[Column] The perfect circumstance to see, think and speak

Slept for 11 hours non-stop in the complete silence. (Beyond expectation)


I came back to this location nowhere. Will stay here for more few weeks.

This is a closed community. Non-residents can easily be detected except for me.


You can’t own anything without being owned by it too.

I feel like the permission to stay in Romania restricts my activity somehow.

I don’t know if I’m really restricted, but I shouldn’t be risking it from what I studied so far.

It’s not only about Romania. Probably it would be more pressuring in France, Germany, US or AU.


About this time of 2 years ago, I looked at the calendar and decided to leave Japan in 2 months.

That was totally a reckless step but it saved me more than any other decisions in the past.


I can’t do anything meaningful being afraid of the risk.


I don’t want to own anything so I won’t be owned by anything.

I want to stay away from any political, social and economical complex so I can finally breathe and say anything that I believe is right.


As I was initially inspired, I seem to need to go to the Arctic circle.

I want to keep my permission in Romania, but my main territory shall be in Arctic circle.

The world needs someone uncorrupted and it needs him to speak out.

I can be one of them. I want to devote 100% of me in the legal silence.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Les conditions parfaites pour voir, penser et parler


Dormi 11 heures non-stop dans un silence total. (contre toute attente)

Je suis de retour dans cet endroit de nulle part. Je vais rester ici quelques semaines de plus.
C’est une communauté fermée. Ceux qui n’y habitent pas sont facilement détectés, moi mis à part.

On ne peut rien posséder sans l’être par ce qu’on possède.
J’ai comme l’impression que l’autorisation de rester en Roumanie restreint mon action d’une certaine façon.
Je ne sais pas si je suis vraiment restreint mais de ce que j’en a étudié pour l’instant je ne devrait par risquer de l’être.
Il ne s’agit pas que de la Roumanie. Il y aurait sans doute plus de pression en France, Allemagne, US ou AU.

Il y a deux ans à cette époque je regardais un calendrier en décidant de quitter le Japon dans deux mois.
C’était un pas totalement imprudent mais il m’a plus sauvé que toute autre décision antérieure.

Je ne peux rien faire de bon en ayant peur des risques.

Je ne veux rien posséder pour n’appartenir à rien.
Je veux rester en dehors de tout complexe politique, social ou économique pour en définitive pouvoir respirer et dire tout ce que je crois juste.

Il semble que je dois aller dans le cercle Arctique, comme j’en ai été inspirer au départ.
Je veux garder mon autorisation en Roumanie mais mon terrain principal sera dans le cercle Arctique.
Le monde a besoin de quelqu’un de non corrompu et il a besoin qu’il l’ouvre.
Je peux être l’un d’entre eux. Je veux me consacrer à 100 % au silence légal.

Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Hmm,i feel same.Well,truth is that truth hard to accept for some people.I moved to Norway for salary reasons and you have moved to Romania with fear of radiation in Japan,by the way what do you do in Romania and what languages you do speak?

  2. Dont be scared to feel safe and secure, you don’t have to suffer to prove anything to anybody…..you have already proved yourself. You left japan to inspire others ( and save yourself ..that’s sensible) and to be able live and work safely and tell the truth. No one expects that you can’t make a home, be safe, get a new life, be happy and even one day go to sleep, wake up live and not think once of Fukushima. You have already done more than most of us….put down your burdens, mental and physical. We give you permission to be happy in this life!

  3. Lori,
    The work you’re doing is very honorable and necessary. “Truthtelling” is the enemy of these nuclear perpetrators, but is the friend and champion of free people. Thank you! You are very courageous, but I do sense and appreciate your fatigue. Stay well: I’m afraid that there are even more difficult times ahead for the people of Japan and this world–our world. I am of modest means, but I would like to help you continue your important work. Please let me know how I (and other perhaps others?) can send you donations and/or otherwise support your effort. Thanks so much for all you do. Thank you also to the many contributors/followers of this site for helping to make sense out of all this techno-craziness. (As if that were possible!)

    Warm regards from America, to you and the people of Japan. ‘Take care.

    1. Hello again,
      My “comment is awaiting moderation” has not yet appeared after two days. I hope your system is working as there may be other contributors/well-wishers’ messages that may be missed. People need a clear way and a means on this website to support this important effort. I know this is made more difficult given Lori’s circumstances and the risks involved. Perhaps there’s a trusted intermediary that can assist. This may lighten Lori’s load and provide him a way to get resources to ensure his survival while abroad. As the Fukushima situation appears to be rapidly deteriorating–with potentially devastating world-wide consequences–the need for timely, accurate and uncensored information will increase dramatically. More people will become aware and, hopefully, want to help. Lori and Fukushima Diary are already a trusted and proven resource. Please let me and others know how we can help. Thanks! 🙂

  4. One CERTAIN threat is inside:

    Fukushima Refugees should actively seek-out regular medical checkups for radiation related maladies. They may be ‘lost to followup’, due to the radiation health effects DISINFORMATION, which is widely circulated around the world.

    In Throats of Émigrés, Doctors Find a Legacy of Chernobyl

    NYTimes By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA Published: April 20, 2006

    The disaster struck 20 years ago on the other side of the world, in a nation that no longer exists, and the memory has faded in American minds. But the legacy of Chernobyl is turning up in hospitals and clinics in New York, where it is growing.


    World © RIA Novosti.

    Cancer-Stricken Russian-Americans Offer Lessons from Chernobyl
    Marina Shytaj was nine when her family moved to New York.

    Chernobyl: an accident with catastrophic consequences

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