70,400 Bq/Kg from ventilation system of incineration plant in Tokyo

High level of cesium was measured from dusts stuck in air filters of the waste incineration plant in Sumida Tokyo.


(Measurement date : 1/18/2012, cesium 134+137)

1. Dusts on deodorising apparatus of activated carbon

Sample 1 ) 61,100Bq/kg   18kg

Sample 2 ) 31,700Bq/kg  26kg


2. Dusts on ventilation facility of ash bunker room

70,400Bq/kg  11kg


Clean Association of TOKYO23 states, it’s not from the incineration ash, it’s from the air outside of the plant.

They assume hot particles in the air were caught by the filters from mid January to mid March of 2011. Currently they are discussing  how to process it with the government.

They keep the dusts on the basement floor until they get to the conclusion.





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