Column of the Day: Rule of the fool

I dare not to say who is the fool.

It has been 66 years since Japan had the first nuclear bombs at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

As every year different pm does,this year Japanese pm kan made a traditionally not-so-meaningful speech at Hiroshima park.

While they are killing their time,approximately 3,000~10,000 people joined demonstration in Tokyo.
They started from Hibiya and walked to the well air conditioned head office of Tepco.

To give them a bad impression,tons of police were gathered and provoked people to attack police.
Short tempered ones fought against police and had their glasses or watches broken and were arrested.

Now it’s been 24 hours since then,but still nuc plants are working as if nothing happened.

I know demonstration is more popular in Europe.I don’t want to sound too lazy by making a negative comment about it, but I’m a kind of doubtful about the cost-benefit balance of demonstration.

so what to do ?

I see a future in hacking/cracking.

I personally think WWW3 will happen on the internet world.

Sociologist,Alvin Toffler said on his book,the biggest threat for Chinese government is the hacking attack of urban residents against the government.It will be the new people’s army with laptop.

Here it’s Japan,but the situation is pretty close.

I don’t have technique/knowledge to support anonymous or other international hacking armies.but on fence, I want to do my best by posting or blogging. That’s why I am cheshire cat.

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