Breaking News: Follow up news about the man in the camera

The uploader of the post sent a query to Tepco.

Tepco replied around 6PM 8/29/2011.

Answers from Tepco:

(1) He is not an outsider. He is a Tepoco’s worker,and he’s already identified.

(2) This Area is restricted zone. Outsider cannot enter there.

(3) His action is not “check” nor “inspect”. Not a routine work.

(4) Tepco did not understand what he means.

(5) Tepco warned him for his action which may cause misunderstanding or anxiety.

Now we see it was an unusual occasion as we all felt at the first glance.

However,we must ask ourselves again,why did they think it may cause misunderstanding or anxiety ?
We didn’t misunderstand anything. We did not understand anything actually.

Tepco is afraid of something.

Objectively speaking,if he wanted to mean something,he could have brought a board and written something.
Probably he was checking the camera,so obviously he knew the camera doesn’t catch sound.

and what did we see from the video ?


We couldn’t catch his voice. He couldn’t understand what he was trying to mean.

I guess that is the answer.

He tried to show,he’s voiceless (Nothing he says to his team leader is taken into consideration) ,he’s mad,he’s ready to be punished,but he can send a message to all over the world.

The reason why he didn’t show a message was to prevent Tepco from denying his message.
They can not deny anything because he didn’t say anything.
but he succeeded in sending us a certain “feeling”.

I think the video is epic.

I personally think he wanted to let us know nuc workers are dying of acute symptoms,which is totally concealed.

I would love to hear what you think.

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