US army was planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane

The former NHK news caster Hori Jun [LINK] moved to US and started his news site called 8bit news [LINK] .

He had an interview with Mr. Matsuda, the policy secretary of Kan, the former Japanese prime minister.

In this interview, Mr. Matsuda talked about 2 things below,

1. There is elephant’s foot coming from reactor4, which is produced from nuclear explosion.

2. In the night of 3/14/2011, Japanese government and US army were planning to drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane and cover the plants with sarcophagus.

At 10:00AM of 3/15/2011, when Kan, former Japanese prime minister was in the headquarters of Tepco, Kitazawa, Minister of Defense gave US army the permission to use Yamagata airport. (At this time, other airports of Fukushima airport and Sendai airport were not available.)

By using one of those 2 airports of Hyakuri air base [LINK], Yamagata airport, and USS Carl Vinson [LINK] in Pacific ocean, where was upwind, US army was planning to fly to Fukushima plants. To complete this mission, Japanese government needed to evacuate all the Tepco workers from Fukushima plants but they ended up not removing Tepco from the plant area, the plan was not realized after all.

JP Gov was planning to have US army drop coolant onto Fukushima plants by airplane

The coolant and the equipment are kept at Hyakuri air base at this moment.

Before this project, US army and Japanese self defense force trained in Yokota base in Tokyo. In case when US army was not capable of doing it, Japanese self defense force was supposed to take it over.



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