Now I’m given the chance to do something for the world. I don’t want to waste anything, any time.

I keep all receipts. Write Romanian words on them and put on the wall of the toilet, coffee maker and anything.
However, before learning Romanian, this street has become full of my friends for about 400m long.
They are all nice, charming, and somewhat shy. Most of the young people like Anime.

My translator told me she cried on the street when she want to Japan to study. She felt lonely and worried. I wonder if it might be an usual feeling when you are alone abroad.
Fortunately, I haven’t felt lonely. I’m always occupied. I don’t look back but have so many things to think about for future.

What worries me is my potential health problem. A lot of my friends in Tokyo area are having thyroid cysts. I don’t know if it’s Fukushima effect but I might have some as well.
I don’t even know where my thyroid is. I try to check it by myself in the shower but I feel so sick to think if I have a thyroid problem on the road. I don’t want to know. I hope this will be the paranoid, forever.
Honestly I’d rather leave this world suddenly to suffer for a long time.

People often ask me if I’m not tired. Basically I’m just sitting and working all day. I can’t be tired physically. Now I feel more like I’m driving myself than being pressured by someone else.

There are a lot of other Japanese people who jumped out of the country. Gladly they are all happy with me doing fine. They are not jealous.
Some people call me coward because I left Japan for radiation. I don’t think you can’t do this in Eastern Europe by yourself if you are coward. and me and most of the other evacuees didn’t leave Japan only because we were scared of radiation. It’s because we didn’t want to die for nothing.
We didn’t want to die for the liars. This is the simplest put.

At least now I can do something for the world. I think I’m the happiest person in the world.


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Français :

[Édito] Thyroïde


Maintenant que j’ai la chance de pouvoir faire quelque chose pour le monde, je ne veux rien gaspiller, ni rien, ni le temps.

J’ai gardé toutes les factures, j’ai écrit en roumain dessus et mis ça sur le mur des toilettes, sur la machine à café, partout.
Cette rue s’était remplie d’amies sur au moins 400 m avant que j’apprenne le roumain.
Elles sont toutes gentilles, charmantes et quelque peu timides, la plupart jeunes comme Anime.

Ma traductrice m’a dit qu’elle en pleurait dans la rue quand elle voulait aller au Japon pour étudier. Elle se sentait seule et désespérée. Je me demande si c’est un sentiment courant quand on est seul à l’étranger.
Par chance, je ne me suis pas senti seul. Je suis toujours occupé. Je ne regarde pas en arrière et je dois penser à tellement de choses pour le futur.

Ce qui m’inquiète, ce sont mes possibles problèmes de santé. Beaucoup de mes amies de la région de Tokyo ont des kystes à la thyroïde. Je ne sais pas si c’est Fukushima mais je pourrais bien en avoir aussi.
Je ne sais même pas où est ma thyroïde. J’essaye de la contrôler moi-même sous la douche mais ça me rend tellement malade de penser que je peux avoir un problème à la thyroïde en route que ne veux pas savoir. J’espère que ça restera une paranoïa, définitivement.
Franchement, je préfère quitter ce monde d’un coup plutôt que souffrir longtemps.

Les gens me demandent souvent si je ne suis pas fatigué. En gros, je travaille assis toute la journée. Je ne peux pas être fatugué physiquement. J’ai plus l’impression de me gouverner moi-même à présent que d’être pressuré par quelqu’un d’autre.

Beaucoup d’autres japonais ont sauté hors du pays. Ils sont tous heureux de bon coeur de me voir aller bien. Ils ne sont pas jaloux.
Certains me traitent de lâche parce que j’ai fui le Japon devant la radioactivité. Je ne pense pas qu’il soit possible de le faire par vous-même en Europe de l’Est si vous êtes un lâche. Moi et la plupart des évacués n’avons pas quitté le Japon uniquement par peur de la radioactivité. C’est aussi parce qu’on ne veut pas mourir pour rien.
On ne veut pas mourir pour des menteurs. C’est aussi simple que ça.

Au moins  maintenant je peux faire quelque chose pour le monde. Je pense que je suis la personne la plus heureuse au monde.


Merci de penser à un don.
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  1. lori, I have followed you from the beginning and gladly support you each month. Leaving your home country, family, friends and job while not knowing how to organize a venue to keep people informed is not the action of a coward. I reside in the state of Michigan, my husband was employed by American Electric Power, Inc. as a mid-level consultant between his plant and the NRC, until he became permanently disabled, in 1986 (while on the job).

    You have provided me and your followers with vital information as a “citizen journalist”. We have learned a great deal about nuclear energy, the government protection of the industry rather than the protection of people, and the madness of continuing to build these reactors while ignoring the dangers. This week, a nuclear plant in LaSalle, Il. went through a crisis that was exactly the same situation as Fukushima. There was little information from the regular 24/7 national news sources. Every morning, when I turn on the television, it is the same story which has taken over the news in the US…the Boston Bombing. There is no doubt that the story is meant to take the interest away from other worldly concerns. How odd, we are facing the extinction of every single living creature on our planet because of nuclear energy and the news programs focus on the story that the government authorizes. Peace and thank you for all your hard work.

  2. We are here Iori with you. You are never alone. The liars will get away with nothing.

  3. When you have thyroid problems (most women in midwest USA do, by their late 30’s, because of no iodine in diet), you become very tired. Even if you are just sitting at your computer working, you would need a nap every two hours or so if you have a low thyroid function – perhaps that is why people ask if you’re tired? Like the little school children in Fuku that can’t get out of bed a lot, and are too tired all the time.

    The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland just below your adam’s apple in the front of your neck. Feel below and to the sides of your neck, daily, and that way you’ll be able to notice any changes. If a lump is there, it would be hard, like a hard lump. That is how doctors initial discover cysts – but a hard lump can be benign or malignant, so that is when they do a needle biopsy.

    The fact that the thyroid gland is butterly shaped, and the butterflies all over the world are dying off (Monarch butterflies in the last two years have gone down by something like 50% or more), is a scary synchronicity.

  4. Japan as of this moment and for some time prior is toast… Plutonium… Etc…
    Mt fuji obviously is showing what can likely be compared to Mt st helen’s rumblings as a predictive model…yes,yes? Bad thing yes? Ahh but I see it as good, fukushima is still outputting nuclear fallout everyday… Chernobyl doesn’t have nor need cooling does it… Nor would fuku if they would have melted neutron poisons into the fissionable fissioning cores that have no moderation because the silver alloy moderator rods have vaporized and I can prove it. If japan can stop outputting FALLOUT an eruption of Mt fuji with any luck will blanket the nation locking in and absorbing the surface level nuclear fuel contamination and everything will be great after. Japan will not stop fukushima so any godsend Mt fuji eruption will be wasted as after volcanic ash blankets the nation fukushima fallout will continue to contaminate anew. This could have saved japan but it has been fumbled before it even happens. Reprieve = toilet paper.

  5. I think the woman’s feelings studying alone in a foreign country are normal, being a foreigner and trying hard to learn and fit in in the modern world is hard, and modernity is difficult enough.

    If you are worried about your health you should go on a super healthy diet high in cleansing vegetables and juices, and high fiber. Maybe even become vegetarian.

    Your work is important to us because it cant be shut down by a blog operator. This is global and the only way to stop you would have to be physical.

  6. Bonjour Iori,

    Ne vous en faites pas trop pour votre thyroide. Si elle était trop active vous seriez très angoissé et vous la sentiriez grossir à la base du cou, avec un gêne dans la gorge ; si elle était trop faible vous seriez absolument épuisé.
    Merci encore pour votre travail et pour la traduction en Français. Continuez !

    Florence V

  7. Hi Iori,

    Your work is very useful worldwide to a considerable number of people already. Will we all achieve a full stop of nuclear activity on earth?… I dearly hope. But in any case we and the next generations are all living in a radioactive world. Even if we could stop everything today, we have to deal with an enormous amount of leaking radioactive waste.

    So we need to explore deeply and find solutions for life on earth with radioactivity anyway. This, Tom Bearden understood and started finding solutions with scalar waves.

    But in the mean time, we do need to eat flax seeds and wheat, kamut or barleygrass for example, mainly the best examples.

    Be aware scalar waves are emitted by Mother Earth and by our Heart.

    Our beliefs orientate energy quite powerfully. So exploring our belief system is of high importance if you want to change anything.

    Radioactivity exists naturally deep in the ground and high in our atmosphere. It has it’s space and supports life, being part of the whole with specific functions. Around in the cosmos, it exists too.

    Humans have been messing up with radioactivity for power and supposedly for energy. And anywhere on this planet, life has to deal with a certain amount of manmade and mandistributed radioactivity as if it was a part of our destiny. So get in your depth to find what all this is speaking about.

    With deep respect,
    Enjoy sprouting

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