black instrument seen to the above right over the top of Mr. Abe’s head the crane instrument used to check for radiation at Fukushima? Its right now to the left side of Reactor 4, showing red blinking lights which are clearly seen in the night views of TECPO webcam.

  6. Urgency:

    The lovely and erudite constitutional attorney and syndicated political commentator, Miss Ann Coulter, JD repeatedly extolled the health BENEFITS of INCREASED radiation exposure during 2011. Such background noise, in conservative circles, helped to STYMIE an effective American response to the Fukushima Level 7+ Nuclear Disaster.

    John D. Boice, Jr., Sc.D, is Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and President of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP). Boice has downplayed the health effects of the Fukushima disasters in congressional testimony. Such CLAPTRAP in acadmia has short-circuited any sense of urgency with respect to the continuing Fukushima nuclear disaster.


    Bill Duff

  7. Bill, with respect, the first thing I recall Barack Obama being quoted as saying re Fukushima was during a telephone conversation with PM Kan, he said something like ‘SO NOT LET TEPCO FAIL’ in other words there are two many US banks and pension companies invested in Tepco for it to go down.

    Yes, I made the decision a long time ago not to buy any GE products I will not buy their lightbulbs, washers, dryers, domestic appliances, healthcare products etc etc. screw them and the horses hey rode in on!

    Yes, I do reserve my right to choose to spend my hard earned money where it does the most good.

    The fact that Obama elected to withhold available anti radiation medication from Japan is shameful – no other word for it.

    I suspect (hope) that Americans will really wake up when the west coast starts to see THE EFFECTS of airborne and seaborne radionuclides on their lifestyle.

    David Attenborough had no small amount of courage in stating that the human species is a plague n the world

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