[Express] “Fukushima children are standing up with the internet”

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Children who have been using internet device since they were born are seemingly rebelling in Fukushima. They search on the internet and are accusing the adults of forcing the children to eat contaminated food, where they can’t take any responsibility.
In some schools, school staff are starting to change their policy.


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[Express] “Sur Internet, les enfants de Fukushima se révoltent”

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— ベジーの食卓さん (@vegitaku) 11月 28, 2012
Les enfants qui utilisent des outils internet depuis qu’ils sont nés semblent se rebeller à Fukushima. Ils cherchent sur internet et accusent les adultes de forcer les enfants à manger des nourritures contaminées parce qu’ils ne peuvent pas se défendre.
Dans certaines écoles le personnel commence à changer de politique.

  1. Let’s hope the youth of this generation will wake up, and refuse the central authorities any more control…

    1. Truth is, the internet has been one of the only true methods of dissent in Japan for years. There has always been a strong counterculture beneath the surface. I don’t think so many of today’s youth are brainwashed in the way previous generations were, communication and information is just too easy these days.

  2. Links to these postings would be helpful so that they could receive encouragement and support!
    (Thanks for all you do!)

  3. People,

    “Let justice be done; may the heavens falls.”

    Help the kids of Fukushima Diary. Start adjudicating individuals responsible for 311.

    Pass this message on to your colleagues in Japan.

    The International Common Law Court of Justice is in the process of setting up activities in Japan.


    Attorneys, activists, individuals in Japan interested in obtaining more information –

    Please contact the Office of the ITCCS Secretariat at hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com You can reach Kevin Annett in Canada at 250/591.4573


    Kevin Annett’s award winning documentary that started it all:



  4. There is an entire generation of children growing up (we hope) in northern Japan who will eventually hold their parents and the authorities responsible for the illnesses and deaths of their classmates and sibilings. Perhaps someday they will read archives of Fukushima Diary to help identify the guilty and bring them to justice.

    Know this Generation Rad: Iori and many others have been explaining the situation to the government and the public. The government knows the truth. They know what needs to be done to protect you. But they choose not to spend the money needed to make you safe. Instead they pay public relations companies (advertising companies) to distort the truth. And they pay waste management companies and incinerator operators all over Japan to transport and burn radioactive waste from Tohoku.

    There is plenty of relatively clean land in western Japan, Kyushu and Hokkaido where they could move you. There are school buildings elsewhere in Japan that have been closed down because the baby boom is over. The cost of moving your families and getting you working in new jobs is nothing compared to what they spend in useless public works projects (where the benefits go mainly to the companies that build them) or what they will eventually have to spend trying to clean up areas that cannot be cleaned, and paying to treat illnesses which could have been prevented. There IS money, manpower, and equipment available that could be used to move your families. There are places you could go. And with the government’s help, there are public works jobs that could be created as part of the relocation to support your families for a while until they can find private sector jobs.

    It is only right that TEPCO, the nuclear industry (who prevented the government from properly regulating them for years), the towns hosting nuclear reactors all over Japan (who spread misinformation), the makers of the nuclear reactors (who should have known of the design flaws), and the government (who failed miserably in ensuring safety) should all be paying EVERYTHING they own in order to restore your families to their lives as they were before the Fukushima incident.

    But the government has not sought economic justice. They prefer instead to obscure the truth, hide the facts, and downplay the dangers in order to keep your families in the dangerous parts of Japan, and thus limit the economic impact on the guilty parties.

    it’s not right. It’s not fair. It’s unjust.

    Hold them accountable Generation Rad. Expose them publicly. Bring them to justice in the both domestic and international courts. (Legally) seize whatever property their families have accumulated in the “service” of the Japanese People. Put the responsible politicians, bureaucrats and industry officials in prison forever. Disgrace their names for eternity.

    Use whatever remains of your youthful energy to get them to clean up what can be cleaned up, and sequester/contain whatever cannot be cleaned up. Prevent them from continuing ANY economic activity or human habitation in any areas that are still unclean. Make them pay.

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