Breaking News: August 2, 2011

Yesterday 8/1/2011,they detected over 10Sv/h spot in Fukushima nuc plant area.


Today,they found another over 10Sv/h area and 5Sv/h area inside of the building of the unit 1.


You die for 4Sv/h for 100%.


An actual Fukushima worker states,in their usual check,fuel rod is about 8000~9000Sv/h.


This time,they couldn’t detect higher than 10Sv/h,so those 2 areas could be even more radioactive.


Someone said,


In Japan,nuc accident is not something to happen,it’s something to disclose.


As exactly this comment points out,this means two 10Sv/h spots and 5Sv/h spot have been left there,with no treatment.


That’s not so difficult enormous amount of radiation has already leaked to the under ground water vein and sea..

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