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[Robot decontamination] 0.2 Sv/h on the first floor of reactor3

  Tepco is trying to develop the remote decontamination technology by using robot. They conducted the radiation survey at reactor1 in May [Link]. On 7/5/2012, Tepco announced the radiation survey


[Reactor1] 5.2 Sv/h on the first floor

Tepco conducted robot survey in reactor1 building TIP room and South area on the first floor. (11:40 ~ 15:47 of 7/4/2012) Tepco used 4 robots (2 Quinces and 2 PackBots)

Natural disasters

Investigation committee “there is a possibility that the earthquake damaged equipment”

Following up this article..Edano, former Chief Cabinet Secretary admits he knew melt through on 3/13/2011   Nuclear accident investigation committee of the government published the final report. In the report,


Kitakyushu city mayor threatens a supermarket chain to arrest the founder not to sell Fukushima food

A local supermarket chain “Sunlive” [Link] is oppressed by Kitakyushu city mayor. (cf.Kitakyushu city starts incineration of disaster debris to arrest nonviolent protesters) The son of the founder ordered his


JP Gov sends the second most requests for Twitter to disclose account information in the world

Related to this article..A troll caught asking to raise his salary to his manager on Twitter Japanese government is the second most scared of internet power. The government with the


NHK, “3 years old children are stressed from the anxiety of radiation”

Following up this article..Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” The same researching group from Fukushima university conducted a research for 3773 parents


Anonymous watching Japan

Following up this article..[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan Anonymous is getting involved in Japanese political situation about nuclear.     #OPJapan: Hello Japanese Government. It


Mutated cucumber in Aomori

Mutated cucumber with a leaf was found in a home garden of Towada city Aomori. (6/27/2012) It’s 16.5cm long, the leaf is 10cm long. The seed company states, it’s because

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

MOE “Freshwater fish accumulate more cesium than marine products”

  According to the research of Ministry of the environment from December to February, freshwater fish accumulate more cesium than marine products. MOE compared the contamination of aquatic organisms taken

Domestic and global Environment

12,200 Bq/Kg from Teganuma lake Chiba

  Chiba prefecture measured radiation at 19 points of Teganuma lake (195km from Fukushima) including 2 rivers to flow into Teganuma lake. The rivers run through hotspots, and they measured