Breaking News: Inside Fukushima

A young Japanese journalist,Obara Shinichi sneaked into Fukushima plant,where none of the journalists are allowed to go.

He stayed there for 6 hours in Total.

First,he went into the “radiation shielded shelter”,where nuc workers take rests.

Nuc workers were smoking and taking rests without mask but his Geiger counter started beeping immediately.It was 18 uSv/h.

Some of the nuc workers passed out on the floor because of over working or fatigue or both of them. He also met a lot of the workers who have been to near 10 Sv/h point.

Workers work for 1 hour and rest for 1 hour.Repeat this cycle for 3 times and they go back to the shelter.

In the second working cycle,at 9:30AM,he felt sticking ache in his nose though he was wearing the mask. The mask made it difficult for him to breathe.

After 11:00AM,workers come back to the resting room finishing the second working cycle. They are all exhausted. They fall off to the mats made of silver,which shields radiation.Young workers who couldn’t get the mats started sleeping in the aisle.

8/1,they detected 10 Sv/h,but none of them were informed.

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