[Column] 25th month of 2011 is starting

Someone I know on Twitter moved to South east Asia.
It was due to the business of her husband, but for her, it was an evacuation.
She was with her children in Chiba, where is known to be hotspot.
She was tweeting she had nosebleed and her children had fatigue, feverish symptoms etc..
They were very concerned but had to stay there for longer than a year.

She had her children have blood test in the new country, but the result was not very good.
It showed the decrease of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelet etc.. and the children were still claiming unusual fatigue.

The second year is going to end soon. I’m starting to be afraid it might be already too late to evacuate.
Some people have already taken too much of radioactive material from air, water and food.

I sometimes think about what to post on Fukushima Diary. I like to be logically clear.
Shutting down the nuclear plants, decommissioning Fukushima plant, minimizing radiation exposure, they are all unique issues. Even if you shut down all the nuclear plants, you still keep being exposed. Also, decommissioning Fukushima plant doesn’t help us shutting down other nuclear plants. They are different issues.

I personally think evacuation is the ultimate resolution, and I did that.
Evacuation helps you stop being exposed, and because I don’t have to pay electricity bill, it helps us shutting down the plants, which can improve decommissioning too.
However, it is not easy for most of the people.

2011 never ends. It’s only the beginning of 25th month of 2011.
The longer it takes, the worse it goes.

What to do ? This is the question.
Most of Japanese people look like they are stunned by shock, and chose slow death.
Slow death is the way of living by following the trend and expecting to die before the pain comes.
However, the pain is passed to the next generation. This is how you earn your time by sacrificing the life of children.

I don’t wish too much. I just hope as many children as possible to manage to get out of the prison.

One is better than zero. Two is better than one. This is the first thing and the last thing I think about every single day.




Français :

[Édito] 25e mois depuis que ça a commencé en 2011

Quelqu’un que je connais par Twitter a déménagé dans le Sud-Est asiatique.
C’est pour raison professionnelle de son mari mais pour elle c’est une évacuation.
Elle était dans Chiba avec ses enfants, un point chaud connu.
Elle tweetait qu’elle saignait du nez et que ses enfants étaient fatigués, fiévreux, etc.
Ils étaient très inquiets mais ont du rester là plus d’un an.

Elle a fait faire des prises de sang à ses enfant dans le nouveau pays mais les résultats ne sont pas très bons.
Ils montrent une chute des globules blancs, des hématies, des plaquettes, etc. et les enfants sont toujours excessivement fatigués.

La deuxième année va bientôt se terminer. Je commence à craindre qu’il soit trop tard pour évacuer.
Certains ont déjà accumulé trop de radioactivité par l’air, l’eau et la nourriture.

Je me demande parfois quoi publier sur le Fukushima Diary. J’aime être clair et logique.
Arrêter les centrales nucléaires, démanteler la centrale de Fukushima, minimiser les expositions à la radioactivité, ce sont les seules et uniques portes de sortie. Même en arrêtant toutes les centrales nucléaires, on sera toujours exposé. De plus, démanteler la centrale de Fukushima n’aide pas à arrêter les autres centrales nucléaires. Ce sont des problèmes différents.

Je pense personnellement que l’évacuation est la décision fondamentale et c’est ce que j’ai fait.
L’évacuation vous aide à arrêter d’être irradié et parce que vous n’avez plus à payer de facture d’électricité, ça aide à faire arrêter les centrales nucléaires, chose qui peut aussi booster les démantèlements.
Toutefois, ce n’est pas facile pour la plupart des gens.

2011 n’en finit pas. On est seulement au début du 25e mois après 2011.
Plus ça dure, pire c’est.

Que faire ? C’est la question.
La plupart des japonais sont comme assommés par le choc et choisissent la mort lente.
La mort lente est le mode de vie de suivre la tendance en espérant mourir avant que la souffrance n’arrive.
La souffrance est transmise à la génération suivante. Voilà comment on gagne du temps en sacrifiant la vie des enfants.

Je ne souhaite pas grand chose. J’espère seulement qu’autant d’enfants que possible arriveront à sortir de cette prison.

Un est toujours mieux que zéro. Deux mieux qu’un tout seul. Ce sont la première et la dernière choses auxquelles je pense tous les jours.





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12 Responses to “[Column] 25th month of 2011 is starting”

  1. anonymous says:

    Keep up the great work Iori. Saving even one child is worth the fight.

  2. I'm Not Here says:

    Too bad you had to flee to Europe. Not sure how NPPs are near you. I hear Australia is a nice place to visit.

  3. VyseLegendaire says:

    I think your metaphor is apt and very true. For the U.S. and other developed countries as well, time has stopped as the dominant cultural narrative of the past decade has ceased to be coherent and cognitive dissonance is the most popular song of the moment.

  4. Helen Dawson says:

    Best Wishes for the New Year.
    Best Wishes to all the people who read Fukushima Diary around the world.
    I keep dreaming very vividly about the Fukushima reactors.
    Biological remediation is essential for the air, the water, the whole environment of the planet, for all beings to survive this manmade series of events.
    If there are yeasts, fungi, bacteria that can feed off the energy of radioactive isotopes and reduce their danger to other organisms, then effort should go into establishing them at the source of contamination.
    I was dreaming that the Fukushima waste water containment vessels were heated from the reactors and were brewing beer and sake, and the Japanese politicians, were given bottles of the sake, and drank them in Parliament.
    There must be a way that the natural processes can be assisted to decontaminate the Fukushima area without a huge threat to people, by some natural processes.
    I hope all the families that can leave the area, are empowered to walk away from this dangerous situation, and find new homes in a safe area, in Japan or overseas. Please keep up the good work you and the people around you have done, every effort is worth it.
    Every frustrating, difficult thing, to bring the truth to light, to bring people out of fear and into action to protect themselves and their families is a good action, with good intentions, and has results. Some results are visible and other results are subtle. Sometimes it takes a very long time for the results to become known to the instigators. As an instigator and change agent for the planet, you are respected, and admired, and supported all over the world.
    We all only have the present moment.
    Cheers Helen

  5. Helen Dawson says:

    Allen Apblett Associated Material Processing (AMP)

    Maybe useful for filtering household products and drinking water, in capsule form.


  6. ARI Asha Ayana Aeya Ananda says:

    Now you’re more aware of the situation in your country don’t be surprise if I told you that the evacuation concerns also THE ENTIRE PLANET AND ALL ITS LIFE FIELDS.

    Its just a matter of time before the final act of the reactor4 unfold , other countries will experience the same fate with their infrastructures because they’re based on similar self-destructive templates.

    If some technologies for clearing radiations exist and are kept secret by the governments do you think ‘they’ will release it if that can stop their energetic control on population?

    Peoples are programmed to believe death is the final solution but is not!

    The almost forgotten multidimensional physics show how the damage in our planet (and in ourself) affect what is call death, sucking the beings who make the transition into other suffering space-time locations of the higher worlds.. and my personal experiences show me how pailful this can be.

    So appropriate questions could be “where to go” and “what to do now” on a personal level knowing time and energy can be used more wisely. Regeneration of any aspect of consciousness is my personal choice and suggestion.

  7. Damcho Dronma says:

    to filter water see http://www.pureeffectfilters.com/
    be sure to buy extra cartridges
    for purpose intended

    I cannot imagine how people cope
    and stay put while getting sicker from radiation

  8. Dan says:

    If you evacuate Japan, make sure you give up your Japanese citizenship and become a naturalised citizen of your new country as soon as possible. If Japan raises its military in order to force labour into fukushima it may conscript you into the army. They could then call you back from wherever you are.

  9. Grace says:

    The food supplies are contaminated which means all exports are contaminated. At this point people must keep their immune systems strong. They must stop eating chemically processed foods. They must consider homeopathic and natural forms of healing. Chemotherapy is poison which destroys the immune system. To strengthen the system compassionate use of medical marijuanas in the form of baked goods,soups, sauces, juices, oils, butters, and flours must be administered.
    For end of life issues there should be medical marijuana smoking allowed in all houses and on all streets.
    Japan has poisoned the world. The people must be allowed to live, and die, as peacefully as possible.
    Namastae Iori

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