[Column] Reactor3 hoax and Fukushima exploiters

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.

Since the end of 2013, the hoax has been going around on the internet to say reactor3 is having meltdown.


I immediately denied the rumor on Facebook but haven’t made an official statement on Fukushima Diary itself.


From my observation, the mess started from the article of Enenews to say reactor3 was still steaming multiple times in December, which is correct. (It’s not the fault of Enenews.)


The “steam” has been observed at least since this July. Since then, it has been observed almost everyday. From the frequency of the “steam”, I assume it is the evaporated coolant water leaking out of primary containment vessel (I don’t think it’s evaporated rainwater retained on the top of PCV because it was observed even if it doesn’t rain for a long time.). We got to see it because Tepco removed the major debris from the top of reactor3. Probably it has been coming up since just after 311. Sure it’s extremely radioactive. Nobody can stand on the top of reactor3, and it’s harmful for west coast. However, it’s been so for these 3 years.


I made at least 30 articles related to the “steam”. Here are the posts. They are actually all about the “steam”.


7/18/2013 [Breaking] Tepco “Steam / Gas coming up from the top of reactor3, ambient dose and dust not verified” [URL]

7/18/2013 Steam still coming up from reactor3 at 13:00 JST / Tepco prepared to inject boric acid [URL 2]

7/18/2013 [Timely] M3.5 hit Fukushima offshore at 15:10 7/18/2013 (JST) [URL 3]

7/18/2013 [Column] What could have happened to reactor3 ? [URL 4]

7/18/2013 Tepco to hold an extraordinary press conference about reactor3 “steam” at the headquarters [URL 5]

7/18/2013 [Video] “Steam” from the top of reactor3 building [URL 6]

7/18/2013 [Steaming reactor3] Tepco “The steam is the heated rain, same thing happened last year but didn’t report it” [URL 7]

7/19/2013 Cs-134 detected from “steam” in reactor3 / Tepco “not sure if it was rain” [URL 8]

7/21/2013 Tepco “Steaming area of reactor3 is 18~25℃ by thermography on 7/20/2013″ [URL 9]

7/22/2013 Thermography shows 50℃ on operation floor of “steaming” reactor3 [URL 10]

7/23/2013 [Nothing settled] Steam from reactor3 again [URL 11]

7/23/2013 [Breaking] 2.2 Sv/h from the top of reactor3, 562 mSv/h from the steam [URL 12]

7/23/2013 [Timely] 2 of the 2 dust radiation monitoring systems down in reactor2 [URL 13]

7/24/2013 Reactor3 steaming again / Over 1 Sv/h at 6 of 25 locations on the operation floor [URL 14]

7/25/2013 [Steaming reactor3] Thermography shows the steaming area is over 15℃ hotter than atmosphere [URL 15]

7/26/2013 [Steaming reactor3] Tepco “The steam may be from the inside of the reactor, a certain volume of N2 gas is missing” [URL 16]

8/1/2013 Cesium density in reactor3 “steam” higher than the gas inside of PCV [URL 17]

8/4/2013 Reactor3 has steamed for over 1 week [URL 18]

8/4/2013 [Column] Summary of Fukushima situation July~August – The latest problems and the impending crisis [URL 19]

8/5/2013 Reactor3 steaming again [URL 20]

8/6/2013 Steam coming up from reactor3 again / Videos released [URL 21]

8/7/2013 Reactor3 steamed till 9:00AM 8/7/2013 [URL 22]

8/23/2013 Cesium-134/137 level jumped up 10~1,000 times much as average on the top of reactor3 [URL 23]

9/3/2013 Kyoto Uni Prof. “Tritium might be discharged directly from the reactor3 to the atmosphere” [URL 24]

9/13/2013 [Never be fixed] “Steam” came back again on the top of reactor3 [URL 25]

9/15/2013 Steam observed coming up on the top of reactor3 again [URL 26]

9/17/2013 [Steam after typhoon] “Steam” observed from the top of reactor3 again / humidity was only 53% [URL 27]

9/20/2013 Steam found coming up from the top of reactor3 again / Reason is not verified yet [URL 28]

9/26/2013 Tepco “Can’t disclose atmosphere contamination data because the crane is malfunctioning” [URL 29]

9/27/2013 Tepco not to investigate nor take countermeasures for reactor3 “steam” anymore [URL 30]


Anyway, Turner radio something picked up this article of Enenews to warn the west coast to RUN.

The article referred to the picture of reactor3 taken back in 2011. It was quite misleading. If the “author” (I dare not to say “writer”) didn’t recognize what the picture was, the person doesn’t know anything about Fukushima situation. The steam has been visible since July. It wasn’t timely to warn to run, at least not urgent. They should have reported it in July.


Then, another website called occupy something (Please don’t take me wrong, I’m not blaming the occupy movement itself.) picked up the story of Turner something and started saying “reactor3 is having meltdown” with the picture of black smoke. and the picture was of 2011 again.


This is not the end. I know Gizmode is living in the economy of web traffic, but shockingly enough even RT wrote about the “mysterious steam”. They wrote about it as if it was a different steam from the one observed this July. Probably they haven’t read Fukushima Diary for 5 months. They filled the rest of article with the basic background about Fukushima issue because they didn’t have any original source nor further information.


This is how it went.


I was a little annoyed because some people tried to stand “neutral” even if I denied the hoax.

I’m not showing off but there is nothing important among Fukushima Diary doesn’t report about. If Fukushima Diary doesn’t report it (though it can be delayed for a couple of days sorry), it’s most likely to be unimportant or unreal.


Unfortunately, there is no “secret” source about Fukushima situation. There is almost no “leak” either. I check every single document and press conference of Tepco, Japanese government and IAEA everyday, I’m on the most upstream of the information flow with some other comrades. I can’t miss anything. Some people are still watching the live camera but I don’t think Tepco and FNN set it where you can view anything. Have we actually found anything from webcam for these 3 years ? NOTHING (except for the fog from the sea). It’s so carefully installed that we can’t see anything.


This summer, we had another hoax to say “Fukushima sea is boiling”. In autumn of 2012, we also had another hoax to say “Fukushima plant exploded”.


I think the background of those hoaxes is that the situation is getting complicated more and more, and some of the “Fukushima watchers” are seeking attention and web traffic.


The focus of Fukushima situation is now deep underground, contaminated water and the location of molten fuel. Unlike 2011, we can’t “enjoy” (I dare to use this term for some Fukushima exploiters) the explosions or black smoke coming up anymore. It’s requiring more and more focus and patience to understand the situation, which those traffic seekers can’t put up with.


Fukushima exploiters are the ones to try to get attention, web traffic (for google adsense etc), fame, and also profit from selling remedy stuff or something.

They are not interested in something happening underground. They prefer smoke or the word of “meltdown” because they are more catchy.


As one of the victims of Fukushima accident and the fanatic of the truth, I’m quite annoyed with those exploiters and I am not happy to allow anyone to USE Fukushima for their business.



I reject the international mass media to read this site without taking a contact with me.I know some of the mass media corporations read Fukushima Diary to understand the trend so they know when to report about Fukushima as if they were independently following it for a long time.
In short, they make you individual readers pay for this site while they pay nothing, and when they publish the “authorized news”, you pay for the “secondhand news”, which is nothing new for us.
This site is free for the individual readers, but not for corporations.In the world, this site is nearly the only source about Fukushima. I came here alone without any supporting organizations, background or anything. I’m not pleased to be exploited by the corporations that didn’t even properly report about Fukushima when 311 took place.

I demand them to take a contact with me BEFORE reading this site whatever the purpose is.


Français :

[Édito] L’arnaque du réacteur 3 et les profiteurs de Fukushima
Note : Si vous êtes de la grande presse internationale, ne lisez pas ce site sans avoir préalablement pris contact avec moi.


La fin de 2013 est marquée par la diffusion d’une arnaque sur internet (un hoax en franglais) prétendant que le réacteur 3 entre en fusion nucléaire.

J’ai immédiatement démenti cette rumeur sur Facebook mais je n’en ai pas fait un communiqué officiel sur le Fukushima Diary lui-même.

D’après mes observations, la confusion a commencé à partir d’un article de Enenews disant que le réacteur 3 fumait toujours de façon répétitive en décembre, ce qui est exact. (Ce n’est pas la faute de Enenews.)

Cette “vapeur” est observée depuis au moins juillet dernier. Elle l’a été quasiment tous les jours depuis. De par la fréquence de ces émissions de “vapeur, je considère que c’est du liquide de refroidissement qui s’évapore à partir d’une fuite de l’enceinte de confinement primaire (je ne pense pas qu’il s’agisse d’eau de pluie accumulée sur cette enceinte parce qu’on l’observe même lorsqu’il n’a pas plu depuis un bon moment). On a fini par la voir parce que Tepco a retiré la majeure partie des gravas du sommet du réacteur 3. Ça a sans doute commencé juste après le 11-3. C’est évidemment abominablement radioactif. Personne ne peut aller en haut du réacteur 3 et c’est nocif jusqu’à la côte ouest (ndt: des USA). Néanmoins, c’est ainsi depuis ces 3 dernières années.

J’ai fait au moins 30 articles à propos de cette “vapeur”. Les voici. Tous concernent réellement cette “vapeur” :

Juillet 2013 :
18 : [Breaking] Selon Tepco, il y a de la vapeur ou du gaz qui sort en haut du réacteur 3.
18 : De la vapeur sort toujours du réacteur 3 à 13:00 JST / Tepco se prépare à injecter de l’acide borique
18 : [A propos] Un séisme M3,5 frappe au large de Fukushima ce 18 juillet 2013 à 15:10 (JST)
18 : [Édito] Qu’a-t-il pu se passer dans le réacteur 3 ?
18 : Tepco va tenir une conférence de presse extraordinaire à son siège sur la “vapeur” du réacteur 3
18 : [Vidéo] “Vapeur” au sommet du bâtiment du réacteur 3
18 : [Réacteur 3 “à valeur”] Tepco : “La vapeur est provoquée par la pluie, il est arrivé la même chose l’an dernier mais on ne l’avait pas rapporté”
19 : Du césium 134 dans la “vapeur” du réacteur 3 / Tepco : “pas certain que ce soit la pluie”
21 : Tepco : “la zone du panache de vapeur du réacteur 3 est entre 18 et 25 ℃ d’après une thermographie du 20 juillet 2013″
22 : Une thermographie montre 50 ℃ à l’étage opérationnel du réacteur “à vapeur” n°3
23 : [Rien de changé] Encore de la vapeur au réacteur 3
23 : [Breaking] 2,2 Sv/h au sommet du réacteur 3 et 562 mSv/h dans la vapeur
23 : [Opportun] Les 2 systèmes de surveillance de la radioactivité du réacteur 2 sont à l’arrêt
24 : Le réacteur 3 fume encore / Plus de 1 Sv/h sur 6 des 25 points de relevés de l’étage opérationnel
25 : [Réacteur 3 “à vapeur”] Une thermographie montre que la zone de la vapeur est à plus de 15 ℃ de l’air alentour
26 : [Réacteur 3 “à vapeur”] Tepco : “La vapeur peut provenir de l’intérieur du réacteur, il manque un certain volume d’azote gazeux”

Août 2013 :
1 : Réacteur 3 : La radioactivité en césium de la “vapeur” dépasse celle de l’air de l’enceinte primaire
4 : Le réacteur 3 a fumé pendant plus d’une semaine
4 : [Édito] Résumé de la situation à Fukushima pour juillet-août – Derniers problèmes et crise imminente
5 : Le réacteur 3 recommence à fumer
6 : Le réacteur 3 fume encore / Publication des vidéos
7 : Le réacteur 3 a fumé jusqu’à 09:00 ce jour (7 août 2013)
23: Au sommet du réacteur 3 la radioactivité moyenne du césium 134/137 augmente de 10 à 1 000 fois

Septembre  2013 :
3 : Un Prof. de l’Univ. de Kyoto : “Du tritium peut être directement disséminé dans l’air par le réacteur 3″
13 : [Irréparable] La “vapeur” est de retour en haut du réacteur 3
15 : Encore de la vapeur en haut du réacteur 3
17 : [Vapeur après typhon] La “vapeur” est à nouveau vue au sommet du réacteur 3 : L’humidité n’était que de 53 %
20 : Le réacteur 3 fume encore de la “vapeur” par son sommet : La raison n’en est toujours pas établie
26 : Tepco : “On ne peut pas publier les données de contamination atmosphérique parce que la grue fonctionne mal”
27 : Tepco ne cherchera plus ni à comprendre, ni à trouver de solution sur la “vapeur” du réacteur 3

De toute façon, la “Turner radio quelque chose” a repris l’article de Enenews pour dire à toute la côte ouest de FUIR.

Leur article utilisait une photo du réacteur 3 datant de 2011. C’était assez trompeur. Si “l’auteur” (je n’ose pas dire “rédacteur”) n’a pas su reconnaître cette photo, c’est que cette personne n’y connaît rien à Fukushima. Cette vapeur est visible depuis juillet.  Ce n’était pas le moment de crier de fuir, au minimum pas urgent. Ils auraient du le dire en juillet.

Ensuite, un autre site nommé “occupy quelque chose” (Ne vous méprenez pas, je n’ai rien à reprocher au mouvement “occupy” en lui-même) a repris l’histoire de “Turner quelque chose” et a commencé à dire “le réacteur 3 est entré en fusion” avec une photo de fumée noire, photo datant également de 2011.

Ce n’est pas tout. Je sais que  le site Gizmode vit de son trafic web mais de façon plutôt choquante même le site RT a écrit sur une “vapeur mystérieuse”. Ils en ont parlé comme si c’était une vapeur différente de celle observée depuis juillet. Ils n’ont sans doute pas lu le Fukushima Diary depuis 5 mois. Ils ont meublé le reste de leur article avec le contexte de base sur Fukushima parce qu’ils n’avaient aucune source originale, ni d’autre information.

Ça c’est passé comme ça.

Ça m’a un peu contrarié parce que certains ont tenté de rester “neutres” même après que j’ai démenti la rumeur.
Je ne me mets pas en avant mais rien de ce qui est important n’échappe au Fukushima Diary. Si le Fukushima Diary n’en parle pas (bien qu’il puisse y avoir un retard d’un jour ou deux, désolé), il est alors très probable que ce soit sans importance ou inventé.

Malheureusement, il n’existe aucune source “secrete” sur la situation à Fukushima. Il n’y a pratiquement pas de “fuite” non plus. Je contrôle le moindre document et la moindre conférence de presse de Tepco, du gouvernement japonais et de l’AIEA tous les jours, je suis au plus près des sources d’information avec quelques autres camarades. Je ne peux rien rater. Certains sont en permanence rivés aux caméras (de direct) mais je ne pense pas que Tepco et FNN les aient installées aux endroits où l’on peut tout voir. Ces caméras nous ont-elles montré quelque chose depuis 3 ans ? RIEN (à part la brume de la mer). Elles ont été méticuleusement posées de façon à ce qu’on ne puisse rien en voir.

Il y a eu une autre arnaque l’été dernier, disant “la mer bout à Fukushima”. A l’automne 2012, on avait aussi eu une autre arnaque disant que “la centrale de Fukushima avait explosé”.

Je pense que le fond de ces histoires est que la situation devient de plus en plus compliquée et certains de ces “veilleurs de Fukushima” veulent d’abord attirer à eux plus d’attention et de trafic internet.

L’attention sur la situation à Fukushima est maintenant enfouie, loin en arrière, sur les eaux extrêmement radioactives et la position réelle des coriums aussi. Contrairement à 2011, on ne peut plus “bénéficier” (j’ose utiliser ce terme pour certains profiteurs de Fukushima) d’explosions ou de fumées noires. Comprendre la situation exige de plus en plus d’attention et de patience, choses que ces chercheurs de trafic ne peuvent pas donner.

Les profiteurs de Fukushima sont ceux qui essayent d’attirer l’attention, le trafic web (pour google adsense, etc), la gloire et le profit également en vendant des “remèdes” ou autre.
Ce qui se passe en dehors de ça ne les intéresse pas. Ils préfèrent la fumette ou “l’implosion” du monde parce que c’est plus facile à retenir.

En tant que victime de l’accident de Fukushima et amoureux de la vérité, ces profiteurs me dérangent et je ne suis pas content de devoir permettre à n’importe qui d’UTILISER Fukushima pour des petites affaires commerciales.


J’interdis à la grande presse internationale de lire et d’utiliser ce site sans préalablement prendre contact avec moi. Je sais que certaines grandes sociétés de presse lisent le Fukushima Diary pour comprendre la tendance et trouver quand rendre compte de la situation de Fukushima comme s’ils la suivaient indépendamment depuis longtemps.
En résumé, ils vous font payer à vous, simples lecteurs, ce qu’ils prennent gratuitement dans ce site et lorsqu’ils publient des “nouvelles de première main” vous payez pour des “nouvelles resucées”, qui n’ont rien de nouveau pour nous.
Ce site est gratuit pour les lecteurs individuels, pas pour les sociétés. Ce site est pratiquement la seule source au monde sur Fukushima. Je viens ici seul sans aucun soutien d’organisation quelconque, ni références, ni rien. Je n’apprécie pas de me faire exploiter par ces sociétés qui n’ont même pas été foutues de relater correctement ce qui se passait à Fukushima quand a eu lieu le mois de mars 2011.

Je leur demande de prendre contact avec moi AVANT de lire ce site dans quelque but que ce soit.

  1. Bravo!

    Bravo and Well Said,

    The primary explosion of FDU-3,j on or about March 14, 2011, was filmed and visible to virtually anyone on earth. Though perhaps England and a few other jurisdictions have subsequently banned the films.

    There were reports of additional explosions, in/near FDU-3, also in Spring 2011. No subsequent explosions have been reported, except by these recent unsubstantiated rumor mongers.

    Rising Steam and high radiation readings have been regularly reported, but seldom by the ‘Mendacity Media’. Loss of containment has been regularly reported. Water table contamination has been regularly reported.

    South Korea recently complained of Xenon, daughter of radioiodine, which may have sourced from Fukushima, North Korea OR a nuclear navy accident of some sort.


    Bill Duff

  2. As usual your Daily News puts the record straight. I too had seen some of these attention grabbing headlines. For sure there’s a huge problem. but sadly for all of us the worlds worst disaster played out in full on 311. Since then the world has been sleep walking to the inevitable. Thank you lori-san for your constant efforts to provide us with the facts, and I sincerely hope you find somewhere to ‘lay your hat’ in 2014.

  3. Thank you for clearing this up… It is so confusing and all “news” outlets do not say their sources… I’ve been obsesively following this story and everyone is just copying and pasting with zero facts… I too was irresponsible and shared the “Turner Something” link as it was so scary.. Thank you a million times for your hard work… You are my first website I look at in the morning… I would like to make a monthly donation to you ASAP, I am not very wealthy but I think it’s very important to support you.. If you ever need help with passport and visa issues, I do have some experience in this department.. I do not speak Japanese however, I do speak and write English and French. Thank you so much for publishing in many languages so we can all understand… Google does not translate Japanese very well. I LOVE your writing style!! Too bad it is such a serious and scary issue. Take care of yourself, and if you are ever thinking of coming to Canada, we have a room for you.

  4. http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/271-38/21308-fukushima-a-global-conspiracy-of-denial

    I’ve loved your work for a long time now.

    I wrote the piece linked above before I saw your about some of the same issues.
    I’m not inclined to think the “reactor 3 meltdown” was a hoax so much as a
    panicked misunderstanding. But I don’t know that.

    Why do you think the Turner Radio News story followed the ENENEWS story?
    I’m not disagreeing, just wondering what persuaded you.

    I’d be grateful for any comment/correction you care to make about my piece.

  5. Dear Fukushima Diary,

    I have been following your reporting for some months and have been extremely concerned, as you have, about lack of reporting. I saw this yesterday on facebook and it is extremely concise and accurate. I have also finally seen some reporting on the television here in Australia, but it is not much. I am sad that something like this has not been reported sooner as it is an international problem which needs immediate international action.


  6. Another source of water for the “steam” could be weather and waves. Waves of significant height, over the sea wall with white foam, has been observed from the long distance JNN webcam. It is possible seawater has splashed up over and into some of the draining locations and/or on some of the hot areas. This seawater could be a source of steam..it certainly is not good for the equipment.

  7. Thanks as always for the great work.
    Two points seem of interst from your excellent piece:
    1. If tepco cleared the debris from the top of R3, which I assume is 1Sv per hour, where are they putting it? The sea? Mountains in Kyshu? Osaka incinerator?
    2. Of course all the “action” is taking place underground or in the basements (for the next thousands of years with current un-technology, but why aren’t there warnings every time to wind blows over Tokyo, Gumma, Saitama etc? Surely the ongoing reactions are releasing Iodine131, which in the short-term is more harmful to local residents as it doesn’t have to accumulate over a long period of time like Strontium, Cesium and host of other radionuclides??? (Not that we should ignore dispersed alpha-emitters, which some reports say were released to 40km from the reactors, continually interact with the North Pacific Ocean…and, are not usually “given” in reports about atmospheric, environmental or food tests).
    Thanks again, any information about food contamination for us stuck in Japan is greatly appreciated…
    Happy New Year

    1. TEPCO promised to update Unit-3 radiation data. Then TEPCO said – no more updates.

      TEPCO pledged to provide ongoing salvage photos of Unit-3. Then ‘somebody broke the crane’; and the photos stopped.

      Of course rumors will run rampant, in the absence of information.


      Bill Duff

        1. No conclusive evidence:

          There is presently NO conclusive evidence of ongoing Fukushima fission, to the best of my present understanding.

          Thus, we would NOT presently expect to find appreciable amounts of radio-iodine, Xenon and/or Sulfur-35.

          Certainly, a stray fissioning event is always a possibility at the Fukushima Rubble.


          Bill Duff

  8. Hello,

    Thanks for attempting to give objectif and verified information!
    I also try to stay informed about Fukushima and find it hard to read thru the biased and not wel informed or intelligent news!
    Keep it up and let’s hope the actually achieve a confinement for the total mess.


    Ed Koevoet

  9. Iori, merci de cette analyse : entièrement d’accord avec vous; j’ai moi-même remis en cause de la crédibilité de “l’histoire” et de ses sources, sur un site qui avait repris cet article.

    Ce genre de communiqué est tout à fait néfaste à la crédibilité des véritables lanceurs d’alerte : le misérabilisme est contre-productif dans la lutte anti-nucléaire au Japon ou ailleurs, ce dont les créateurs de ce genre d’annonce se moquent certainement . La réalité se suffit amplement à elle-même.


  10. This is the most detailed of the rumors, which I have encountered.

    http www eutimes net/ (2014/01/underground-nuclear-explosion-at-crippled-japan-atomic-plant-shocks-world/)

    Home » Asia, Breaking News, Disasters, World » Underground Nuclear Explosion At Crippled Japan Atomic Plant Shocks World

    Underground Nuclear Explosion At Crippled Japan Atomic Plant Shocks World

    Posted by EU Times on Jan 2nd, 2014


    Bill Duff

  11. More than a rumor:

    Health officials respond to beach radiation scare


    Home News – Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 5:21 pm | Updated: 10:18 pm, Fri Jan 3, 2014 By Mark Noack [ Email: mark (AT) hmbreview com ]

    An amateur video of a Geiger counter showing what appear to be high radiation levels at a Coastside beach has drawn the attention of local, state and federal public health officials. Since being posted last week, the short video has galvanized public concerns that radioactive material could be landing on the local coastline after traveling from Japan as a result of the 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors. First posted last week on YouTube, the seven-minute video shows the meter of a Geiger counter as an off-camera man measures different spots on the beach south of Pillar Point Harbor. The gadget’s alarm begins ringing as its radiation reading ratchets up to about 150 counts per minute, or roughly five times the typical amount found in the environment. The video went viral online, gaining nearly 400,000 views in the last week. In a blog entry, the unidentified poster of the video noted that he has been monitoring local beaches for two years before noticing a sudden rise in radiation levels in recent days.

    In the following days, other amateurs with Geiger counters began posting similar videos online. Past computer simulations had indicated that radioactive cesium-137 from the Fukushima reactors could begin appearing on West Coast shores by early 2014.

    Government officials say they are looking into the video shot on Dec. 23 and performing their own sampling of the beaches. County health officials first learned of the radiation levels last week, and they sent their own inspector on Dec. 28 to Pacifica with a Geiger counter. Using a different unit, the county inspector measured the beach to have a radiation level of about 100 micro-REM per hour, or about five times the normal amount. REM stands for “Roentgen equivalent man,” a measurement of the dosage and statistical biological effects presented by radiation.

    1. The Geiger Counter at about 1 meter above the surface is going to primarily detect Gamma.

      The greater health concerns would be from radiocesium and radiostrontium.

      Presumably, some samples of sand and crusted salt have been collected for more detailed laboratory analysis.


      Bill Duff

    2. Old Radioactive Waste Drums,

      Certainly the radioactive plumes from Fukushima are making their way to the Western Coastline of North America. Certainly these radionuclide contaminated plumes are expected to make landfall in early 2014.

      Just as certainly, there are other reasonable alternative sources for these elevated Gamma Radiation readings. For example, the US Government dumped about a ZILLION drums of radioactive waste, just offshore, in the Pacific Ocean. A drum or two, could have washed up, near the beach and ruptured. These were regular drums that were coated inside and outside with TAR. (pitch). There are certainly other alternative sources.

      Still a problem, just a different source. Further testing is appropriate.


      Bill Duff

    3. Perhaps BEACH2000 should be upgraded to include nuclear fallout.

      http water epa gov/ (type/oceb/beaches/2012_season) cfm
      http water epa gov/ (type/oceb/beaches/upload/ca2012) pdf

      EPA’s BEACH Report: – California 2012 Swimming Season – September 2013 EPA 320-F-13-056

      The Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health (BEACH) Act of 2000

      Oh, and there were EPA National Beach Conferences in 2009 & 2011

      A National Beach Conference 2013 has not been located, though Maine had a local event:

      http www seagrant umaine edu/ (maine-beaches-conference)


      Bill Duff

    4. A poorly written follow-up story, but Cesium 134/137 not reported.

      http halfmoonbay patch com/groups/ (around-town/p/half-moon-bay-beach-radiation-not-from-fukushima-officials-say)

      http www hmbreview com/ (news/experts-say-beach-radiation-unrelated-to-fukushima/article_d3bb5b14-77ea-11e3-a37b-001a4bcf887a) html

      Half Moon Bay Review : News, Half Moon Bay, CA Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2014 2:27 pm | Updated: 2:26 pm, Wed Jan 8, 2014, By Mark Noack [Email: mark –AT- hmbreview com

      Experts say beach radiation unrelated to Fukushima

      After watching the clip, El Granada electrical engineer Steven Weiss grabbed his own radiation measurement equipment to test the radiation reports for himself. After he verified the hotspot, he took a sample of the dark sediment and sent it to his company’s main offices in Sebastopol for analysis. International Medcom CEO Dan Sythe later put the dirt sample in a spectrum analyzer to view the radioactive “signature” of the particles, the photon energy associated with each isotope. What he found was different from cesium-137. He would know – since the 2011 meltdown, Sythe has visited Japan nine times to help map the cesium fallout.

      Instead he was seeing radium and thorium, naturally occurring radioactive elements.

      “It doesn’t mean that it‘s OK. It’s not something you’d want your baby playing in,” Sythe said. “All we’re saying is this radiation is not from Fukushima.”

  12. This report of 3X-5X background radiation, however, appears to be MORE than a rumor:

    Health officials respond to beach radiation scare

    http www hmbreview com/ (news/health-officials-respond-to-beach-radiation-scare/article_8c7e7fb0-74de-11e3-9c9d-001a4bcf887a) html

    Home News – Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 5:21 pm | Updated: 10:18 pm, Fri Jan 3, 2014 By Mark Noack [ Email: mark (AT) hmbreview com ]

    An amateur video of a Geiger counter showing what appear to be high radiation levels at a Coastside beach has drawn the attention of local, state and federal public health officials. Since being posted last week, the short video has galvanized public concerns that radioactive material could be landing on the local coastline after traveling from Japan as a result of the 2011 meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi reactors. First posted last week on YouTube, the seven-minute video shows the meter of a Geiger counter as an off-camera man measures different spots on the beach south of Pillar Point Harbor. The gadget’s alarm begins ringing as its radiation reading ratchets up to about 150 counts per minute, or roughly five times the typical amount found in the environment. The video went viral online, gaining nearly 400,000 views in the last week. In a blog entry, the unidentified poster of the video noted that he has been monitoring local beaches for two years before noticing a sudden rise in radiation levels in recent days.

    In the following days, other amateurs with Geiger counters began posting similar videos online. Past computer simulations had indicated that radioactive cesium-137 from the Fukushima reactors could begin appearing on West Coast shores by early 2014.

    Government officials say they are looking into the video shot on Dec. 23 and performing their own sampling of the beaches. County health officials first learned of the radiation levels last week, and they sent their own inspector on Dec. 28 to Pacifica with a Geiger counter. Using a different unit, the county inspector measured the beach to have a radiation level of about 100 micro-REM per hour, or about five times the normal amount. REM stands for “Roentgen equivalent man,” a measurement of the dosage and statistical biological effects presented by radiation.

    1. Remarkable for:

      Interesting that the ‘SANDY BEACH’ cpm are significantly higher than the bluff, road and ‘in the water’.

      This phenomenon might be explained by ‘salt-spray’ concentration of radionuclides, by evaporation.


      Bill Duff

      1. It might also explain why there are some die-offs along the west coast but not in Japan. Maybe

        1. There are die offs, illness, cardiac effects, cancers, mutations in and about Japan,

          This includes: plant workers and contract workers, neighboring communities, elderly, children, fetuses, USA military, and various expats.

          This also includes: livestock, pets, wild animals, insects, birds, plants and sealife.

          Many of these bad effects from Fukushima can be expected to continue for millennia.


          Bill Duff

    2. The Eureka, California EPA Radnet monitoring station does not appear to show an increase in background Gamma (Γ), at this time. The Fukushima oceanic radioactive plume is expected to make Left Coast landfall in 2014. Whether the ‘Half-Moon-Bay’ report is related or not, has not been fully established, at this point.

      http epa gov/ (radnet/radnet-data/radnet-eureka-bg) html

      The graph below shows the gross gamma count rate data from the air monitor at this location. By reviewing and comparing gamma count rates over time, EPA can tell if changes in the data are caused by the normal fluctuations in background radiation from naturally occurring sources or if they represent new radiation from a man-made source.

      Not all gamma rays have the same amount of energy. Breaking the data into energy ranges helps scientists determine which radionuclides are present.

    3. This article, and the underlying study have limited usefulness. The ONGOING Fukushima water contamination, from leaks and pumping, was NOT accounted for. This factor SUBSTANTIALLY UNDERMINES the basic study assumptions/conclusions of dilution. The study is not ‘bad science’, as such, but needs A LOT of additional work. The timing of the ‘leading edge’ of Fukushima pollution is probably fairly accurate. So review the article and underlying study with caution.


      Bill Duff

      http www huffingtonpost com/ (2013/09/01/fukushima-radioactive-plume_n_3853604) html

      Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume Could Reach U.S. Waters By 2014

      Posted: 09/01/2013 6:06 pm EDT | Updated: 10/26/2013 10:51 am EDT By Jeremy Hsu, LiveScience Contributor:

      A radioactive plume of water in the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, which was crippled in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, will likely reach U.S. coastal waters starting in 2014, according to a new study. The long journey of the radioactive particles could help researchers better understand how the ocean’s currents circulate around the world.

      Ocean simulations showed that the plume of radioactive cesium-137 released by the Fukushima disaster in 2011 could begin flowing into U.S. coastal waters starting in early 2014 and peak in 2016.

      1. The white precipitate (via evaporation) from my drinking water here on the west coast,
        where previous to the 9.0 Mega-Earthquake, Fukushima Mega-Disaster, and subsequent Tsunami there was none,
        tells me Fukushima is already here and has been for much longer than predicted or announced.
        One “health practicioner” wondered to me aloud what the white precipitate was (Dec 2012).
        I replied “It could be either Cesium or Strontium”.
        Cannot forget the look of extreme skepticism gazed my way at the reply.
        Will never visit that closed-minded practicioner again.

        1. Oops; that should have read:

          “One “health practicioner” wondered to me aloud what the white precipitate was (Dec 2012) in his aqueous-aerosoling equipment 1-litre water holding tanks.”

      2. I STRONGLY doubt that VISIBLE precipitate of radiocesium or radiostrontium is present.

        A gram of radiocesium (Cs-137 + Cs-134) would seriously contaminate a BIG area, like … Los Angeles.

        The presence of Cs-134 is SUFFICIENT to DEFINE the Fukushima Radionuclide flood, which is headed toward the Left Coast of North America. The Fukushima ratio of Cs-134 to Cs-137 was originally about equal (1/1). The (more potent) Cs-134 is about 2/3 gone by natural half-life process. So the present ratio is about 1/3.

        There is still a LOT of Cs-137 left in the Northern Hemisphere from Chernobyl and Atmospheric Atomic Weapon Testing. Therefore the SIGNATURE radio-isotope is Cesium 134.

        Any average Junior College Chemistry Lab student should be able to detect Cs-134 with a mass spectrometer. Any above average high school chemistry student could manage it after a 1 hour lecture. There are some sophisticated (scintillation) detectors which can detect and identify common radio-isotopes in a simple fashion.

        If California and the EPA ‘screw the pooch’ with respect to the Pacifica (Half Moon Bay) ‘Surfer’s Beach’, radioactive background spike; it won’t take long to prove it.


        Bill Duff

        1. Thank you for responding, Mr. Duff.

          This as-of-yet unidentified precipitate has been accumulating upon the drip tray of my family’s refridgerator water dispenser.
          It is plumbed to the household water supply through a built-in “Pur” brand water filter approximately 12 inches in length and 1-1/2″ diameter.
          Our city water supply is collected from an underground aquifer in the Upper Fraser Valley.

          Prior to 2012, any precipitate was minimal, and barely noticeable.
          By the end of 2012, it became noticeable.
          After the City was forced by (un)Health Canada to start chlorination, the precipitate seemed to disappear.
          Over the last two months, it has reappeared and accumulated much faster than ever before.

          I do wish i had access to a Chemistry Lab, yet i do not (as far as i know).

          The only option that seems accessible to me, is to build my own spectrometer using a scintillator crystal and “Pin Diode” via some circuitry ported to a laptop’s HighDefinition Audio line-input port. The freeware program “PRA” by Marek Dolleiser from the University of Sydney Australia was the software i plan to use.
          . see: http : //www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~marek/pra/
          . description: http : //www.gammaspectacular.com/software-downloads/pra-spectrometry-software

          “Pin Diodes” come in many differing configurations and specifications and the choice of an appropriate detector with good pricing and availability has thusfar eluded me. I wish that a common transistor would suffice. X-ray spectroscopy is another range i need to research for welding safety.

          It would seem a worthy priority for others to coordinate a series of projects that an average person can assemble to build their own spectroscope or acquire pre-assembled and safely calibrate such an instrument.

          1. In addition, i note that a filter change was performed in July of 2013.
            I retained the old cartridge which had last been changed in 2010.

          2. Yo, Mr. Duff.
            Have you no opinion about the white precipitate, etc. in the reply which i am replying to?

            1. Quote of “Socrates”: “The German 1,000 Day Rule. Cs-134/137 then 150 years o’s Strontium-90. Check out the milk and the baby teeth. In Canada there are well – measured levels. A real smoking gun.”
              . quoted from: http : //enenews.com/radiation-jumps-around-fukushima-plant-now-about-1000-previous-levels-tepco-kept-strontium-90-data-secret-for-months-officials-knew-of-increase-but-too-busy-to-act-govt-has-experts/comment-page-1#comment-446324

            2. Read:

              Read your government mandated (REQUIRED) water quality report. The report is usually included in the water bill at least once per year, in dead tree format (paper). And is generally online from multiple sources.

              The most common dissolved solid in potable (drinking) home water supplies, is usually calcium carbonate. Take a science class sometime.


              Bill Duff

  13. http www whatdoesitmean com/ (fzz1) jpg

    Also NOT apparently a rumor:

    This projection was widely distributed in the Spring of 2011, to illustrate a Fukushima Unit-4 Spent Fuel Pool collapse and phosphoric fire.

    This concerning scenario is probably WHY Barack Obama WILLFULLY LIED to the world, to prevent: some panic, some preparation and a LOT of citizen ANGER. It is also WHY Barack Obama ran like hell, aboard Air Force 1, to South America, with his family.

    This is ALSO why it remains ESSENTIAL (at some considerable risk) to relocate Spent Fuel away from 5th story ‘temporary’ Spent Fuel Pools, first at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, and then throughout the world.


    Bill Duff

    1. Keep smoking your crack and turn off Faux News. That is all I have to say. You dont realize the article written was ENGINEERED to create Hate towards Japan, President Obama, also to Cause Panic, Fear and frustration. This is the oldest trick int he book, even Fox News uses it everyday, KNOWING NOBODY will EVER Fact Check Them…. EVER!

      1. Sufficient:

        Sufficient CREDIBLE information, from multiple sources, has been provided to demonstrate that ‘Yuuki Kimiko’, is incorrect. A sampling of such information has been posted in this thread, for easy reference and as a reminder to the interested reader.

        Therefore it is reasonable, without logical fallacy to CONSIDER WHY ‘Yuuki Kimiko’ is so loudly and insistently incorrect.

        Perhaps ‘Yuuki Kimiko’ is stupid, lying, insane, corrupt, retarded, employed by ‘Team Nuke’, nescient OR perhaps there is some combination of reasons.

        I do not give 2-Shits … WHY ‘Yuuki Kimiko’ is so loudly and rudely incorrect. Though others are CERTAINLY free to speculate as to the causes.


        Bill Duff

      2. I have no hatred for Japan or her peoples; not even Obama.

        From the day i witnessed the tsunamis live on television, i have more empathy and curiousity of the peoples of Japan and those connected to her.

        The tsunami debris and the slow trickle of information that is being released allowed me to learn of the Angel of Miyagi, for instance. I want no “souveniers” from debris; those are items that belong to their original owners, in my humble opinion, and commemorates that they did indeed live and may still yet be alive. Monuments to them should be created from the debris for all to see and respectfully reflect.

        It greatly horrifies me, knowing the suffering that must be occurring and growing in and on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. My hope is with the peoples of Haida Gwaii.
        My greatest empathy is for parents, pensioners, fishermen and farmers. May they be remembered longer than ten thousand years.

        If we are stewards of the land and waters,
        we have all failed and must all bow our heads in shame.

        Let us stand up from that shame and do something legally rightful and meaningful for our next generation(s) (i hope).

        1. Hating Weeds:

          “It is not enough for a gardener to love flowers; he must also hate weeds.”
          – Anonymous http www gardendigest com/ (weed) htm

          Thus, I favor DRAGGING ‘Team Nuke’ to ‘Harsh Justice’ and subsequently hanging them. Eradication of the source will be a vast benefit to humanity, the global economy, science, public policy, public health and justice.


          Bill Duff

        2. Physics, Engineering & Public Health

          Physics, Engineering, Public Health, Global Prosperity and the knowledge of science will be GREATLY IMPROVED, by executing ‘Team Nuke’.

          Hang by the neck until dead, firing squad, gas-chamber, beheading,‘Old Sparky’, stoning, tire-necklace, Seppuku (切腹) or any other capital punishment method will be satisfactory; depending on the local preference and/or Practice.

          Perhaps a contest, similar to that of Sub-lieutenants: Toshiaki Mukai (向井敏明) and Tsuyoshi Noda (野田毅), would be ‘in order’.


          Bill Duff

          1. I simply do not understand why one would allow the perpetrators of this Humanicide a quick and relatively painless death.
            Their victims will not be afforded the same courtesy.
            A long lingering suffering miserable death awaits many if not most of us.

            A life of poverty and squallor after having been publicly outed and humiliated complete with the full details of their crimes seems to be a start.

            I would rather avoid dwelling in hatred that i not become like those i abhor.
            The radionuclides are the primary enemy that must be successfully fought, before the Nuclear Blitzkreig takes our breath away.

            It is important to take names and out them in the mean time for what it is they have done.
            I know not how to best accomplish this, as i have been severely criticized, and perhaps rightfully so, for the specific method that popped into my head. I am so sorry NoNukes. I considered not, at the time, how incredibly insensitive it was to suggest such a thing.

            1. Wimp,

              Are you that much of a pussy?

              Pushing little old ladies OFF the railroad tracks is NOT morally equivalent to pushing little old ladies in FRONT of an oncoming train.

              ‘The slippery slope’ is inaction, silence, cowardice, and unquestioning acceptance. There “IS A TIME TO KILL” and NOW IS THAT TIME.

              http www metrolyrics com/ (turn-turn-turn-to-everything-there-is-a-season-lyrics-the-byrds) html

              http www youtube com/ (watch?v=9cVnxenNEZ8)
              http www youtube com/ (watch?v=nA2IYnGRYac)

              ‘Team Nuke’ is not irrationally paranoid if they think that I am ‘out to get them’. It is a CONFIRMED FACT! I am out to get them, every mother’s son, so help me God.


              Bill Duff

              1. I respectfully disagree.

                Little old ladies can be a potent force, believe it or not.
                Remember what happened during the reign of terror of Augusto Pinochet.
                “They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo)” – Gordon Summner
                They knew that it was a time to dance, though not in joy yet sorrow and protest.

                Go ahead and berate me. You only anger yourself along your own path to the “dark side”.

                When it comes to the lives of others, i am that much of a pussy and unafraid to admit it. I will risk my own, not others

                Quote: “Pussies don’t like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn’t appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don’t know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don’t let us fuck this asshole, we’re going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!”

                Maybe you are right, dick. 🙂

                “To everything there is a season” encompassed so much more than what you have alluded to from Ecclesiastes 3. Read further.

                Quote: “I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

                For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.

                All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.”

                Be thoughtful, as we will all reap that which we sow. We need you here.

              2. Crybaby

                I enjoyed watching Sadaam Hussein hang. Watched the drop and lifted a toast to justice.

                Hitler made the world a better place when he popped a cap into his own head.

                Many dimmed the lights when Ted Bundy was executed.

                It was a joy to watch the newsreel where Norway tied Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling to a tree and shot him.

                Lots of other war criminals and crimes against humanity perps are CELEBRATED with a horizontal 21 gun salute or a dance at the end of a rope.

                Harsh Justice is a good thing; and ‘Team Nuke’ is overdue.


                Bill Duff

                1. Your attempted personal insult is not factual.

                  Crybaby definition according to The Free Dictionary:
                  . quote: “A person who cries or complains frequently with little cause.”

                  It took a pussy to show you that. 🙂

                  . see quote from Team America: World Police” above
                  . quoted from: http : //www.imdb.com/title/tt0372588/quotes?ref_=tt_ql_3

                  Quote: “If there’s a world left when this is all over, I’d like to buy you a beer.”

    2. Quoting our host, Iora Mochiziki

      http fukushima-diary com/ (2013/04/official-monitoring-post-comparing-with-personal-dosimeter-is-banned/)

      [Official monitoring post] “Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned”

      Posted by Mochizuki on April 16th, 2013 • 3 Comments

      It’s widely known that the official monitoring posts manipulate the radiation reading to make it look less than actual.

      (cf, Japanese gov admitted monitored radiation level is indicated to be 10% lower than actual [URL])

      The radiation researcher of a citizen posted a video on 3/21/2013. In this video, the researcher states,

      “(In Hitachi city Ibaraki) we were told not to compare the radiation readings of individual geiger counter and official monitoring post and take a video of it within the area by Ibaraki prefectural staff.”

      The reason is not known.

      1. Have they moved the lead-acid batteries away from the detector components yet? What other deceits have they included in official detector designs?

        What a bunch of useless putzes.

  14. The Fuky Effect: The On-Again, Off-Again fissioning at Fukushima! We will see additional venting as time goes on and until independent Experts are allowed to access Fukushima we can not take anything that is said as being factual!

    We all should stop using the word TEPCO and replace that it with “The Japanese Government”, until we do this we will just continue to allow this farce to continue.

    And there is much about what is actually going on at Fukushima that we need to know!


    2014 UPDATE The Japanese Gov’t. now owns TEPCO yet uses it as an escape goat for all Fukushima’s ongoing ☢ Pollution! Unsaid is what happened to all the radioactive material that was removed by the Utility Gangs and more importantly where it will end up, especially if it is used in a dirty explosion, which will give “Made in Japan” an entirely new meaning… :-0

    1. There are no verified reports of ongoing Fukushima fission, in appreciable amounts.

      Also, there have not been sustained reports of ongoing emissions of radioIodine, or the Xenon Daughter, or Sulfur-35, which would reflect neutrons hitting chlorine in sea water.

      South Korea recently reported Xenon, which may have sourced from: Fukushima, North Korea, a nuclear navy incident, or some other nuclear mishap.

      CTBTO, TEPCO, Japan, IAEA, WHO, Barack Obama and the rest of ‘Team Nuke’, HAVE lied (often by omission) ‘from the get-go’. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that they continue to lie.

      There are LOTS of independent groups, such as NGOs that are looking for evidence of ongoing fission. Still, we have no evidence of that fission, which certainly COULD restart.


      Bill Duff

      1. … and they wonder why so many refuse to be vaccinated against many ills.

        It is very simple.

        We have read the lists of ingredients to our horror.
        We have not found any comprehensive scientifically repeatable safety testing done on such.
        We have realized that the companies producing such are driven by mammon, not charity & mercy.
        We have noted that doctors regularly ignore proper application of such, including holding patients for 15 minutes in case of anaphylactic shock.

        That trust has been breached without recompense on multiple occassions.

        For the reader: Do not use this reply as medical advice.

        1. Finalist – Fukushima Exploiters

          http nsnbc me/

          .me is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro.

          And it appears that Dud uses this website as a primary reference.

          Yellow journalism at its worst; or perhaps ‘RED’ propaganda is more accurate.


          Bill Duff

  15. Fukushima Diary is the ONLY site I will recommend to those looking for real information on this disaster. I cringe when someone tells me that WND just reported – anything that WND reports including Fukushima “news”. The others are not one bit better and most are worse than even WND.

    Thanks for being here when the world needs you.

  16. Can you comment on what is happening in Iwako City? There have been several articles posted — after the Turner Radio Network scare — that indicated a jump in radiation readings in Iwako City from 226 to 21,000.


    Some of the sources say that Iwako City was being evacuated. The information about this was quickly removed from the NETC website, which I think is very suspicious.


    Please advise. Thank you.

  17. if one reads the ENenews, it is a propaganda article that is trying to create a mass creation of HATE towards President Obama, saying he is covering it up. I have fought in the forum, telling people they are true idiots for believing this without lifting a single finger to fact check the story. Believe me, if there WAS a problem, according to ENenews, the radiation would be greater than ALL Nuclear Detonations ever tested in the world COMBINED, I woudl have known it! I have family there, and there is NO such thing as the hoax is describing with a picture dated March 2011.

    Don’t Let republicans know its actually FAKE…. Us thinkers, like to let them misreport stories that attempt to create hate to the US President.
    THEN we make them look like complete idiots by exposing them. Misreporting is Something Fox News does regularly in America, and its the real Thinkers job to allow their cast and viewers to make themselves look less intelligent than a brick! LOL

    As a Japanese American, Anything coming out of Japan in the news, is easily fact checked by my own self, because I keep in touch with all of my friends and family there, and you wouldn’t believe how much information is construed and hyped when it leaves the Japanese Borders. We call it SHOCK MEDIA, and nobody in Japan pays attention because it is never accurate…ever!

    1. Barack Obama, AKA Barry Soetoro

      The FACTS are sufficient, to despise Barack Obama. Barack Obama has deliberately, willfully executed USA citizens, with drone attacks. No attempt was made to capture these citizens. There were no ‘imminent attack threats’, WMDs, hostages and/or ‘clear and present danger’.

      One was a magazine publisher
      One was an itinerant Moslem minister
      One was a 16 year old boy

      Such FACTS, and there are many, FULLY justify HATING the lying, rotten, murderous POS.


      Bill Duff

    2. Washington Post article discussion of withholding anti-radiation medications from the Japanese People and West Coast USA citizens, during the Vast Radionuclide storm of 2011.

      http www washingtonpost com/ (national/us_health_care_system_unprepared_for_major_nuclear_emergency_officials_say/2011/04/07/AF6ZSavC_story) html

      The U.S. Strategic National Stockpile stopped purchasing the best-known agent to counter radioactive iodine-induced thyroid cancer in young people, potassium iodide, about two years ago and designated the limited remaining quantities “excess,” according to information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ProPublica. Despite this, the CDC Web site still lists potassium iodide as one of only four drugs in the stockpile specifically for use in radiation emergencies.

      The drug is most effective when administered before or within hours of exposure. The decision to stop stockpiling it was made, in part, because distribution could take too long in a fast-moving emergency, one official involved in the discussions said. The interagency group that governs the stockpile decided that “other preparedness measures were more suitable to mitigate potential exposures to radioactive iodine that would result from a release at a nuclear reactor,” a CDC spokesperson said in an e-mail to ProPublica.

  18. Who orchestrated the lying?

    “there should be soul-searching in regard to Fukushima, and it should be made clear as to who gave the instructions to tell lies for a period of two months.”

    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=7J2VvfVC_X0) At 49:00 in: http www fccj (ne.jp/)
    http enenews com/ (governor-instructed-tepco-lie-months-fukushima-didnt-melt-down-explained-reasons-lies-be-told-video) Press Conference with Hirohiko Izumida, Governor of Niigata Prefecture Source: Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan

    Hirohiko Izumida, Governor of Niigata Prefecture: Tepco on either the 12th of March or on the 11th of March had already anticipated a meltdown to occur. For example, there should be soul-searching in regard to Fukushima, and it should be made clear as to who gave the instructions to tell lies for a period of two months. And it is necessary to do this for them to regain credibility, and yet there is no one that has been able to talk about this. In other words, it doesn’t mean that a person had to go to the No. 2 reactor to look at the high doses, but rather normally it should have been explained that there were reasons why lies had to be told but now what is going to be carried out from here onwards so that lies will no longer be conveyed.

  19. Thank you very for addressing these rumors, despite your annoyance at having to do so.

    I think it’s equally important to debunk false information, and exploitation and hoaxes, as it is to report real information.

    I am the one who commented in your previous article, asking about this. I didn’t ask you the question or post the “news” links in order to send web traffic somewhere, or to create panic. I don’t own a blog or anything. I was just freaking out for my family on the west coast. So it seems that the panic was already being created. Actually I would have emailed you privately, but I couldn’t find your address anywhere on the site, and I don’t use Facebook. I live in Europe but most of my family lives in California and Nevada, and after reading those articles I became panicked and thought they would need to evacuate their homes. That’s why I wanted to ask you, as you’re the only source I believe is trustworthy.

    As before, I appreciate your courage and trust in your reliability. Thank you again for your work.

  20. sooner or later it will go big time…. no end in sight.
    but pls get one thing straight…
    Israel did this.
    first question to ask yourself. find out what a 9.0 quake should look like. look at all the pre tsunami videos and spot such total (100km range wipeout) damage, or anything like Kobe, a 7.3 (or so), nearly 100 times less but so much more quake damage.
    then go to jimstonefreelance.com and start reading.
    Japan lies because (apart from being a part of the corrupted empire for 100 years) they are being nuclear blackmailed to go along with the 9.0 quake lie.
    comeon, show me the 9.0 quake damage (not the tsunami, which was a nuke tsunami upon 3 X 6.0 inland quakes (Jim Stone provides the proof) ). Israeles stuxnet virus however did the damage to the plant.(Magna BSP was the security firm there. with live internet connection – how trusting is that).
    operation seal 1941-44 new Zealand, using conventional explosives to make tsunamis… add a big nuke 70 years later (possibly HARRP too).
    There are 5 nuclear wars worth of nuclear filth waiting to go somewhere…
    design fault: they are still building them that way, just like WTC7 is being built the same way as the twin towers.
    ENENews is fake to deflect all the above information.

    1. @pierre. About the Israeli virus theory?. Firstly, it was jointly developed, so you can’t point to one origin, you must also include Netyatus partners in crime. What you say sounds like total conspiracy theory.
      The only reason that I bothered to read your comment is, there was actually some information which probably has been eradicated by now, that, before the the fukushima daiichi/ni disaster, I can’t remember, but about 3 months before, there was a major cyber-attack mentioned, and blamed of course, on a certain neighboring country.
      This website is about facts and information, not rumours. If you can give evidence, then I will read it.

      1. Real v imaginary

        The StuxNet Virus was/is REAL. StuxNet was reportedly developed by the CIA (USA) and Mossad (Israel), to DELAY and Sabotage, the Iran nuclear WMD program. This has been documented a lot of places.

        Siemens AG, was a KEY supplier of the nuclear bomb efforts of Pakistan and Iran. The product was high speed centrifuges, adapted to plutonium enrichment. The actions of Siemens were highly suspect in these nuclear nonproliferation violations.

        The StuxNet Virus was reportedly located in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station computers, oh and about every other computer on earth. The defective design GE Mark-1 reactor controls, predate the computer age. If memory serves, most of the systems are hard-wired electronics.

        Only the relatively new components, such as the Add_On Ventilation systems, could have been sensitive to StuxNet. There WERE ‘some issues’ with the Fukushima ventilation systems. StuxNet and/or relief valve back pressure issues have been considered as contributory factors in some of the explosion sequences.

        End of Facts:

        On the other hand, Jim Stone has been promoting some unsubstantiated bizarro-bullshit scenarios. He persists in this quest, but has NEVER to the best of my recollection, provided ANY substantial basis and/or evidence for his bizarre claims.


        Bill Duff

        1. The Iran nuclear WMD program, Pakistan export of WMD technology and the Siemens centrifuges and Siemens controllers were ‘BROUGHT TO LIGHT’, by Mohamar Khadafi of LIBYA.

          Khadafi renounced terrorism and ratted out the other bad-boys. He ALSO paid damages for prior terrorist sponsor acts, such as commercial airline bombings.

          Thus, while Khadafi had some baggage, ‘He cut a deal’.

          Barack Obama ‘WELCHED on that DEAL’, on behalf of the Moslem Brotherhood. Khadafi was stabbed to death, rectally, if memory serves. This Obama treachery resulted in some bad outcomes in Benghazi Libya.

          It is complicated, but it is verifiable.


          Bill Duff

  21. Disinformation

    One ongoing TACTIC of ‘Team Nuke’ is the propaganda tool of ‘Dis-Information’.

    ‘Team Nuke’ CONSTANTLY and deliberately spreads a vast pack of lies.

    If a reader repeats these KNOWN lies and inaccuracies, then the reader has been deliberately compromised by the ‘Team Nuke’ propagandists.

    So, be careful in what you quote, and how you quote it. ‘Team Nuke’ is working night and day, to confuse you on even the simple matters.


    Bill Duff

    1. Physics, Engineering & Public Health

      Physics, Engineering, Public Health, Global Prosperity and the knowledge of science will be GREATLY IMPROVED, by executing ‘Team Nuke’.

      Hang by the neck until dead, firing squad, gas-chamber, ‘Old Sparky’, stoning, tire-necklace or any other capital punishment method will be satisfactory; depending on the local preference.


      Bill Duff

  22. Workers walking on lead plates is not enough when radioactive cooling water drops evaporized down on it…

  23. The battle, sir … is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.

    Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it. I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience.

    Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable²and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

    It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

    Excerpts from 2nd Virginia Convention – March 23, 1775 – Delegate Patrick Henry

    http www history org/ (almanack/life/politics/giveme) cfm
    http avalon law yale edu/ (18th_century/patrick) asp

  24. The warning, from the guy

    Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Jan. 17, 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower

    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY)

    This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present, and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientifictechnological elite. It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system — ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.

    We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.

    Complete Video & Text:
    http www youtube com/ (watch?v=MG7DYh9lEiQ)
    http coursesa matrix msu edu/ (~hst306/documents/indust) html

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