Brown rain fell in Takasaki city Gunma

A resident in Takasaki city Gunma reported brown rain fell on 12/22/2012.

The person comments she has never seen it before.

Brown rain fell in Takasaki city Gunma





Français :

Une pluie brune tombe sur la ville de Takasaki, dans Gunma

Un habitant de la ville de Takasaki, dans Gunma, a rapporté qu’il est tombé une pluie brune le 22 décembre 2012.
La personne dit qu’elle n’avait jamais vu ça.

Une pluie brune tombe sur la ville de Takasaki, dans Gunma


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  2. Takasaki is an old post town on the centuries old Nakasendo, an inland walking path/road that has connected Tokyo with Kyoto for centuries. So many other towns along the Nakasendo seem to have fallen on hard times. Takasaki was a survivor into the modern era. Unlike many of the other post towns, it had actually thrived, thanks probably to shinkansen service and the modern highway that runs through it.

    Sad to see that history threatened by nuclear contamination. Illustrates, I believe, that JAPAN (the culture and people) were able to survive for millenia without nuclear power. However just fifty years with nuclear power threaten to destroy the true Japan many of us have come to love.

    These people who push and promote nuclear power are no friends of the true JAPAN. People like Iori are its protectors. I’m sending another 5,000 yen to his friend’s Hawaii address today (sorry, I have no US currency). I hope all of you readers will join in supporting Iori financially both this month and in the new year.

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