Breaking News: A mom in Miyagi living Fukushima Hell

The following is a heart-rending personal account by a mother in Miyagi Japan about the terrible things that have happened in her family since March 11, 2011 when Fukushima Daiichi became a tremendous agent of death.

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How do you do?
Please excuse my sudden submission of email.
Since my friend introduced me to your blog, I have always referred to it.

I am a housewife living in Miyagi prefecture.

Since this earthquake disaster, I am exhausted mentally and physically due to a succession of unlikely incidents.

The successive occurrence concerns me, though it might be unrelated to the Fukushima Genpatsu Accident, here I’d like to email reporting it.

There are three phenomena which I would like to report.

First, I was pregnant at the time of the earthquake disaster. On March11th, at 9 weeks of pregnancy, it was the time of morning sickness. As it was “tabeoso” (needing to eat constantly in order to avoid nausea), I consumed whatever I could put my hand on and was taking care of my two year old son and my nieces outdoor in good weather while the family went to the disaster clean up work.

When May arrived, I went to the prenatal care testing, to which I was unable to go since the earthquake disaster at a hospital, and there, anencephaly of the fetus was detected.

Due to the progression of pregnancy, the immediate hospitalization for an abortion was inevitable.

I was devastated as my child had been affected by this one out of tens of thousands deformity.

Thereafter, menstruation restarted, yet the usual 28 day cycle became 33 day, the cramps are extremely strong, and recently i became aware of the symptoms that are connected to endometritis.

I have a two year old and is focused to protect this child, so we tried the best to spend the time indoors and had been mindful of the origin of beverages and food.

However in July, when a little healing from the sadness regained my poise, the two year old came down with the sudden onset of strong abdominal pain, then diarrhea and bloody stools. This is the second incident.

We rushed to the hospital, and the diagnosis was intussusception. Anesthetization was given immediately to treat the symptoms. Fortunately, it didn’t require a surgery.

After the earthquake disaster, I asked the doctor about the child’s nasal discharge which continued for two months, it was dismissed as either just a cold or a weak symptom of an allergy. His intussusception this time was explained to me that even though the rarity of onset at the age of two was recognized, well, it did happen rarely.

Why my children are threatened by such life’s dangers? The thought made me deeply depressed.

The third incident is a sudden death of our pet dog at my parents’ home last week. We live in a walking distance from my parents’.

The cause of death, cardiac hypertrophy.

The dog loved playing with the rocks in the garden and played always rolling in the dirt.

It was hard to believe that it lost a vigor suddenly and died within a day as it was playing hard and eating well until the day before.

Three incidents, each of its own phenomenon.
These may not be related to radiation and really is a coincidence.

But I would like to report as the unlikelihood of probabilities of these succeeding events makes me suspicious.
























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