News: August 9, 2011

[NEW origin of food]

Label to indicate the origin of sea food is “pacific ocean”,not like it used to be Chiba or Fukushima or Miyagi anymore.
Where is it in the ocean.That is the question.

[Best buy]
Food deception kit.
“Made in 2010,Aomori prefecture,with signature of the farmer”
50 packs – 1250JPY (for 30kg)

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[New origin of Sushi]
“From near sea”

[Nuc is safe]
They are opening mandatory evacuating area.
I hope stupid people will jump into it and die quick.

TEPCO Fukushima Daini Reactor reports 8/9/11

[High radiation at unit 1 again]
8/9/2011 6:00AM,they detected 306Sv/h at D/W of unit 1.
(I don’t have a clue to check but someone said he saw a flash over Fukushima last night again.)

[It’s not supposed to be related to radiation]
Collection of mutated creatures after 311 “for some reason”.

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[Unique labeling 2]
The supermarket chain ,AEON is run by the family of Okada Katsuya,who is secretary general of DP.
Nice deceptive labeling of origin at AEON.
The left one>Pacific ocean
The right one>Japan

Japan: Map of secret radioactive rubble dumps

[Radioactive rubble]
Radioactive rubble from Fukushima will be secretly distributed and kept in town.
Here is the map.
From looking at it,Kyushu will be seriously contaminated.Now there’s no option to move to the west Japan.

[Cesium lunch again]
6/17/2011,cesium beef was served for 1247 students in Funabashi shi,Chiba

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