[Not radiation effect] Saitama citizen “Deformed tomato is in every package, origin labelled as Kyushu”

A Saitama citizen reported she found deformed mini-tomatoes in every package sold at a supermarket.

The origin was labelled as “Kumamoto (Kyushu)”, it was unusually cheap. (198JPY/package)


Now I was going to buy mini-tomatoes but there were a lot of deformed ones.. They were in every package, I saw three in one package at the maximum. feels somewhat creepy.
[Not radiation effect] Saitama citizen "Deformed tomato is in every package, origin labelled as Kyushu"


This is the easiest to recognize. Shockingly, they are in every package.
2 [Not radiation effect] Saitama citizen "Deformed tomato is in every package, origin labelled as Kyushu"


The origin was labelled as “Kumamoto”, but the package didn’t say anything. Each package had quite an amount but the price was 198JPY. (cheap) I wonder if it’s cheap because it’s full of deformed one. From looking around briefly, there were about 10 deformed ones.


Fukushima Diary is pretty sure it has nothing to do with radiation.




Français :

[Pas la radioactivité] Une habitante de Saitama : “Des tomates déformées dans chaque paquet, origine étiquetée de Kyushu”


Une habitante de  Saitama rapporte qu’elle a trouvé des mini-tomates déformées dans chaque sachet vendu dans un supermarché.
L’origine était étiquetée sous “Kumamoto (Kyushu)”, c’était inhabituellement bon marché. (198 JPY/sachet)

Là, j’allais acheter des mini-tomates mais il y en avait beaucoup de déformées ..  Il y en avait dans chaque sachet, j’en ai compté jusqu’à trois dans chaque. un peu froid dans le dos.
[Pas la radioactivité] Une habitante de Saitama : Des tomates déformées dans chaque paquet, origine étiquetée de Kyushu
さっき、スーパーで買おうとしたミニトマトが奇形だらけ…どの袋にも入ってて多いと3つも。なんか、気持ち悪い。 twitter.com/kyhs/status/30…
— Rimaさん (@kyhs) 2013年2月26日
C’est le plus facile à reconnaître. De façon choquante il y en a dans chaque sachet.
2 [Pas la radioactivité] Une habitante de Saitama : Des tomates déformées dans chaque paquet, origine étiquetée de Kyushu
もっとわかりやすい奇形トマトの写真。どの袋にも必ず入っていてビックリ。 twitter.com/kyhs/status/30…
— Rimaさん (@kyhs) 2013年2月26日


L’origine était étiquetée de “Kumamoto” mais le paquet ne disait rien. Chaque sachet était assez lourd mais pour un prix de 198 JPY. (donné) Je me demande si c’est aussi bon marché parce qu’il y a autant de déformations. En regardant vite autour, il y avait au moins 10 déformées.
@irakusa 産地はpopに熊本と書いてありました。ただフクロはただの透明なやつで、何も書いておらず結構な量が入ってるのに値段が198円…奇形ばかりだから安いのか…その場で見ただけで10コ近くありました。
— Rimaさん (@kyhs) 2013年2月26日

Le Fukushima Diary est pratiquement sûr que ça n’a rien à voir avec la radioactivité…

  1. You are such an alarmist, these deformations usually happens when insects eat of the tomato shell and scaring occurs.

    1. Your comment is uncalled for, and unfair. Mochizuki-san cleary wrote “Fukushima Diary is pretty sure it has nothing to do with radiation.” I would characterize that as calming – rather than alarmist.

      1. ‘Forgo-san’ , Negative , most of my childhood I spent around a large garden with more than 50 tomatoe plants : I never seen such deformities nor others in such amounts !
        Further more based on my years of tomatoe exposure , insect bites cause a hard brown spot , NOT causes another shute to develope !! Show me your source of info , and I will Disclaim it as False . Ask the Farmers , dear .

        The question is : were those deformities due to Pesticides or Radiation ?
        Did anyone there was smart enough to grab that bag of tomatoes and Analyse it including radiation ?

        Just how does anyone Knows the deformities were not due to radiation considering that theose tomatoes were Not analysed ??
        I am not pretty sure , not even pretty .

        1. Jay, you missed the point; which was that LM accused Mochizuki-san of being an alarmist – even though he clearly stated that he did not think it was radiation causing the deformities.

          As to what caused the depicted tomato deformities; who knows? But Japan is saturated with nuclear fall-out. Use your imagination.

          Thanks for the tip on asking the farmers, dear, but I am* a farmer, and have seen many bizarre mutations in plants and animals over the last 50 years. I watch plants, and bees, and birds, and the skies, and the temperatures, and…

          1. Dear Forgo-san ,

            If I would be the Real Secretary of Iori-san I would not let him post this article because it is ambiguous by not being supported by laboratory analisys .

            But as you said , in a radioactive-blanketed Japan , the obvious choice is that the tomatoes were indeed deformed by radiation , I hold your hand on that all day long , let Iori and the rest join in .

            But Forgo-san dear , and you Iori + all , please look at the Vast irony behind this story , it is a Double Whamy because it points not only to Zombies picking up deformed food at the supermarket but on top , tomatoes are bad food for everibody for the simple chemistry reason that it contains a powerful Universal aglutinating Lectin generally called : Pan Hema Aglutinin ( it aglutinates/destroys ALL blood types cells !! ) .

            And my un-informed non-biologists parents/grandparents were giving me that to eat all summer long !
            No wonder that all of us were feeling slughish and tired after lunch and wanting to take a nap : the tomatoe lectin was destroying a large number of red-cell in the blood that carry oxygen … to the brain included , was oxygen deprivation with every tomatoe eaten , ignorance at work .

            Eat according to your blood type , the Lectin connection , how many times do I have to tell you ?!

            See you around Forgo-san !

            Iori , in my office ! … 🙂

  2. 1) get a trusted person to hunt for deformed ‘stuff’ in the markets

    2) take it to a trusted laboratory

    3) have it tested for DNA damage/mutations and radiation/radioactive-particles

    4) post the darn results Here ! ASAP

    Iori , soon I’ll quit as your secretary if I don’t see those things implemented . Are you working on the Explanation sheet with Hyperlinks > so the 62.7 %ers do not have to wonder what PVC , BQ/Kg , Sr 137 , SFP etc are … just click on the hyperlink highlited word . Coming soon or I’m going out . And did you find / rescue yourself a stray puppy dog yet …. what happened to the corgi ? Affection breeds inspiration …

  3. Well, I eat a lot of tomatoes, do the grocery shopping for many years now, which always includes tomatoes in season, and I used to have my own tomato plants in the yard, since I was small.

    I have not come across something like that before, especially for commercial sale!

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