Food in Fukushima contains 8 times much cesium than in Tokyo

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare had the National Institute of Health Sciences measure the amount of Iodine, Cesium from Fukushima and potassium from nature contained in food.

According to the study, people ingest these quantities of cesium per day:

0.45 Bq/day in Tokyo
3.39 Bq/day in Fukushima
3.11 Bq/day in Miyagi

On the other hand, people ingest these quantities of potassium per day:

78.92 Bq/day in Tokyo
83.77 Bq/day in Fukushima
92.04 Bq/day in Miyagi

As a result, it turned out that Fukushima food is 8 times more risky than Tokyo with respect to cesium.
The samples were taken from food distributed in the market of each location: Tokyo, Fukushima, Miyagi.
They conducted the testing in September and November.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare does not admit any risk and say that even if you have Fukushima food for one year, the total dose would be only 0.0193 mSv/y.


食事からセシウム、福島は東京の8倍 厚労省調査






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