[Column] Where is the safest place in the world ?

Where is the safest in the world ? This is what everyone wants to know the most.

The bottom line is the further it’s from Japan, the less contaminated it is. However, it’s difficult to identify where is the safest because the answer depends on “to whom?”. However there are some facts we mustn’t forget. Here I’d like to explain three of them.


1. Contamination map is a manipulated little piece of the whole situation.


Some people show me the traditional contamination map of Japan and say, hey it’s less contaminated than Chernobyl etc..

It doesn’t make sense for three reasons. 1. The map is made by government, who has the incentive not to let people move. 2. The map is only about Cesium-134/137. There are at least tens more sorts of radionuclide released from Fukushima plant. 3. Chernobyl is over but Fukushima will go on for more 40 years at least.


2. It’s not the current contamination level. It’s how worse it can be.


Because it’s still on-going, it’s meaningless to judge based on the current contamination level. If you don’t die tonight, you should try to calculate back from how bad it can be until decommissioning, which would be in 40 years or even longer.


3. Pacific risk and Northern hemisphere risk.


A lot of contamination map was released in 2011. Most of them were about the “air pollution”. However, from the recent report, the contaminated water reach Indonesia and Australia too. When you focus on the contaminated water, you should think about the Pacific risk. When you think about additional explosion, you should think about the Northern hemisphere risk and the Pacific risk because the whole contaminated water will also leak to the sea in case of such explosion.

Either way, you can’t ignore the Pacific risk.



You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

[Édito] Quel est l’endroit le plus sûr au monde ?


Quel est l’endroit le plus sûr au monde ? C’est ce que tout le monde aimerait savoir le plus.
L’essentiel est que plus c’est loin du Japon, moins c’est contaminé. Néanmoins, il est difficile d’identifier où parce que la réponse dépend de “pour qui ?”. Il y a cependant des choses qu’on ne doit pas oublier. Ici, je voudrais en expliquer trois.

1. La carte des contaminations est un tout petit aperçu manipulé de la situation générale.

Certains me montrent la carte classique de la contamination du Japon et disent “Hé, c’est moins contaminé que Tchernobyl”, etc.
Ça n’a aucun sens pour trois raisons : 1. La carte a été faite par le gouvernement a intérêt à empêcher les gens de déménager. 2. Cette carte ne parle que du césium 134/137. On a au moins dix autres sortes de radionucléides dispersés depuis la centrale de Fukushima. 3. Tchernobyl est terminé alors que Fukushima va continuer pendant encore au moins 40 ans.

2. La question n’est pas  sur la radioactivité actuelle mais sur le pire qu’elle pourra atteindre.

Ça n’a aucun sens de juger sur la base de la contamination radioactive actuelle parce que ça continue toujours. Si tu ne meurs pas cette nuit, tu devrais essayer de calculer à quel point on en sera quand ça sera démantelé, c’est à dire dans 40 ans ou plus.

3. Des risques pour le Pacifique et pour l’hémisphère Nord.

Beaucoup de cartes de contamination ont été publiées en 2011. La plupart d’entre elles concernaient la “pollution de l’air”. Or, selon un rapport récent, les eaux contaminées ont atteint l’Indonésie et l’Australie aussi. Quand on se penche sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives, on devrait penser aux risques dans le Pacifique. Quand on réfléchit à une nouvelle explosion, il faut penser aux risques pour l’hémisphère Nord et pour le Pacifique parce que, après une telle explosion, l’ensemble des eaux extrêmement radioactives va se déverser dans la mer aussi.
Dans tous les cas on ne peut pas ignorer les risques sur le Pacifique.


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. TEPCO needs to divert all the contaminated water into in-land lakes in Japan instead of polluting the whole world. I know it is no permanent solution,- but it must be better than just letting it into the Pacific.

  2. Heads Up Iori, the nuclear industry shills, house-players have arrived. Next we can expect to hear from the trolls and agents provocateurs. The lies, deceptions, distortions are probably not far behind.

    With respect to your posed question; IMHO there is probably only the illusion of safety, not the actual realization of safety.

    A person can know themself and know their enemy. According to Sun Tsu, (Art of War) if those two conditions are fulfilled; there is no need to fear any battle.


    Bill Duff

  3. Hi Iori,

    I am in agreement with Bill that safety is a matter of illusion. People do not want to have those illusions replaced with the reality of this nuclear nightmare or any other of the life extinguishing events that we face.

    Somewhere in my reading I learned that while there is a ocean stream that flows up the Asian Western Coast to the Aleutian Islands and down the West Coast of N. America; there is another that flows into the Southern Hemisphere. Both hemispheres are contaminated, although the northern one has been subjected to more direct contact. People along the western coast of the US have heard that they should move inland, fifty miles away from the Pacific. Some of the big celebrities, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio have their ocean mansions for sale, others are sure to follow. Moving away from the Pacific coast will not make it safer because everything has already been radiated. The air, water, soil have already been affected, dairy products and meat products are highly radioactive.

    I think that the constant focus on the Building 4 rods and the leaking tanks are purposely being presented as the main culprits in the levels of radiation in the Pacific are “red herrings”. The real danger lies underground with the coriums that weigh tonnes and are hotter than lava. If there is fissioning happening underground, even those with illusions will finally awaken to the horror of global extinction.


  4. I am very concerned about the lack of World-wide attention the entire event seems to be getting despite the severity and the Lack of Accurate data that is being distributed by the main Media and government Outlets due to the Conflicted Interests. I really hope the personal interests of the parties involved get shoved aside in the near future to prevent this from growing out of proportion , which it already has.

    Thanks for the Updates and I wish you the best of good fortune.

  5. I’m sad to say that I agree that seeking a safe location may be futile. We live in a closed biosphere. Every part of the planet is connected to every other part. This is the reason that a global response to Fukushima is essential. The failure of all global agencies even to initiate proper collaboration bodes ill for all of us. The UN in particular has, so far as I have read, failed abysmally. My main (faint) hope is that experimental techniques to deal with the melted fuel are in progress and may succeed.

    1. I actually fear that the current situation has already spiraled beyong human control and that by the time the methods to Counter the events occur most of the damage will already have been done. As for a safe place , There will be very few places on earth that will be left un-affected by the events.

  6. The Illusion of Safety

    The Japanese People, particularly those in Fukushima Prefecture, were in great peril, on 311. The forces of nature unleashed a mighty earthquake and tsunami.

    There was little advance warning that TEPCO, Japan, METI, Barack Obama, General Electric, AREVA, Toshiba, Hitachi, Siemens and the United Nations would exert their fullest efforts to EXTERMINATE ALL the residents of Fukushima Prefecture.

    There was similarly little advance warning of the dangers of earthquake, tsunami, compounded by a governmentaland corporatist blood-thirst for men, women, children and generations yet unborn.

    There was a man-made disaster in Fukushima Prefecture. A few killer corporations, and murderous politicians, were joined by the GLOBAL media and a large array of hired liars.

    The Japan Electrical Grid failed as did EVERY form of warning, rescue, evacuation, decontamination, truth and medical treatment.


    Bill Duff

    Safety is a deadly illusion; in such corrupt times.

    1. Nuclear power plants should not be built at all. Their maintenance and upkeep after their demise is too costly in a number of ways, and too long. Building one on a fault line is asking for it. Aren’t there a few others worldwide that are built on faults? I am no scholar but I remember what I learned in school about nuclear energy and its definite risks. Governments want you to think that if you cannot see it it won’t hurt you. Common sense is lost on all of this. The absolute neglect of reaction and action in pulling together worldwide to do whatever possible to mend this problem is disgusting. “cheap energy”…all lies.

  7. We have poisoned the world w/radio active materials. Fukushima is just the latest… and one of the worst. I have been an anti nuke person for 40 years.. and each year it gets worse. FYI Twenty-six years ago Spirulina was given to children exposed to radiation poisoning at Chernobyl and it cleared it from their bodies. We have actively worked with Spirulina for the past 30+ years and have a formula that protects the body during these times… 70% of what is sold comes from China and is RADIATED before it comes in the US, don’t buy it…..we offer it at wholesale and have intentions of providing it to children & pregnant women who are most affected from the radiation exposure. Help yourselves by taking it and help us to get it out to more people. We have also started a Facebook Page called Beyond Radiation to post articles to educate people … a website is to follow. We know there are scientists who may have the consciousness to find ways to mitigate the effects we are all being exposed too, We will use that site to actively seek them out. We have people on board now who have developed microbes that can clean up the radiation on the land.. & this technology has been known about by the US government since the 1960’s. Like our Facebook page so you can keep updated on what we know. Our spirulina website is New Phoenix Rising.com

    PS, we look at radiation issues all over the world, and Iraq now has more child hospital visits for leukemia then for the common flu… a result of the dirty bombs we dropped there.. leukemia is the most common effect on children at about the 5 year mark…. and we will most likely see this same spike with children in America as we continue receiving this daily dose of low level radiation.

  8. The safest place in the world is where ever i read Mochizuki-san’s very informative articles, as long as i am not driving or piloting a vessel.

    Now i am secure in the knowledge that glovemint world-wide wants us all dead.

    I can smile knowingly.

    Say it again Chekov, “noocleair wessels”! Again Pavel! 😛

  9. Casting pearls before swine.Japanese are like that,they want to do by themselves,even when arent capable sometimes.Though i think if help is shown to be given,why simply disaccept help?
    Is that some sort of pride and attitude that we are better than others and are capable to finish without others.
    One or other way i think help would be forced,if Japan wont accept its matter of time.
    They should accept and to show some sincerity and acceptance for help.It is so hard to accept,i think its harder to give,but its easier to accept help.Am i wrong?
    On the other hand in some countries people are burned in the cars and still people act in such ways,but here i see totally bliss ignorance,maybe thats for good.Literally many people say we should help,some should avoid.Seriously people decide at one time.If you want to help Japan,just do it like Nike.If they dont allow just force it.Life is about breaking obstacles and making those obstacles like wall to defend others as well.
    Its pathetic…that people making nature to suffer like this with those chemicals.Seriously is it hard to make electricity just from gas or other renewable sources,if its impossible then make it possible.It depends on safety,instead forcing people to go to army,force them to go to renewable sources school to study.Is it so hard to understand?People also have to think about population,its population that makes things worst.I have to agree with China idea,but they saw it once it was 1 billion people,so why wait.I think if Fukushima doesnt do,WW3 might do or people themselves or cyborgs or robots or whatever it is.
    However,if people stay positive do what they do and have a feeling for each other(without any those documentations).Do you need documentation to help?(Sounds silly)

    Seriously,people think after,not before things happens.

    1. The Dutch Government offered the USA huge seafaring oil skimmers during the BP Macondo blowout.

      Perhaps the offer should not have been rejected, by Barack Obama.


      Bill Duff

      1. Speaking of pig-headed, stupid, eco-HOSTILE & incompetent …

        http www chron com/ (business/steffy/article/Steffy-U-S-and-BP-slow-to-accept-Dutch-expertise-1705573) php Business > By Loren Steffy | June 9, 2010

        Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch government offered to help. It was willing to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and it proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands.

        The response from the Obama administration and BP, which are coordinating the cleanup: “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.

        1. Quite a few countries offered some excellent help/plan

          Even a huge tanker that could scoop up oily water in the front
          filter, and clear water return out the back

          The US said it was to big

          Its clear the plan was to “dilute” oil with a chemical outlawed
          in BP’s home country, corexit. More toxic then the oil.
          Millions and Millions of gallons they not only used
          but reports are pretty clear, they still are using in the Gulf.

          Yes, I can see a pattern

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