6400 Bq/Kg from shimeji mushroom in Koriyama Fukushima, cesium from 91% from the samples

According to Koriyama city government in Fukushima, 6,400 Bq/Kg of  cesium was measured from Shimeji mushroom in this November.
Cesium was measured from 20 among 22 samples. (91%)

6400 Bq/Kg from shimeji mushroom in Koriyama Fukushima, cesium from 91% from the samples

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Français :

6400 Bq/kg dans des champignons Shimeji de Koriyama à Fukushima, du césium dans 91 % des échantillons

Selon la municipalité de Koriyama das Fukushima, 6 400 Bq/kg de césium ont été relévés dans des champignons Shimeji en novembre dernier.
Du césium a été relevé dans 20 des 22 échantillons. (91 %)

6400 Bq/kg dans des champignons Shimeji de Koriyama à Fukushima, du césium dans 91 % des échantillons

Sources : 1 2

  1. I sincerely hope that these were wild mushrooms. Hard to imagine a farmer stupid enough to try to make a business of commercial mushroom farming in Fukushima. A terrorist group however might take up mushroom farming – a natural way to bioconcentrate cesium. Now that I think of it, perhaps every mushroom farmer in Fukushima should be on a no-fly list. There is no other explanation for mushroom farming in Fukushima (or by my standard ANYWHERE in or near Japan)

  2. Hope you are enjoying your travels and that you eventually find your room.

    i think i sent you the Jim Stone analysis of 3/11 last time i wrote. While it is just a theory, it answers a lot of unexplained issues and questions that nobody bothers to ask.

    It is said that radiation can have a signature proving its source. Can anyone say for certain that these mushrooms or tea leaves were all radiated by the reactors? While it may seem obvious they were, it is also obvious that that nuclear power is under fire worldwide in a very organized manner. I am no fan of the nuclear industry but i am even more suspicious of the elite power structure and the more dominant oil industry that is their second greatest source of power after banking.

    We live in a world of deception and hidden agendas. Most of us who care are more likely to end up being pawns for those who manipulate than a source of irritation for the powerful elite. It is not surprising that so much of what is written just assumes the source of poison is the Fukushima reactors and fear is thus spread wider and wider on a daily basis without any consideration that fear itself may have been the objective all along.

    There is no doubt that the reactors pose a threat. Damage was intended when they were sabotaged.. but the far greater damage is the sense of fear and helplessness that is eating away at the people of Japan.

    There is no merit in blaming anyone whose intentions are good (right or wrong) but the truth is out there for those who do not have masters inside the establishment guiding them.

    We all know the world is not as it seems. Japan is finally starting to free itself from its western banker overlords and many believe 3/11 was both punishment and a warning to stay loyal to a criminal cabal who is rapidly losing its grip on world power. As bad as nuclear is, it still represents limited freedom from western controlled oil. It makes sense that western organizations and NGOs funded by the dying cabal will seek to curb nuclear power in Japan; claiming they are on the moral high ground (environmentally) but not revealing their true agenda – the continued suppression of Japan.

    It is hard to know what the truth is but it is safe to say that an agenda of power will be the most funded and will likely disguise itself as a popular cause. Agendas for the common good are routinely subverted as history proves in nearly every case.

    With all the energy and passion you put into your work please take care to be objective if you truly have no benefactors guiding you. If you are working on behalf of an organized agenda…please carefully weigh the consequences of your work with your own consciousness.

    Be well.


  3. Sssshhhhh…I bet the dopey terrorists hadn’t even thought of that till then. Pretty soon they’ll just open their handbags and throw Fuku dust at us.

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