[Column] Do I go home ?

When it’s not so cold at night, I take off my outer of pajamas and put it under my head as a pillow.
When I thought “Lucky” the other day, I was surprised at how least I have with myself.

Wherever I go, people ask me if I’d go home or miss anything.
I say my home is in my shoes, and I do miss sub-culture Japanese food, ramen, natto, gyoza (Japanese styled)..

Every time I say I have just one suitcase, and that’s all my property, they lose words.
I don’t really understand why it’s so shocking to some people. Maybe I’ve come to a different side of the world. lol

It’s not I abandoned the government. It’s actually they abandoned me.

Some people can’t have a resolution to change their living location. It’s about the resolution to take the risk of being exposed or the resolution to give up all that you have.

I took the latter because it was easier for me.

I’ve read a blog. The person quit his job, went on “journey”, and is travelling to live.
He said he’s proud of his minimalistic way of living, he reduced all the property to be “only” 100 items bla bla bla.

Probably I have less than 40 items. If you use your T-shirt as a towel, that’s nothing difficult.

As I keep saying, I’m not a travel blogger. Not even a back packer. I don’t do a cliche to take a picture riding on the abused elephant or having the diabetes snake around my neck.
I HAD TO choose this way of living, but I don’t care. I don’t care about how to live. I care about what I can do to other people, what I can leave for this world when I die.




Français :

[Édito] Est-ce que je rentre à la maison ?


Quand il ne fait pas trop froid la nuit, je retire mon pyjama extérieur et je le mets sous ma tête en guise d’oreiller.
Quand je pensais “heureux” l’autre jour, j’ai été surpris du peu que je possède.

Où que j’aille, les gens me demandent si je vais rentrer chez moi ou s’il me manque quelque chose.
Je dis que chez moi c’est dans mes chaussures et que me manquent la sous-culture de la nourriture japonaise, les ramen, natto, gyoza (façon japonaise)..

Chaque fois que je dis que je n’ai qu’une valise et que c’est tout ce que je possède, ils en perdent leurs mots.
Je ne comprends pas vraiment pourquoi ça choque tellement les gens. Peut-être dois-je venir d’un coin différent du monde. lol

Ce n’est pas que j’ai abandonné le gouvernement. C’est en fait ils m’ont abandonné.

Certains ne peuvent pas prendre la résolution de changer d’endroit où vivre. C’est sur la résolution de prendre le risque de se faire irradier ou celle d’abandonner tout ce qu’on possède.

J’ai choisi cette dernière parce que c’était le plus facile pour moi.

J’ai lu un blog. La personne quitte son travail, part “en voyage” et voyage pour vivre.
Il a dit qu’il est fier de son mode de vie minimaliste, qu’il a réduit ses affaires à seulement “une centaine”, blablabla.

Je dois sans doute avoir moins de 40 choses. Si on utilise son T-shirt pour serviette, ça n’a rien de difficile.

Comme je le dis tout le temps, je ne suis pas un blogueur voyageur. Même pas un porteur de sac à dos. Je ne fais pas de cliché pour avoir une photo en étant sur un éléphant exploité ou avec le serpent pour le diabète autour de mon cou.
J’AI DU choisir ce mode de vie mais je m’en fiche. Je me fiche de savoir comment vivre. Je me soucie de ce que je peux faire pour les autres, de ce que je peux laisser à ce monde à ma mort.

  1. A refugee from a genocidal government and a death dealing global industry! A global citizen exercising his responsibilities to future generations and his own countrymen. A living example to people who sit and post but don’t DO!

  2. “I HAD TO choose this way of living, but I don’t care. I don’t care about how to live. I care about what I can do to other people, what I can leave for this world when I die.” Iori Mochizuki

    “Outward things are not in my power; to will is in my power. Where shall I seek the Good, and where the Evil? Within me—in all that is my own.” Epictetus

  3. Existential situation, Iori. German Jews didn’t think it would happen to them; Syrians are killing each other today; common people are being exposed to all sorts of chemicals and hormones that will distort their lives and sicken them; and Fukushima is now a poisoned toxic forbidden zone that no one should be living in. You are a beacon of information, living with just 40 items [it would be interesting to see what the list of them shows], including a shirt for a pillow. No sense in foolishly sacrificing your life, for what?? You know better; no know the dangers of long-lived radioactivity ruining your home area, northern Japan, threatening the lives of children, animals, fish, the ocean. It is both a travesty and a tragedy. Not sure if you saw the Symposium in NYC on Fukushima March 11-12 online, but here is a most important quote for you from your Prime Minister at the time of the disaster and thereafter that he shared to open the symposium in a video for us all:

    “I think that nuclear plants are not, and never will be, justifiable economically, and will not exist in the future….In that sense I believe that nuclear power has only existed as a transitional and temporary energy source, and that the technology will not and should not exist in the next century…”
    Naoto Kan – Prime Minister of Japan during the Fukushima Crisis/Disaster, which began March 11, 2011. Video address to the Fukushima Symposium March 11, 2013.

  4. Tell me, Mochizuki san,

    Do Japanese people read this blog?

    Have Japanese people ever made comments here?

    I know, it`s somewhat in the culture NOT to expose themselves and in this instance not to comment because they dont want to agree/see/acknowledge the blatant reality….

    You are doing a great job in terms of information and awareness…

    You say:

    “I HAD TO choose this way of living, but I don’t care. I don’t care about how to live. I care about what I can do to other people, what I can leave for this world when I die.” Iori Mochizuki

    I stand by you, don`t get me wrong… But are Japanese people reading this blog? Do they really know the truth that is being kept hidden from them? Do they want to know?

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