Column of the Day: Boycott Japanese products

Today,Russia rejected importing cars from Japan because they detected 17uSv/h. (source)

Radiation doesn’t get attached to only cars.It has already been attached to everything,

cars,electric appliances,agricultural products,and everything.

Even though they assemble products in the factories in China or somewhere,

core parts are always exported from Japan because of the patent issue.

Money.That’s all for them.

For Government,for Japan Federation of Economic Organizations,for laboratories and sure,for

local governments.

Japan relies on exporting.

so I want to spread boycott Japanese products.

It will crash Japanese economy.

Japanese government and some of the Japanese residents are rotten.

Kill them without bleeding.

This is a little wiser version of London riot.

World economy will crash anyway.

and now that JPY is becoming expensive more and more,it will help our boycott.

I couldn’t be sorry for Fukushima children anymore.

and of course for other children,and I am in danger myself too.

but taking each kid for a foster child is too powerless.

Even Bill Gates can’t save Africa.

We need to be smart.

I know this is a suicidal attempt.

This is an economical suicidal terrorism for ancien regime.

but we will survive because we are small.

When they lose 100,we would lose only 0.01.

Please stop buying Japanese products,

for your health,for Fukushima children,and

let them know what will happen if they stick to nuclear power.

Now we should get united to stop this rubbish.

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