Breaking News: Tepco makes citizens pay for decontamination of kindergarten

In the worst hot spot,Kashiwa of Chiba prefecture,parents are paying for the decontamination of their kindergarten.

Though “fresh” radiation keeps falling daily,parents are at least wanting to decontaminate the kindergartens where their children go.

It costs millions of yen to decontaminate a kindergarten,but Kashiwa local government only supports up to 200,000 yen.

According to the latest nuclear compensation legal guideline, Tepco is not obliged to pay for the decontamination.

Therefore parents have to pay 10,000 yen for a child to decontaminate their kindergarten.

Though some of the kindergarten pay for the decontamination by themselves,not all the kindergartens can afford it.

Kindergartens and parents can not afford suing Tepco for the compensation.

Obviously they can not wait for the judge either.

In comparison, the retirement fee of the former president of Tepco ,Shimizu, was 500 million yen.

He was the president only for 4 years.

Spent nuclear fuel rods are in the pool for ten times longer than 4 years.

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