US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane

The former NHK news caster Hori Jun [LINK] moved to US and started his news site called 8bit news [LINK] .

He had an interview with Mr. Matsuda, the policy secretary of Kan, the former Japanese prime minister.

In this interview, Mr. Matsuda talked about 2 things below,

1. There is elephant’s foot coming from reactor4, which is produced from nuclear explosion.

2. In the night of 3/14/2011, Japanese government and US army were planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane and cover the plants with sarcophagus.

At 10:00AM of 3/15/2011, when Kan, former Japanese prime minister was in the headquarters of Tepco, Kitazawa, Minister of Defense gave US army the permission to use Yamagata airport. (At this time, other airports of Fukushima airport and Sendai airport were not available.)

By using one of those 2 airports of Hyakuri air base [LINK], Yamagata airport, and USS Carl Vinson [LINK] in Pacific ocean, where was upwind, US army was planning to fly to Fukushima plants. To complete this mission, Japanese government needed to evacuate all the Tepco workers from Fukushima plants but they ended up not removing Tepco from the plant area, the plan was not realized after all.

JP Gov was planning to have US army drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane

The coolant and the equipment are kept at Hyakuri air base at this moment.

Before this project, US army and Japanese self defense force trained in Yokota base in Tokyo. In case when US army was not capable of doing it, Japanese self defense force was supposed to take it over.



  1. This is only part of the story. I have the rest. Authentic notes from Kan on what happened to this mission why it did not happen. These notes tell whole story. If interested contact me directly. I also have other important details never revealed to media as part of the documents.

    1. Let me just add US was not the recent mission not carried out and the Japanese people deserve to be told the truth despite the fact they will be extremely angry. But it in the case of Fukushima residents trying to sue the government – it is direct evidence that will prove their case. I have not known to whom to give this information or I would have come forward before. Much of the destruction could have been avoided.

      1. Muck – If you’ve got something that you think the Japanese people need to see, you could send it to fukushima diary,, ex-skf, or enformable. If it’s something the public deserves to see, and if you are not breaking any laws by doing so, why would you not share it as widely as possible?

      2. Was it because… they wanted to have a meeting about it? …
        “baiting” but righteously 😉

      3. muck,

        I am from the US and this article will not go to the Major Media which is owned and controlled by the same corporate wealthy people. I hope that you know about the theories surrounding depopulation. The earthquake and Tsunami became the priority story, then the Fukushima disaster. There is a political theory called the Shock Doctrine and Disaster Capitalism. When people are in a crisis, such as our 911, there is such emotional trauma that the government has an opportunity to engage in activities and pass laws such as our Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Program.

        Quite possibly when the events took place, it could have been agreed to do nothing is order to fit into the plan of de-population and genocide was of no concern to men who are sociopaths. Now it has gotten way out of hand, and to have a solution is impossible.

        I hope that the information is reliable and there are two sites that would be open to receiving and distributing the truth. 1. from Canada has followed the story Arnie Gunderson is well known. Also, Prof. Michel Chassudovsky has written extensively and has published “Fukushima: A Nuclear War Without a War”.

        1. Another site would be with Alex Jones. This man has shown great courage in what he presents to his followers and has a good history. I think that this information would be well recieved.

          1. Forget Alex Jones, the Power That Be love Alex Jones because once you go on his show they can just peg you as just another Conspiracy Theory Whacko ….

            Arnie Gunderson going on that show was a HUGE mistake on his part because like it or not, agree with it or not, the facts are going on his show harms your credibility with a lot more people than it helps

  2. /Agreed AND
    ELEPHANTS FOOT! Well gee, so to me, that says spent fuel pool four turned into a big fissioning blob and melted through the spent fuel pool, unless I am mistaken but I kinda doubt it, I mean you’ve seen spent fuel pool four and wondered, why’s there a big hole in the wall where the fuel pool os sipposed to be and on the otherside looking and saying, is that molten fuel?
    Yes muck share, also ene news has an anonymous news tip thing on it’s page, and iori mochizuki is unwaveringly righteous!

  3. If the information is authentic, all international press would love to have it. That is how news is made. First, it should be authentic as you are now saying you wanna be a whistleblower.

    1. Hi Crusader,

      If the international press would publish the news about Japan and Fukushima, we would not need to find information from web sources. Julian Assange and Wikileaks is an example of publishing the truth and being intimidated by the governments of several nations. He has recently left the UK for refuge in a central American nation.

      1. Michele, illiterate border limit, Ecuador is not a “central American nation”, it is located in South America.

  4. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – L’armée américaine se préparait au largage de liquide de refroidissement sur les centrales de Fukushima.
    Par Mochizuki le 21 juin 2012 · 8 Commentaires.

    L’ex-présentateur de NHK, M. Hori Jun [] est parti aux USA et a lancé son site de presse appelé 8bit news [] .

    Il a obtenu une interview de M. Matsuda, secrétaire politique de M. Kan, l’ex-premier ministre.

    Dans cet interview, M. Matsuda a parlé de deux choses :

    1. Il y a “un pied d’éléphant” qui sort du réacteur 4, généré par l’explosion nucléaire.

    2. Dans la nuit du 14 mars 2011, le gouvernement japonais et l’armée américaine se préparaient à larguer par avion du liquide de refroidissement sur les centrales de Fukushima et à les recouvrir avec un sarcophage.

    A 10:00, le 15 mars 2011, lorsque M. Kan, ex-premier ministre du Japon, était au quartier général de Tepco, M. Kitazawa, Ministre de la Défense, leur a donné l’autorisation d’utiliser l’aéroport de Yamagata. (A ce moment-là, les aéroports de Fukushima et de Sendai n’étaient pas praticables.)

    Par l’un des deux aéroports militaires, de Hyakuri ou de Yamagata [] et avec le navire USS Carl Vinson alors dans l’océan Pacifique et au vent [], l’armée américaine prévoyait de voler au-dessus des centrales de Fukushima. Pour parachever cette mission, le gouvernement japonais devait évacuer tous les employés de Tepco mais ils y sont finalement restés, ce plan ne s’est pas réalisé.×367.png

    Le liquide de refroidissement et les équipements sont toujours à la base militaire de Hyakuri.

    Avant ce projet, l’armée américaine et la force d’auto-défense japonaise s’étaient formées à la base de Yokota à Tokyo. Dans le cas où l’armée américaine n’aurait pas pu le faire, la force d’auto-défense japonaise était supposée prendre le relai.

  5. Was the US told not to fly the missions because it was too late? Or because the Japanese government made the decision to protect nuclear power at the known risk of major loss of life of citizens? Did they make the decision to allow the Fukushima residents to be radiated..and “go away” or be sacrificed for the “greater good” of Japanese business? Probably YES, and then it was a lot worse, or spread more. Then to keep the population from evacutating Japan, the government “spread” the radiation to force citizens to all share the poison together. Guess its a way to keep people from massive evacuation–when there is no place to go. And it might be the reason other countries are keeping quiet about the situation; there are a lot of people, not just of Japanese or Japanese extraction, living world-wide who would violently disagree with this genecide. Nations are worried, this will “not go away.”

    1. The US was told not to fly the missions because it would have made the situation WORSE.

      Just google old news articles using “sarcophagus – Fukushima” and you will find hundreds of articles which explain the reasons for this.

      I dont know what the people operating this website are trying to prove, but so far, all of the stories I have read on this site are 99 and 44/100ths percent fact-free.

    1. Thank you Mr Muck, I am interested in canada’s response as it is a communist country also.

  6. Strange,any number of those living of the work of the workers know how to wipe out all life on earth if their income stream is in jeopardy but none of them know how to put out a fire.

  7. This is the most ridiculous load of horseshit I have ever read.

    I have been to Fukushima 25 times since the disaster, doing volunteer work to help the victims of the disaster. No . . . I mean the REAL disaster – the earthquake and tsunami. Not to diminish the fact that nuclear power IS a danger, or that the accident at Fukushima WAS a serious one, but if even a tiny fraction of the information you have posted were true, I would not be alive.

    Folks, consumerism is the most powerful force on the planet. Consumer demand for geiger counters prompted companies like OMRON and Sharp to design little units that look like a housenold medical thermometer, so anyone can take radiation readings these days. People in Japan KNOW how much radiation there is iun their environment, and though it is indeed higher than it was before the accident, it is NOT high enough to be a health risk. This is a verifiable fact, that anyone can check by visiting local Japanese monitoring sites like this one, which publish HOURLY readings for just about any city in the country:

    People in Cornwall, England get more radioactive exposure from naturally occurring radon than the amounts that have been recorded in recent days in Sendai, which is the closest major city to the Fukushima plant. I suppose the people who run this site will claim that this is all lies and disinformation – – thats funny. I suppose even the antinuclear activists in Japan are “lying”

    The reason why the US army did not entomb the reactors was that nuclear scientists calculated the potential impact and realised that this would make the problem WORSE. Advisors at MIT calculated that, by preventing the escape of radiation it would have accelerated the reactions, and that might have caused the reactors to explode like a nuclear bomb. THAT is why the plan was dropped. Here is a story that was published at the time the plan was being considered:

    This and followup stories in the subsequent few weeks show what a red herring this story is.

    Anyone who wants to make a RESPONSIBLE contribution to the antinuclear movement needs to accept the fact that Fukushima is OVER as far as anyone outside Japan is concerned. Even people in Japan are not at any health risk beyond the sort of gamma radiation exposure you would receive from a plane trip from New York to Tokyo. That certainly is NOT something the government should be allowed to just laugh off, and say “dont worry, be happy”. But at the same time, the bullshit being spread by this website is only discrediting the antinuclear movement as a whole. It is time for you to stop making up wild stories that are not true, hoping to “get attention”, and and start treating Fukushima as a historical lesson – a near miss that did not actually kill or seriously irradiate anyone, but which COULD HAVE done so.

    That, my friend, is more than enough of an argument to support an antinuclear stance. By continuing to grasp for straws that dont exist (that is – by trying to turn Fukushima into something it isnt, and never will be), all you do is dilute the power and potency of that message


  8. It’s been over two weeks since this explosive exposure came out but this revelation by one of the former TOP INSIDERS has not made its way to the global news stage yet, unfortunately. I hope those who have connection to the global media industry or “Alex Jones” will contact them again to “spread the word”.

    However, this story is NEVER new. Similar story was rumored and “tweeted” back in March, 2011, in the Japanese Internet by a few “economists” who apparently have their own contacts in the Japanese ministry METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). The METI is in charge of the Japanese nuclear power policy and the broken nuclear power plant in Fukushima, as everybody here knows, of course.

    Professor Masaru Kaneko (a prominent Japanese economist) of the Keio University tweeted while the Fukushima crisis was still in its first stage in March last year (on around Mar 13) the same story, saying that the Japanese government of then PM Naoto Kan had “declined the US offer” to air-drop the “unknown coolant” and so on.

    Professor Kaneko’s old Twitter from that time is not available at the moment but he is one of the best known Japanese economists and is a very reliable/trustworthy source. So the same extremely scandalous story was circulating among the Japanese people since then all the time.
    Professor Kaneko even suspected that PM Kan’s cabinet “didn’t want Americans inside the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant” or something like that back then although the Japanese nuclear power plants are of American-design of course.

    As long as this revelation by Mr Matsuda remains in the global Internet, it will go viral soon or later. Mr Matsuda states in the video that the radiation is “still pouring out” and that is very true, too. Also he criticises the irresponsible plan to “restart” the Ohi NPP by the current PM Noda and his cabinet and he is right.
    I hope English speaking reporters/journalists will make an English version of this video for their own viewers and upload it soon.
    Many thanks to the journalist Hori Jun as well.

    Last but not least, I thank Mochizuki san again for his hard works. Stay healthy.

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