Breaking News: Radioactive plume is still falling

According to the research of Tokyo metropolitan institute of public health, there has not been radioactive plume detected since 5/14,but they detected 5.3Bq/㎡ Cesium134,5.1Bq/㎡ cesium137 on 8/5, 4.5Bq/㎡ cesium134,3.93Bq/㎡ cesium137 on 8/6.

Link to the PDF source document

There was no certain wind direction from 8/5 to 8/6 but you can tell the plume came from Fukushima.

Extremely high radiation level was detected at D/W last week.

Taking the huge steam/smoke and the light around the reactors into consideration,it might be rational to think the situation might have changed again.

In Autumn,dead leaves and the dust will be blown off,they are highly likely to contain cesium and other radioactive particles.

Also,contaminated rice will be mixed with less contaminated rice and come to the market for sure.

It will be harder and harder to live in Japan.

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