Tepco “Can’t disclose atmosphere contamination data because the crane is malfunctioning”

Following up this article..[Leaned crane] Tepco “A third person possibly touched the joint part intentionally” [URL]


On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced they cannot disclose the data about radioactive material discharged to the atmosphere because the crane for reactor3 is broken.

They are to publish the dust sampling data about radioactive material discharged from reactor1~3 to the atmosphere. The samples are taken from the operation floor of each reactor.

Tepco stated they plan to publish the data in mid October.

Since the end of July, “steam” has been constantly observed on the top of reactor3. The reason is not verified and Tritium density hasn’t been published either. Tepco didn’t announce the connection between the delay of the data publish and the unverified “steam” from reactor3.





You can ignore the truth but the truth won’t ignore you.


Français :

Tepco : “On ne peut pas publier les données de contamination atmosphérique parce que la grue fonctionne mal”


Article lié : [Grue couchée] Tepco : “Une tierce-partie a sans doute intentionnellement modifié la partie jointive”

Le 26 septembre 2013, Tepco déclare qu’ils ne peuvent pas publier les données de composition des éléments diffusés dans l’air parce que la grue du réacteur 3 est cassée.

Ils vont publier les données sur les échantillons de poussières des éléments radioactifs diffusés dans l’air par les réacteurs 1 à 3. Les échantillons sont pris sur l’étage opérationnel de chaque réacteur.
Tepco affirme qu’ils prévoient de publier ces donnée vers la mi-octobre.

Depuis fin juillet, on a tout le temps vu “de la vapeur” en haut du réacteur 3. La cause n’en est pas établie, la concentration en tritium n’en a pas été publiée non plus. Tepco ne précise aucun lien entre le délai à publier ces données et la “vapeur” inconnue du réacteur 3.


Vous pouvez ignorer la vérité mais la vérité ne vous ignorera pas.

  1. Do you think they mean the cranes with the RED FLASHING warning lights? Maybe they need to take that atmospheric amount to start with..what level causes the crane lights to flash red warning? Like the little black crane..which is not at any air craft height..near the edge of Reactor 4; that crane only checks radiation from all we can see.Its been flashing red since last week. We did see it near PM Abe during his visit–making sure the officals were safe I guess–it was not broken then.

  2. The dog ate my homework. That’s what i read. How’s bout you, eh?

    Full disclosure please, excepting for legitimite non-proliferation concerns.

    The horse is out of the barn, and the barn is on fire. Don’t even think of putting that horse back in the barn UNTIL you put the fire out and seal the roof clean the building and acquire fresh hay and straw and supply clean water.

    Everybody that’s going to “tune-out” of this still-slowing train wreck did so long ago. Suppose that means the remaining could be considered adults. Stop selling “the people” your “toxic assets”, that’s what the Reserve Bank is for. They love buying that shite.

    Tell us – we can take it without panicking!

  3. Or you could just post the FOIA documents! It’s not that difficult.

    Why in the world would ANYONE keep going back to that global terrorist organisation known as tepco for information on THEIR OWN CRIMES?!

    Nearly three years now……and nothing will EVER be done.

  4. Hey, I’m leaving a comment here because I don’t know where to direct my questions on this blog. I’m well informed on the seriousness of the situation in Fukushima. My wife, however, is not. She is Japanese and I don’t know where to find good info about Fukushima in Japanese. I can’t really read Japanese so I can’t search. I figured somebody here knows where I could find something. My wife needs a real wake up call to what’s going on. She doesn’t get it and it’s killing me to go on with life while she has no idea what we’re in for.

  5. Is it not obvious to everyone not on the Nuclear Dole, that TEPCO and the Japanese Utility “Gangs” are running Japan for their own reward?

    The Japanese People have N☢ say in what their Government does and can only expect to receive additional BOWS from those that are being paid to regulate the nuclear industry, because that is all they can do…

    The nuclear FIX is in, in Japan!

  6. The Prime Minister of Japan and another cabinet official have recently visited the FDNPP facility.

    This is a rather odd statement. Perhaps there is some cultural meaning to the phrase: ‘A 3rd Person’.

    “A third person possibly touched the joint part intentionally”

    The Crane was revealing all kinds of interesting information. Then ‘a 3rd hand’ touched the joint. And there has been a SUDDEN change in plans and policies. Everybody ‘clammed up’ after that ‘3rd hand’ made some adjustments. No more photos and no more steam investigations. Hmmm


    Bill Duff

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