Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011

Tepco published the in-house Fukushima accident investigation report on 6/20/2012.

In this report, which is assumed to downplay the accident, Tepco reported that there were 2 fires in reactor4 after the explosion, and those fires were naturally extinguished fortunately.

Also, it is stated that they could not approach SFP4 because the radiation level was too high.

Tepco is emphasizing the safety of SFP4 to say they can inject cooling water even when another aftershock hits Fukushima, but it suggests they won’t be able to reach SFP4 in case of another accident. (cf, Tepco has no clue for the worst senario of SFP4)


Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011




10:30AM   Tepco tried to go to SFP4 to investigate the state but the radiation level inside of the reactor building was too high, they couldn’t enter. (The temperature of SFP4 was 84℃ at 4:08)




Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011 2



6:14 AM  Major impulsive sound and vibration were observed, and they confirmed the roof of the reactor building was damaged.

9:38 AM  Fire was observed at North West corder of the 3rd floor of the building, but they confirmed the fire was naturally extinguished at 11:00AM.



5:45AM  Another fire was reported at the North West corner of the 4th floor of the building, but it was missing at 6:15AM.



↓ Reactor4 damaged by vibration [LINK]

Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011 3



↓ The 3rd/5th floor of reactor 4 building [LINK]

Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011 4



↓ The 4th floor of reactor4 building

Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011 5



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  1. I have seen expert statements and related studies that if nuclear fuel does manage to burn, that the fire cannot be put out, I have also seen in the foia documents of the u.s NRC that during the fire/s of spent fuel four, a paragraph or so basically said the NRC men on the ground in japan were concerned about the fire at spent fuel pool four and that the response from tepco would schedule a meeting about it 24hours later, henceforth I believe it burned in it’s entirety, henceforth the iimplications are astounding, henceforth why usa and canada under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ALLOW SOIL TO BE TESTED IN OUR COUNTRIES NOR RELEASE TRUTHFUL UNFUDGED/COOKED AIR/WATER/SOIL DATA, IT IS ALL TOYED WITH, if you want truth and answers it seems, you need a scintillator that will dicern radioactive materials, types and amounts involved, for information the cheapest most effective civillian attainable scintillator is from “bee research” $2000-$2500 u.s, no I am not advertising, I am stating a fact of scintillation, it’s ability, it’s cost, and it’s accessability.

  2. Otherwise you will have the civillian population running around with question marks and geigercounters with small 1/4 diameter geiger tubes knowing everything is radioactive but not knowing what the hell it is made of.
    It’s basically all burned spent mox by the way, as non mox spent fuel has incredible amounts of plutonium and other baddies in it too. Fyi. True story.

  3. As it exposes certain fallacies with humanity, make no mistake, by no means am I happy that these behaviours have happened and a number of prior beliefs about my species are no longer intact. It would seem those in control of the death believe that continuing down this path is still logical and correct, when in truth and time it will be seen as quite the opposite, oh and costly “can’t forget that, as that’s what matters most right? right?”.
    Oh woe.

  4. A personal question, as I am not well versed on much medical wise , what would cause a feeling of a constant kind of cramp in the bottom left abdomenon just above the left hip 2-3 inches, and 2 inches left of the belly button, this became a problem august last year, and no doctors will test or look or feel or ultrasound.

    1. Hi Intel,

      I am not a physician either; however as a young teen girl, I had appendicitis and experienced months of cramping pain on the “left side” as your description, which was misdiagnosed as being part of normal growth into womanhood. Eventually, I became very ill and at the age of twelve was given emergency surgery.

  5. Here’s the straight dope.
    1-There are TOO MANY variables at play since day one.
    2-There is NO control “can you move the moderator rods? oh they melted? you found them in peoples fingernails and spiders?”
    3-It has gone on to long with no control to even have any hope of obtaining any semblance of control.
    4- chernoble “same thing, too bad, it is” Had a flurry of activity of hundreds of thousands “700,000 or so” to “tame” the beast, where is that here? times 1234.
    5- The whatever you want to call it behind the reason that point #4 is not happening, could be “don’t wanna” could be “too radioactively hot” what else reasons could there be.
    6-If it is too “rad hot” then that means lack of people, can quince or “asimo” simulate humans which are needed to gain ACCESS AND CONTROL, no sadly.
    7- Abandoned plant, no control, no moderator rods, cameras, you have cameras, can cameras cool or control corium, fuel pools? no sadly.
    So you have four chernobles with none of the efforts, I know much of nuclear and can deduce, surmise, hypothesize that this will go to the final conclusion, henceforth it all burns, there are not 700,000 people times 4 working to prevent that, there is nothing different here, nuclear fuel here isn’t magically different than chernoble, it fissions, that’s what it does.
    Walking away or watching cameras is not a solution, it is festering, I have no doubt.
    Look how peoples lives were jeopardized through unfathomable actions/behaviours, and the response, there is a commonality that gives great insight, distilled and translated is “get out of japan”
    When you hear such things as “if four falls we’ll evacuate tokyo” ok,,, sounds reasonable right???, how about everyone in between? and in such a projection did variable wind direction get inputted into such a plan? It is quite important.
    The variables are too great and too many for anyone to have control over “unknown unknowns” don’t help. Too assume such is a decent into madness.
    To be sure, there are lives at this very moment at stake here, real livesd and in their safety and security I have NO CONFIDENCE, NONE, their lives at stake seem to lack external value “not to me”, from an observational standpoint the japanese lives don’t seem to be seen with the same value, meaning and clarity as I behold them.
    What I am saying is to be clear, there is %100 no confidence in your safety when there is %100 NO CONTROL over something so dire that can change your destiny.
    The threat is too great not to evacuate, with no control, think about it, it is very clear too many, and many are trying to make it clear to you.
    Leave, take a vacation, say “I’LL COME BACK WHEN YOU ARE IN CONTROL AND I HAVE 100% CONFIDENCE” give those who CONTROL a reason and a responsibility to, or all they, and you will be left with is a no mans land. It is NOT A GAME, IT IS NOT TRIVIAL! DO NOT TREAT IT AS SUCH, YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TOKYO AIR/SOIL SAMPLES, THE CEDARS, ETC, WHY WOULD YOU QUESTION THAT, YOU HAVE BEEN AMPLY INFORMED AND WARNED, I wish you life, in a land where it becomes less and less possible every day. FINAL WARNING.
    I will hold fast to the belief nay FACT the site has become prohibatively radiologically contaminated and has been abandoned by those who are needed to control it, as it was built for humans to command and control, not robots, until which time I see humans on site which is the only way to slay the beast, this will go on, and on, and get better? no sadly, much worse.

  6. also, all fuel on site needs constant water cooling*
    * with the exception of the dry casked fuels which are safe for now AFAIK.
    To entomb fukushima daichi or daini in concrete would not work as it is an insulator, all fuel in the reactors and spent fuel pools are generating heat, the highest amount right after use “freshly removed spent fuel” then over two or so years the highly active isotopes degrade/decay “halflife” and the fuel bundles/rods produce much less heat, but will continue to produce heat for hundred of thousands of years at the longer lived materials degrade/decay.
    To put concrete on it all means essentially, no more water, no more cooling and giving it all a nice big blanket to trap heat in and then melt with no moderation, then you get big masses of self propagating, nuclear fissioning lava and all bets are off on it’s behavior except it will get hot, hotter and hotter and the world will become fukushima prefecture or worse.

    1. If you knew this I apologise, I just want it out there for those that don’t.

  7. From “joyB” on enenews post-/fuel-particles-themselves-must-have-been-blown-away-during-unit-3-explosion-alpha-particles-splattered-faster-than-sonic-speed
    >”Aerosolized” means something quite specific when talking about heavy metals. Sure, microscopic dust-sized pieces can be blown out and around, but those will fall out relatively quickly as bomb debris does because they are heavy dust. Aerosolized in this application means “vaporized” – rendered all the way to gaseous.

    Vaporized elements are reduced to single atom size, and those can remain in the air for much longer, to be inhaled along with air and not diminished significantly by cillia in the bronchi or lungs. Gas, not merely widely dispersed dust/ash.
    I sure think much of what was in the reactor was “aerosolized,” that’s an inescapable effect of the process of total meltdown. For the fuel pool, it depends on whether or not there was criticality involved in the event. Vaporization is the result of massive bombardment by neutrons and extreme gamma. Like in enough to turn people into shadows on a wall, their atoms literally ‘released’ from physical manifestation.
    I do suspect there was criticality in the SFP. So yeah, quite a bit was vaporized.
    The really insidious thing about nukes is that it’s not what you can see that is the greatest danger, it’s what you can’t see. The single atoms and nasty subatomic particles (Arnie’s “hot particles”).
    Be seriously worried about what you can see – big vapor events and black smoke – because there’s nastiness in it all, and it’s positively dangerous whether it comes from a coal plant’s filthy plume or a forest fire nearby. But the invisible stuff is what’ll kill you relatively quickly and it’s the invisible stuff ‘authorities’ always deny.
    Get a soot-sized particle of fuel into your lungs or eat it for lunch on your sandwich, and it’ll certainly settle in to do nasty things to your sensitive internal tissues – but mostly (when talking radioactivity) when it decays to release gamma energy and alpha/beta particles. None of which can be seen with human eyes. Thus it’s erroneous to say that ‘black smoke’ is worse in the “hot particle” way than the gas you can’t see. Because every single “hot particle” is invisible. Huge concentrations of them are invisible too. Alpha is basically an electron-stripped hydrogen nucleus – way smaller than a whole atom of hydrogen, and nobody can see those. Beta is just an electron/positron emission – electrons have no actual ‘size’ at all.
    Black smoke just lets you know the shit got out. When the smoke (or steam) dissipates, you are in no way out of danger.<
    Thanks "JoyB"

    1. I am angry that we were put into the position of having to trust the people who first built nuclear plants that were placed in areas and designed to fail. That presented nuclear energy as clean and safe; while knowing that there were problems in containing and deposing of the spent fuel rods. Those who were concerned with humanity, the environment, and the creatures that share this planet were and continue to be shouted down.

      I share your anguish and disappointment with the averice of people that put profits over welfare and compassion for the rest of the community on this planet. This deceit and lack of information by TEPCO and the politicians is not limited to Japan. The world is being kept in ignorance to keep them controlled. The nuclear industry has no control over the monster that has been unleashed; but they can control the people.

      This situation is different than Chernobyl simply because of the topography. The sealing of Fukushima is an impossibilty because it sits on rock. Cooling with seawater has furthered the deterioration of the buildings. It appears that there is only the inevitable.

  8. There was a man known as “The Sleeping Prophet” his name was Edgar Cayce here in the US who would go into a trance/sleep like state. The energy that it took from him and the fact that he did so many readings eventually led to his death. Not all of his predictions have come to pass (as yet); but this prophesy does cause one to wonder about the correctness of his vision. “The greater portion of Japan MUST go into the sea.”

  9. Intel I have also come to the same conclusions after reading a good chunk of the NRC’s behind the scene’s FOIA pdf’s. If you read more of them, your outlook on the situation will actually get worse. Just finished a 510 page one and I need to take a while to let it sink in.. Thank you.

  10. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Le réacteur 4 a connu une explosion et 2 incendies en mars 2011.
    Par Mochizuki le 20 juin 2012 · 13 Commentaires.

    Tepco a publié son rapport d’enquête interne sur l’accident de Fukushima le 20 juin 2012.

    Dans ce rapport, qui veut minimiser l’accident, Tepco rapporte qu’il y a eu deux incendies dans le réacteur 4 après l’explosion et que ces incendies se sont par chance éteints tout seuls.

    Il y est affirmé aussi qu’ils ne pouvaient pas approcher de la piscine à combustibles (SFP4) parce que le niveau de radioactivité y était trop haut.

    Tepco insiste sur la sécurité de la piscine du réacteur 4 (SFP4) en disant qu’ils peuvent y injecter de l’eau de refroidissement même en cas de nouvelle réplique sismique sur Fukushima mais cela suggère aussi qu’ils ne pourraient pas s’en approcher si un autre accident survient. (cf. “Tepco has no clue for the worst senario of SFP4”)×486.png


    10:30AM Tepco a essayé de se rendre à la SFP4 pour enquêter sur son état mais le niveau de radioactivité était trop grand dans le bâtiment du réacteur, ils ne pouvaient pas y entrer. (La température de la SFP4 était de 84℃ à 4:08)×385.png


    6:14 AM De grands bruits et des secousses sont perçus et ressentis confirmant que le toit du bâtiment du réacteur était endommagé.

    9:38 AM Un incendie est observé dans le couloir Nord Ouest du 3e étage mais ils ont confirmé que cet incendie s’est éteint tout seul vers 11:00AM.


    5:45AM Un autre incendie est observé à l’angle Nord-Ouest du 4e étage du bâtiment mais il avait disparu à 6:15AM.

    ↓ Le réacteur 4 endommagé par la secousse []

    ↓ Plan des 3e et 5e étages du bâtiment du réacteur []×174/

    ↓ Le 4e étage du bâtiment du réacteur 4

    Sources :

    Article connexe :
    Le réacteur 4 fondu :

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