Japan and Belarus to make pact on nuclear accident

This week, Japan and Belarus will sign pact on Chernobyl and Fukushima accident.

They expect to exchange experts between both countries who would conduct surveys of the accident sites.

Under the pact, they can also share the information about radiation effects on health and soil contamination situation.

In April, Japan signed a similar pact with Ukraine too.




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Le Japon et le Belarus signent un pacte sur l’accident nucléaire

Cette semaine, le Japon et le  Belarus vont signer un pacte sur les accidents de Tchernobyl et de Fukushima.

Ils en attendent des échanges entre leurs deux pays d’experts conduisant des explorations sur les sites des accidents.

Sous ce pacte, ils pourront aussi partager l’information sur les impacts de la radioactivité sur la santé et sur l’état de la contamination du sol.

En avril dernier, le Japon avait aussi signé un pacte similaire avec l’Ukraine.


  1. This is good to hear, finally, something positive. Some kind of collaboration with, and support for, Japan from other countries besides the US. In the UK it seems everybody has just buried their heads in the sand – it is not widely publicised, or concerned, about the effects of further damage to SPF 4 or any potential contamination of environment or products or food,(we import from Japan don’t we?) or any idea of how to help Japan develop any technologies or methods to stop the radiation destroying communities not to mention spreading around the globe.
    Nobody talks about it. People here are dismissive. The news media is all about pop culture or Princess Kate’s latest outfit/haircut/barf. It’s ridiculous. The empty-headed journalists blame the public, tell us we want to hear about every time a member of the Royal Family farts but they are the ones who write the news, we just tolerate their sycophantic rubbish in the hope that there will be some useful information in there about important world events, and there is precious little.
    Thank goodness for this site.

  2. Here, here Lori,
    Here, here Trollhunter
    No one I know, knows anything about the troubled Fukushima Nuclear plants ongoing problems.
    It was on the news, then it wasnt. No updates, nothing. Ridiculous. Sure everyone here thinks its gone away.
    This is our planet these governments are wrecking by allowing the nuclear industry to carry on with their secrets.
    We need to make a stand…
    As for “Royal family farts” I’m sure we would know well before they did one!! Then during, then after for weeks

  3. @ troll hunter
    It’s the same here in Australia.

    Precious few know about Fuku and if they do, ‘it’s something that happens a few years ago. I thought that had been fixed.’
    If you fill them in on the details, they start to bury their heads…you can see the look of disbelief and disengagement dawning on their faces. Nobody wants to know.

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