Breaking News: High level of radiation is making hydrogen from H2O

These are the tonight’s tweets of actual Fukushima worker called Happy20790.


I managed to come back safely today. We couldn’t work at reactor 1 today, again. Last week,they said they detected 4% of hydrogen but it turned out to be over 100%. The current measurement tool is to detected only flammable gas, but Tepco says probably it is all hydrogen.


We would have been all dead if we cut of the pipe. Unbelievable story, but as our original schedule, we didn’t plan to check the presence of flammable gas. The process was added the day before the day. It’s so scary.

The measurement tool to detect only hydrogen is not in Fukushima plant right now.

It’s coming on 9/28. We are to measure it on 28th or 29th but the result is already obvious. Most of the gas is hydrogen.


then we are going to inject nitrogen to cut out to pipes. but normal air contains 18% of oxygen, which is enough to cause a hydrogen explosion even without fire. It’s so scary. Injecting nitrogen may also cause lack of oxygen..


They say there are two possibilities why there’s so much hydrogen remain there still.

  • (1) Some of it remained even after the hydrogen explosion.
  • (2) New hydrogen came out ..

From looking at variety of information, it seems like it’s not from the (thermal) Zircaloy reaction.

It’s probably that high radiation is producing hydrogen out of H2O.


It’s impossible to know how much hydrogen is stocked and where. It could be everywhere. and the amount of the pipes are crazy..If we can identify the pipe that has hydrogen inside,we could isolate the part but the valves are broken and it’s not enough to stop gas.


Tepco is planning to do with only the “troubled” pipes, but from the view of us, actual workers, we want them to check the whole plant first..


In the last explosion of the reactor 1, they told us there would never be an explosion. We were working at reactor 2, and fire fighters and self defense force were working at the yard, when it exploded.

–> then self defense force quit trusting Tepco anymore and they withdrew.


In this situation, they are going to lift the mandatory evacuating area on 9/28. They should wait at least until we finish making the cover for reactor 1.

Recently mass media don’t broadcast any details so they might not be afraid anymore. Even the water purifying system is broken and being stopped.

From his valuable statements, we can tell the hydrogen is still being produced by the very high radiation hitting H2O in the reactor.

Nobody has seen it by their own eyes,but the melted fuel rods must be very active still.

Hydrogen keeps being supplied.

Science journalist Hirose Takashi commented to Shukan Asahi on 9/23,


In March, fuel rods started meltdown in the reactor.They became hot as 4000℃, which is hot enough to make most of the radioactive material evaporated.

Especially plutonium and strontium were evaporated, spread around as gas.

We were afraid of melt through, but we mustn’t forget it’s still HIGHLY radioactive.

Now Tepco is checking reactor 2 and 3,but both of them will turn to be bull of hydrogen.

Now Tokyo is facing fateful crisis.

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