10 million Bq of cesium-134/137 is still released every single hour from reactor1, 2 and 3

According to mid/long term roadmap of Tepco released on 12/27/2012, 10 million Bq of cesium-134/137 is still released from reactor1, 2 and 3 every single hour.

This is measured at the top part of each reactor building. The amount is computed from the dust density of Cs-134/137, other nuclides are excluded.

Since this April, the releasing amount has been stably around 10 million Bq / hour.

10 million Bq of cesium-134/137 is still released every single hour from reactor1, 2 and 3





Français :

10 millions Bq de césium-134/137 s’échappent toujours toutes les heures des réacteurs 1, 2 et 3

Selon la feuille de route à moyen/long terme de Tepco publiée le 27 décembre 2012, 10 millions Bq de césium-134/137 sont toujours en train de s’échapper des réacteurs 1, 2 et 3 toutes les heures.

Ceci est mesuré depuis la partie supérieure de chaque bâtiment de réacteur. La quantité est évaluée à partir de la densité des Cs-134/137 dans les poussières, les autres nucléides sont ignorés.

Depuis avril dernier, la quantité libérée s’est stabilisée autour de 10 million Bq / heure.

10 millions Bq de césium-134/137 s'échappent toujours toutes les heures des réacteurs 1, 2 et 3


  1. Ok, let’s do some math:
    10,000,000 per hr.
    240,000,000 per day
    87,600,000,000 per year
    8,760,000,000,000 in one hundred years!

    So, I read this as World Wide death since, all the air and all the water will be loaded with this radiation.

    What a future to look forward to….boys and girls of the nuclear industry! Remember, you breath the same air and drink the same water as we do…. so, guess what will happen to you and your families?

  2. Just a manga-quote: In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will.

  3. I have no problem with self-destructive people so long as they leave others out of their behavior. I do have a problem with the Powers That Be in Japan. They are involving the entire world with their self destructive behavior.

  4. AND, Tokyo University oceanographer Jota Kanda has estimated that 300 billion bq per month, into the WATER (ground water and ocean). that is 1.25 billion bq per hour. That makes 10 million sound puny. So we are looking at 1.26 billion per hour total air and water?


    Circling The Drain: 300 Billion Becquerels Per Month

    Ongoing emissions of radioactivity from the FNPP disaster site does not bode well for ecology or human health. NHK, the Japanese government news station, broadcast that “[g]roundwater is flowing into the reactor buildings and becoming tainted with radioactive materials.” Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) is “trying to collect the water and store [it] in the tanks for decontamination…they don’t deny this polluted water is seeping into the Pacific Ocean” (15). Tokyo University oceanographer, Jota Kanda, has calculated that the FNPP “itself is leaking around 0.3 terabecquerels per month” (16). Additionally, US scientist Ken Buesseler has stated that “[t]here has to be a source. And they’re cooling those reactors quite extensively, some of that water’s getting back into the ocean, either actively being pumped out after some decontamination or through leaks in the buildings, they’re not able to contain all of the water that they use to cool [the reactors]” (17).

    This is an incredible revelation, between the admissions of two respected oceanographers from both Japan and the US, there is no doubt that radioactive water is leaking into the ocean– possibly even being intentionally “pumped out” despite Tepco’s contradictory explanations. Since there is no independent investigation allowed, we have a case of the criminals in charge of a murder investigation, and third parties are kept at bay while the truth leaks out in dribs and drabs. This is not just a legal or academic concern, one nuclear engineer close to the situation worries this leakage could further contaminate the public water supply (18).

    The consequences of radiation released during the initial disaster at the time of 311, along with ongoing emissions from the FNPP has resulted in a clear pattern of environmental pollution. Fukushima prefecture has not been the only place to face dire consequences. One scientific report found that as far away as 70 kilometers to the south on Japan’s coastline, “[m]ost of radiocesium in the coastal sediments is incorporated into lithogenic fractions, and this incorporation is almost irreversible” (19).

    Also, in Ibaraki prefecture directly to the south of Fukushima, although the water in Lake Kasumigaura itself was not found to be radioactive with cesium– the lake which supplies drinking water to nearly a million people in Ibaraki and is just 60 km northeast of Tokyo– does contain contaminated mud.
    [M]ud samples from the lake and the rivers…were found to contain up to 5,200 becquerels/kg of cesium-134 and cesium-137, compared with a maximum of 500 Bq/kg detected a year ago, a maximum of 5,800 Bq/kg in February this year and a maximum of 4,800 Bq/kg in July. The sludge sampled from the bottom of the lake registered cesium contamination ranging from 97 Bq/kg to 520 Bq/kg. That is lower than the maximum 1,300 Bq/kg registered in February, but higher than the 340 Bq/kg detected in the first round of monitoring a year ago (20).

    This amount of radiation is relatively low compared to Fukushima, where, for example, “515,000 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the soil of an irrigation channel in Fukushima city…. 2km South East of [the] Fukushima prefectural government office” (21).

    Are radioactive hot particles that are regularly being emitted from the FNPP being carried by the wind 1100 km away? It would appear so. Radioactive tea leaves are being discovered in the farthest reaches of southwestern Japan, with readings of 80 Bq/kg of cesium 134/137 found on leaves in Kagoshima; with 40 Bq/kg in Shizuoka; and 120 Bq/kg in Saitama, which borders Tokyo (22).

  5. Who could have imagined that uncontrolled greed by corporate operatives and callous disregard by politicians would be the death of the entire human race?

    Well, it’s been a good life. I’m glad I lived when I did.

  6. That’s why the other world recommended right from the beginning to leave japan because there is no other solution as reactors are out of control and radioactivity will go on harming life.
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    All divine warnings, predictions and recommendations were right .

  7. Better not trust the State Propaganda Agency of Japan. Better trust real academic reports and international 3rd party reports.

  8. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    George Orwell

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