Breaking News: Whistle-blower of neptunium239 was purged

A couple of days ago ,the report that they detected thousands Bq of neptunium239 in Iidate mura shocked the whole world.

However,the people who blogged about the report were purged.

They are comedy duo called “Oshidori mako/ken”.

The comedy duo had one of their TV programs cancelled by the TV sponsor.

They told the duo,”TV show is a product to sell,so we can’t be against our sponsor.It’s taboo to talk about Tepco and Genpatsu at variety program.”

The duo was imposed silence on which TV channel and what TV show it is,but they say it is the major one.

Here we can learn two things from this.

1) Detection of neptunium239 was crucially important.They needed to conceal the fact to keep the nuc power going on.

2) They purge.!/makomelo/status/103063395267391488!/makomelo/status/103067446667259904!/makomelo/status/103121130763714560!/makomelo/status/103122327901974528

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