Unconfirmed Reports: August 11, 2011

[Hidden danger]
株式会社 日刊現代
日刊ゲンダイ 【原発事故】 海より危険! セシウムは山にたまっている 山は放射性物質が滞留しやすく、除染が難しい 日光、那須はホットスポット

Mountainous area tends to keep cesium more than sea. Especially Nikko and Nasu are hot spot.

[Tweet from a Fukushima citizen]
福島市内北部から、リエちゃん。 3月19日、自転車走行中、口の中に違和感、鉄の味。その頃の福島市の線量が、11マイクロシーベルト。 5月に鼻血。下痢。今は沖縄に3週間近く滞在。 身体,回復するといいね。

Rie chan,from north Fukushima shi had an iron taste in her mouth while she was in a car on 3/19.They detected 11uSv/h in Fukushima shi. Nose bleed in May,and diarrhea.She evacuated to Okinawa and been there for 3 weeks now.

[Tweet from someone’s diary]
Nさんの日記より さっきスーパーに買い物に行ったら、チェルノブイリの映像で見たものと全く同じ頭のコブが出来てる人を見かけました。本人は気付いてないようです。ほうっておくと脳が侵されます。 悲しい状況です。

At a supermarket,I saw someone with a swelling on head,which is exactly the same one as what I saw in the documentary of Chernobyl.The person doesn’t seem to notice it himself.

[Post on a Japanese forum]
投稿日:2011/08/10(水) 12:00:01.96 ID:4jvF7jkEO [1/2]





1. Trouble of eye sight.
Around the focus,it looks blur in white in the shape of donuts.

2. 2 alopecia areata parts.

No nosebleed,diarrhea.
5years old.in Chiba (0.25uSv/h)

[Bura bura byo ?]
8/11/2011 6:25AM ,a man,who is about 50s, was hit by the train at Matsudo station in Chiba.
They say,he was sitting on the floor and reading news paper.When the train came,he tried to stand up but he lost his balance or consciousness and hit by the train.


[Tweet from a Tokyo citizen]
@KinositaKouta 網膜が薄くなったCS患者です。生理周期もおかしいです。通常からバラついてるが正常範囲(医師確認済)。6-7月来ないで70日振りに来たら出血多。通常出血少。東京都下住み。

My eye doctor diagnosed that my retina has become thinner.I have menstrual disorder too.It hasn’t come for 70days,but the last one made me bleed huge.@Tokyo

[Dead birth]

Mom in Fukushima called me.Her relative was supposed to parturition next month,but they found the baby dead in her uterus all of a sudden.
It’s happened twice around the mother.

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