Breaking News: Follow up news about the man in the camera

The uploader of the post sent a query to Tepco.

Tepco replied around 6PM 8/29/2011.

Answers from Tepco:

(1) He is not an outsider. He is a Tepoco’s worker,and he’s already identified.

(2) This Area is restricted zone. Outsider cannot enter there.

(3) His action is not “check” nor “inspect”. Not a routine work.

(4) Tepco did not understand what he means.

(5) Tepco warned him for his action which may cause misunderstanding or anxiety.

Now we see it was an unusual occasion as we all felt at the first glance.

However,we must ask ourselves again,why did they think it may cause misunderstanding or anxiety ?
We didn’t misunderstand anything. We did not understand anything actually.

Tepco is afraid of something.

Objectively speaking,if he wanted to mean something,he could have brought a board and written something.
Probably he was checking the camera,so obviously he knew the camera doesn’t catch sound.

and what did we see from the video ?


We couldn’t catch his voice. He couldn’t understand what he was trying to mean.

I guess that is the answer.

He tried to show,he’s voiceless (Nothing he says to his team leader is taken into consideration) ,he’s mad,he’s ready to be punished,but he can send a message to all over the world.

The reason why he didn’t show a message was to prevent Tepco from denying his message.
They can not deny anything because he didn’t say anything.
but he succeeded in sending us a certain “feeling”.

I think the video is epic.

I personally think he wanted to let us know nuc workers are dying of acute symptoms,which is totally concealed.

I would love to hear what you think.

  1. I think you’re right in guessing him saying to be speechless. and I don’t think he is pointing at Tepco, but really the whole world, he is pointing at you and me.

    a few days ago, when Kazuma Obara managed to walk in there that easily, i was thinking those workers, dead anyway, are in fact the most powerful people of the country now. if they stop cooling the blobs will get hot and hotter. only they could press the government to deprivatise the plant (if not Tepco as whole) and start evacuating the children with help of the army. it’s still warm enough to live in tents, which is usually fun for children.

    i don’t know what kind of help from outside they are waiting for, it is the government that has to be convinced that there is a problem, and also solutions.
    now really something like kamikaze-spirit is in demand….

    (please don’t think of me being cold-hearted, we have been fighting so long here in europe and i know it is a war, as the enemies are armed to the teeth and willing to stick at nothing.)

  2. He is writing something with his finger. He has something written on the gumshield of his overall and he is writing Japanese letters in the air with his finger.

    1. I think so too. Now so many of Japanese people are trying to figure out what he was trying to say.

  3. Korean Version.

    Title: 속보: 카메라에 담긴 남자에 대한 후속보도

    Tepco의 답변

    (1)그는 외부인이 아니다. 그는 Tepco의 직원이며, 그의 신원은 이미 확인되었다.

    (2)이 지역은 제한구역이다. 이곳에 외부인의 출입은 허용되지 않는다.

    (3)그의 행동은 ‘확인’이나 ‘검사’가 아니다. 일반적인 업무가 아니다.

    (4)Tepco에서는 그의 행동의 의미를 확인하지 못 했다.

    (5)Tepco는 그에게 그의 행동이 (대중에게) 오해나 의혹으로 받아질 수 있다는 것을 경고했다.

    최초의 언급에서 느꼈던 것처럼, 이제 우리가 보고 있는 것이 비일상적인 상황임을 알 수 있다.

    그러나, 우리는 우리 스스로에게 다시금 물어야 한다. 왜 그들(Tepco)는 이러한 사건이 우리에게로 하여금 ‘오해’나 ‘의심’을 살 것이라 생각했는지를
    우리는 사실 아무것도 오해하거나 의심하지 않았었다.

    Tepco는 무언가 두려워하고 있는 것이다.

    분명히 말하건데, 그가 어떤 것을 의도하길 바랬다면, 그는 종이를 사고 글로 써서 그것을 드러내려 했을 것이다.
    아마도 그는 카메라를 발견하였고 그리고 분명히 그 카메라가 녹음이 되지 않는다는 것을 알아챘을 것이다.

    이제 비디오에서 무엇이 보이는가?

    아무것도 없다.

    우리는 그의 비디오에서 어떠한 것도 발견할 수 없다. 그는 그가 전달하려는 것을 이해하지 못하고 있다.

    내 생각엔 이것이 답인 것 같다.

    그는 보여주려고 한다. 그가 말할 수 없다는 것을(그는 그의 팀리더가 우려한다는 것을 무시하려는 듯 하다.) 그가 미쳤다는 것을, 그가 처벌받을 준비가 되었다는 것을, 그러나 그가 전 세계에 자신의 메시지를 전달 할 수 있다는 것을.

    왜냐하면 그의 메시지가 전달되는 것이 Tepco로 부터 제지 받지 않았기 때문이다.
    그들은(Tepco) 그가 아무런 말도 하지 않았기 때문에 그를 제지할 수 없는 것이다.
    하지만 그는 그럼에도 불구하고 그가 느끼는 ‘분명한 감정’을 우리에게 전달하였다.

    내 생각엔 이 비디오는 매우 가치가 있다.

    나는 개인적으로 그는 인부들이 완벽한 기밀아래 방사능으로 인한 죽음의 격렬한 증상에 놓여있다는 것을 우리에게 알리고자 하는 것이라 생각한다.

    나는 그가 어떤 생각을 하는지 더 듣고 싶다.

  4. Oh my good Lord… I hope someone figures out what he was trying to relay.. but I’m going to admit, I had to watch this video a couple of times because the first time I played it, when he first came into view, I was scared by him and closed the video quickly. Then I watched again, I watched through where he is far away.. then he wanders off camera.. then suddenly he’s right in YOUR FACE, and again, I closed the video!! Maybe you could post a warning or two of when he will appear onscreen? Because it is a fast time-lapse video, he pops into the video suddenly and scares people!!

  5. I think I understand what he is doing. He’s first making sure of where to stand by pointing center, and is possibly watching the live camera on his phone. He’s checking the phone to make absolutely sure he’s going to go to the right place in front of the camera. Once he has it pinned down, he goes up to the camera and makes an authoritative, or aggressive gesture; he wants us to know he’s MAD.

  6. Yes, it seems to be a protest and in a way, it worked. We all wonder what he said and it draws attention to the situation. I do not think that Japanese workers at the plant will make a stand to get the government to do something. I think it will be the people of Japan who say “enough is enough – we are not going to let you kill us with your lies any longer”. The people have to do something before winter comes as many old folk will die of cold and losing heart.

    The Japanese people should really try to indicate their dissatisfaction at the government lies. You all know people who work for government and these companies who are keeping this truth from you, so target individuals you know.

    Government and these companies are made up of individual people, if their friends stopped being friends with them, they would all get the message perhaps that lies are inacceptable.

  7. I think he has experienced so much radiation poisoning that he had become delirious, and really was trying to send a message, and the message was clear! Think of all the cumulative radiation he has been exposed too.

  8. . Two points
    First, He swings his right arm in an arc befor pointing.. Does this have Meaning in Japan?

    Second, The crain in the back round swings some thing out of the reactor. Is this the point of his message?

    Thank you for your thinking on this issue.

    Peace love
    Randy Franck

  9. Some professionals here are required to show that they are actually checking by pointing with their finger at the key checkpoints (gas inspectors, train supervisors)so there might not be any meaning – this being said, the guy is clearly pissed.

  10. i posted this video to youtube and got an interesting comment:

    ‘the man in this video is an mma fighter, fix the link below and read the article


    he went there to feed stay dogs and volunteer in a hospital’

    his name is Enson Inoue.

    (i actually believe this is true.
    he is holding his arm horizontally for about 20 minutes, try yourself to do it longer than one ;-))

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