My Facebook account was disabled

My facebook account was disabled.


Following up this article..Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

I was purged.

I had my facebook account disabled without any warning in advance.

I posted “A director of IAEA got the golden parachute for a professor position of Fukushima medical university.”

then, uploaded a photo to my new facebook group called “Fukushima Diary (I made it last night.)” to click the “home”.

I found myself logged off all of a sudden. I tried to log in again but the account was already disabled.

I uploaded no disturbing pictures but kittens. No reason to be booted.

This is my new account.


Soon I will open a Fukushima Diary PAGE on facebook as well.

Thanks to everyone’s help, it’s recovering faster than I thought.


Thank you.



  1. I don’t know why you’d want a Facebook page. I was going to say something the last time you had problems with it, I bet they will keep giving you trouble.

  2. This happened to me this morning for no reason.

    This is so that they can ask you for your official papers, to reactivate it. This way, not only do they have your official information and documents, but they can also use it against you in case of litigious action for what you say on Facebook

  3. Interesting. If they have nothing to hide why try to hide you? This adds fuel to the likelyhood of a cover up. Good luck to you.

  4. It was not you. Anonymous hacked Facebook and locked people out for about three hours. You should be able to use your account now.

  5. Forget Facebook and start building a Tweeter base, it is cooler, then spend more time upgrading FD, you will get better results…

    IMO, you best bet is providing info from Japan that you can translate into English before anyone else can; become the “SOURCE” for the latest on what is going on in Japan!

    That will build your fan based and the number of “hits” on this site…

    Good Luck

  6. I don’t think “coolness” is the issue here. I’m under the impression that content like that of Fukushima Diary conflicts with the interests of Facebook and its owners.

  7. This is really interesting. I would suggest a book by Evgeny Morosov called “The Net Delusion” which is a well-rounded, sobering look at how social networking apps can make a group vulnerable.
    Make sure you get contact info from all your facebook people if you really want to keep contact with them, because FB will delete all your info at a moment’s notice including contacts and what have you. Back everything up. FB is notorious for doing this type of thing.

  8. Hello me too June 1 2:55pm i was disabled and June 1:04am i got a message that I was mistakenly suspended so i got my account back but June 3 3:14am I was again disabled but since it’s sunday I don’t think they will reply maybe it’s there off.. hihi but i send my Phil. postal id and birth cert. NSO copy last June 1 so they approve me and confirm just mistaken but june 3 again i was disabled i feel so bad i spend real money for games there and June 2 after the gave me back my fb i buy again.. and june 3 i was again disabled huhu they say Asia’s virus may occur June 2 my friend told me that when i log in to facebook but why again disabled, I have not violated any fb rules I hope on monday fb team reply

  9. facebook is a front, facia, a ploy, a ruse, etc, it has a sinister side, it really is an intelligence operation, like the eyes that move in a picture on a wall, a captive population>observed, it is a big part of U.S and many nations cyber command and intel gathering, everyone should note that the best way to be on facebook is to be a complete idiot and talk about idiotic things, like “funny pictures” or “do I put bbq sauce on beef tongue?” you have precence for your contacts but your projected idiocy negates their intel gathering,they will still get proper statistical intel from the many who are none the wiser and are operating normally and truthfully, facebook uses you, it offers to much to prying eyes to not be corrupted >day1.

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