Breaking News: Massive pollution in Yokohama

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In the second biggest Japanese city ,Yokohama (,where I live),a citizen detected 0.90 uSv/h beside a street gutter around Yokohama arena.(about 5 minutes by car from my apartment)

Having this result,Yokohama city government held an emergency press conference 9/17/2011.

For this press conference,Yokohama city government announced their radiation measurement result all of a sudden.

It reads,

  • Sediment in a street gutter = 3,030Bq/Kg ~ 42,000Bq/Kg
  • Sediment in the bottom of a water spout (stopped) = 35,000 Bq/Kg

  • Sediment beside the street plants = 11,320 ~ 27,600 Bq/Kg

They declared that they will keep measuring and considering how to decontaminate it, but no detailed plan was published.

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