[Tweet of an Ibaraki citizen]

[Tweet of an Ibaraki citizen]

@tokaiama   初めましてアマさん。私は茨城で病院勤務なのですが、4月中は鼻血の止まらない患者さん…7月は原因不明の下痢と熱発…今は患者さんだけじゃなくスタッフまで原因不明の下痢の人多数…これってもしかして…怖いです。

“I work at a hospital in Ibaraki.There were patient of endless nosebleed in April.were patients of diarrhea and fever for no reason in July.Now even hospital staff are suffering diarrhea for no reason…it’s getting spooky”

..This kind of the tweets are getting more and more everyday.

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