Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

Donation : 213.00 USD

Expense : Grocery 8.30USD

Left in hat : 204.7USD

Goal of this month : 2,000.00 USD (My previous salary in Japan)

Current total : 1324.00 USD

To go : 676.00 USD [End]


Thank you very much to help my last spurt!  I can keep going on thanks to all your support !

Today I had a security check of facebook. Honestly, I was really offended.


↓ Woke up, turned on my PC, tried to log into Facebook and it appeared on the screen.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012

↓ Clicked “Why am I seeing this?” ..government-issued ID ? I have NO government.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 2




↓ and they removed this picture of the man who died of nuclear accident. but it can’t be the reason of security check. When they remove a picture, they just remove it without a security check. and this picture was uploaded one year ago. Someone must have reported it to shut me up.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 3



↓ Killing millions of people by radiation is accepted and posting the picture of Looking-dead-but-still-alive-nuclear-worker violates  the community standard ?

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 4


I was very impressed.


Alexander Dale Oen died from cardiac arrest [Link]. Traffic accidents are increasing in Japan. I haven’t blogged about those news yet but it always reminds me of cesium. 311 changed our view over the world.



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