My Facebook account was disabled

My facebook account was disabled.


Following up this article..Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

I was purged.

I had my facebook account disabled without any warning in advance.

I posted “A director of IAEA got the golden parachute for a professor position of Fukushima medical university.”

then, uploaded a photo to my new facebook group called “Fukushima Diary (I made it last night.)” to click the “home”.

I found myself logged off all of a sudden. I tried to log in again but the account was already disabled.

I uploaded no disturbing pictures but kittens. No reason to be booted.

This is my new account.


Soon I will open a Fukushima Diary PAGE on facebook as well.

Thanks to everyone’s help, it’s recovering faster than I thought.


Thank you.



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