Breaking News: A man in the Fukushima camera

On 8/28/2011,10:00~11:00AM,a man in the protective clothing appeared in Fukushima live camera.

He came from beside unit 4,walked straight toward the camera.

He raised his right arm and pointed at the camera.

He was having something in his left hand. He checked it sometimes,but hold the right arm straight to the camera.

The camera doesn’t catch sound,so we don’t know what he was saying,but he looked like he was speaking.

then he came right in front of the camera,with his right hand pointing at “us” still.

He maybe mumbled something and left out of the sight.

He was in the camera for about 20 mins.

Nobody knows what was his intention.It might have been just a camera check.but maybe not.

From my personal observation,he was very angry.

When he showed up just in front of the camera,we can see his face though most of the facial parts are hidden by his right hand.

His eye brows got close,made a crease between one’s brows.

His eye lids are lifted. This is a typical expression of anger.

At 1:35,I feel like I can see his mesophryon raised for instance,which means sorrow.

At 1:36,I feel like I can see his left eye brow is slightly lifted,which means contempt.

However,these two facial expressions disappear immediately. I guess these two feelings were something that he should have oppressed.

I think he was holding a phone in his left hand.He was watching the camera to check where he stood in the sight. He once adjusted his position to the center.

Maybe he was watching the camera and the his “speech” memo on the phone.

If so,it’s not iPhone. You can not see the Fukushima camera with iPhone. so it’s likely that his phone is the one with android.

He took a moment before showing up in front of the camera. I think he was searching for the right place to stand so he can be in the middle of the sight.

He hides his phone from the sight then.He might have wanted to hide the type of this phone so they can not identify him.

If so,he knows he is doing what he’s not supposed to do. Now we can deny the possibility of that he was just conducting the camera test.

From the beginning to the end,it looks very much like he has been planning very carefully.

I think he wasn’t meant to express something to “us”. If he wanted to warn us some unreported risk,he could have used gesture.
but he was holding his right arm for 20 mins.

Pointing finger toward someone is a very aggressive sign in Japan. I think it was a condemnation or a threat to Tepco or gov etc..

Anyway,we can’t help assuming and assuming.

I left a comment on the youtube video.

“If you wanted to mean something,please take the next action.”

I’m waiting for his response.

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