“Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear the sound of China syndrome 3.2011” Secretary of Ex-JP PM

Following up this article..US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane

Mr. Matsuda admitted “China syndrome” is happening in Fukushima in his interview. (cf.Corium may have been penetrated completely 15 hours after meltdown)

He commented like this below

In the night of 3/14/2011, underground rumblings were heard in Fukushima plant area, which was caused by melted fuel underground. (He described the sound as “doon doon”.)
This is when Yoshida, the former chief of Fukushima stated “I might die here.”, reported to Tepco’s head office that they were going to evacuate all the nuclear workers except for selected members. Reported head office of Tepco proposed former Prime minister, Kan to evacuate nuclear workers from Fukushima plants on 3/15/2011.
This was after the explosion of reactor3 (11:01 3/14/2011)


↓ 1:22~

From Tepco’s in-house accident investigation report [LINK], it was the night of 3/14/2011 when they prepared to evacuate by making the evacuation manual.


↓ The evacuation manual [LINK]

Secretary of Ex-JP PM, Kan "March 2011, Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear underground rumblings of China syndrome."


↓ Property of the file about evacuation manual to show it was made in the night of 3/14/2011.

Secretary of Ex-JP PM, Kan "March 2011, Tepco decided to evacuate F1 to hear underground rumblings of China syndrome." 2




  1. But, but, Yukio Edano said containment was intact to everyone, and clinton/usa were bringing “coolant”, and I bet nearby townships were still populated.

  2. Due to the moral failure of those who are listened to ie, govt/media/corporations, govt media corporations “ala N.Korea” “not civillian wingnuts like me” 140 million people are facing death and many more further down the atmospheric river. After this disgusting representation of humanity, at the very least nuclear will become synonamous with HOLOCAUST,
    NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, those who have a part in it will be and should be treated WORSE THAN SS NAZI’S, AND THEY RIGHTFULLY HAVE EARNED IT AND DESERVE IT OVER 140 MILLION TIMES OVER, I am disgusted and we really need to cleanse the world of this pronuke “nazi” scourge or suffer the consequenses, they have already invaded most of the world and are THREATENING IT.

    1. But what do I know, I just have a somewhat functioning brain and my eyes have been open since I was born, I’m just an “anti nuclear lunatic” who lives to eat/drink and breathe the stuff. Leave the nazi’s alone, see what happens, I’ll be watching, and doing my part to beat back the invasion, I have a secret weapon against them, called “innovation”.

  3. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – “Tepco avait décidé d’évacuer F1, suivant ainsi le Syndrome Chinois, en mars 2011″ dit le secrétaire de l’ex-premier ministre.
    Par Mochizuki le 21 juin 2012.

    M. Matsuda, dans cet interview, a admis un “Syndrome Chinois” à Fukushima. (cf.Corium may have been penetrated completely 15 hours after meltdown : http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/03/corium-may-have-been-penetrated-15-hours-after-meltdown/)

    Il l’a commenté ainsi :

    Dans la nuit du 14 mars 2011, des grondements souterrains étaient entendus dans l’enceinte de l’usine de Fukushima, ils étaient provoqués par le combustible fondant en sous-sol. (Il a décrit le bruit par un “doom doom”.)
    Ceci au moment où M. Yoshida, l’ex-dirigeant de l’usine répondait “Je vais peut-être mourir ici”, au quartier général de Tepco quand ils lui disaient qu’ils allaient évacuer tous les employés sauf quelques membres choisis.
    La direction de Tepco proposa le 15 mars 2011 à l’ex-premier ministre, M. Kan, d’évacuer tous les employés. Ceci après l’explosion du réacteur 3 (le 14 mars 2011 à 11:01)

    ↓ 1:22~


    Selon le rapport d’enquête interne de Tepco [http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/06/reactor4-had-one-explosion-and-2-fires-in-march-2011/], c’est dans la nuit du 14 mars 2011 qu’ils ont préparé l’évacuation en rédigeant le manuel d’évacuation.

    ↓ Le manuel d’évacuation [http://www.tepco.co.jp/cc/press/betu12_j/images/120620j0306.pdf]


    ↓ Le copyright du manuel d’évacuation montre qu’il a été fabriqué dans la nuit du 14 mars 2011.


  4. Russian military pilots have described how they created rain clouds to protect Moscow from radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.
    However it rained in Wales (2000 miles away) and the land is still contaminated.

  5. We sould be gratfull o them thats finaly speaking, load and clear.

    We may be angry and hatefull, but the Goverment og Japan behaved as goverment are doing all over the world, the intress of few, against the common man. Nothing new, only the layout and scale waries.
    And to finaly break the rock hard political consensus, with even a posibility of “acsidents” happening, he/she shal be hailed, atleast in the end, they are a woice to in this growing anger.

    I belive the collaps is comming, and the revelations wil force it self into the arena, whether we like it or not, the implications of this, sould be dealt with, now.

    And the other issue is, that I know they know it all, they have the figures, of Japan, downloaded from stationary and geostationary sattelits, and they sould releas this eimidiatly.
    The USA/Russia/China know to.
    Why they havent reacted/acted is the only mistery left, because they also know that this wil affect them to, the ONLY difference is the time it takes. The effect, the same.

    Be angry, you have all the rights to be, betrayed and sold to a bunch of shareholders and greedy people, THEY sacrifyed Japan, and nobody else.


    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  6. I think, not only is the nuclear industry history, at this point, but they may be taking all of us with them. You can’t surpress the truth when the stench of death is in the air. Not only an incredible Japanese culture and people will be harmed for thousands and thousands of years, but every inhabited area where the jet stream moves about the earth will continue to dump fallout on the land, water, air, food and life. It is extemely sad to realize the power of money and politics and in their ungodly ignorance of what they do, we are the collateral damage. This event, a bad design and a bad intention…using nuclear power to run TVs, airconditioning, bomb human beings and boil water, will go down as the most pathetic use of science, ever. We are all in the same boat on this one and I feel great sorrow for Japan first.

  7. How much did you collect in donations so far?
    Pretty cheap to run a blog isn`t it?

    Of course, noone should trust TEPCO or the government, but I live in Tokyo and I am more worried about my summer holidays than radiation.

    1. “hit and run” comment, Mark… and, whether or not your worries coincide with reality is not material.

    2. That’s fine mark, but this RIGHTEOUS JAPANESE SUPERHERO is having a hard time finding any part of japan that’s uncontaminated, this poor man can’t seem to find a place where natural background is under 40 times normal, in fact he is having a hard time finding places that aren’t thousands of times normal, there are serious biological implications to any increase to backround radiation. The increased levels are due to disbursement “CONTINUING” far and wide of extremely dangerous high level radiological materials “oxides, vapors, particulates.”

      1. Intel Agent (or maybe lack of?) – that’s complete and utter rubbish. Which part on this map here is so difficult to find under 40 times natural background? Percentage wise I’d think it very easy to find, not very hard at all!


        Article from 2011 comparing tokyo with other cities around the world – puts it into perspective a little bit doesnt it? Again, Intel Agent, where is the supposed 40 * background?


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