90 years old nun joined hunger strike to be against restarting Ooi nuclear plant

89 years old nun joined hunger strike to be against restarting Ooi nuclear plant


Following up this article..JP Prime minister confirmed the necessity of restarting Ooi nuclear plant

89 years old Buddhist nun / writer Setouchi Jakucho joined hunger strike to protest against restarting Ooi nuclear plant on 5/2/2012. Anti-nuclear organization has been holding hunger strike since 4/17, in front of Ministry of economy, trade and industry.

She becomes 90 years old on 5/15/2012. Her doctor warned her it could be fatal, but she joined without informing her doctor of it. She says, she can not die with leaving the country killing people with nuclear.

Her comments are like these below,


Through these 90 years, Japan has not been this evil like now. I can not pass this country for young generation.


I expected mass media to pick up that a 90 years old granny sat here so young people may be inspired and act.


(To mass media) You journalists, Report it for dear life.


It’s such a shame for Japan to reply on nuclear as it’s told even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We must abandon nuclear.


How could you count on others to expect someone to fight against nuclear. You must fight yourself. Don’t count on anyone, do it yourself.


(About restarting Ooi nuclear plant) I couldn’t understand it. Japan has become the most evil ever.


In my life, nothing more scary than Fukushima has happened apart from WWW2. I wonder why Japanese government is in such a hurry to restart Ooi nuclear plant.


Nuclear disaster is man-made disaster. I’m so sorry for children and young people to repeat the same thing.


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