25,550 Bq/Kg of cesium from Matsutake mushroom, 10,980 Bq/Kg from wild boar from Minamisoma

Minamisoma city measured cesium from 674 among 1,243 samples for self-consumption.

The test was conducted this October and the result was published on 11/6/2012.

The highest reading was 25,550 Bq/Kg from Matsutake mushroom, the second highest reading was 10,980 Bq/Kg from the meat of a wild boar. Wild boar eats mushroom.



Français :

25 550 Bq/kg de césium dans des champignons Matsutake, 10 980 Bq/kg dans un sanglier à Minamisoma

La ville de Minamisoma a relevé du césium dans 674 de 1,243 échantillons d’auto-consommation.

Le test a été mené en octobre dernier et les résultats publiés le 6 novembre 2012.

La plus haute lecture a été de 25 550 Bq/kg dans un champignon Matsutake, la seconde était de 10 980 Bq/kg dans la viande d’un sanglier. Les sangliers mangent les champignons.






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8 Responses to “25,550 Bq/Kg of cesium from Matsutake mushroom, 10,980 Bq/Kg from wild boar from Minamisoma”

  1. pat b says:

    give the boars some time, they will be way more radiaoctive then the mushrooms.

  2. Steve says:

    That is an incredible high number. I was in Minamisoma a year ago with a charity project. … and had sushi with miso soup (with mushrooms).. my host said it was not polite to ask where the fish is from… which is a common Japanese custom. Everyone edgy about their fishing industry. I am not scared for me, as I am older, but for the young people who live with low doses of radiation 24/7, it is very sad. The town itself seem fairly normal except half the business were closed and population left.

  3. Dan says:

    Pretty soon they’ll be able to throw raw food on their plates and wait ten minutes for it to cook itself.

    • pat b says:

      I said 2 years ago they won’t need nuclear reactors, because the entire country will be able to
      self illuminate

  4. Richard says:

    Steve says “The town itself seem fairly normal except half the business were closed and population left.” Understatement seems like the major disease from the Fukushima power station tragedy.

  5. Nagoya Yamaguchi says:

    Please don’t mock about glowing fish, pigs or people.
    This is a serious human rights abuse carried out by some government officials (you know who) and some Japanese media(clue…Mainsteam…).
    Ordinary citizens have no choice, no information, and no future.
    Please don’t make sarcastic remarks, you are better to try to use your energy to help these fellow human beings.
    Just saying…

    • SAR says:

      We would help if they are willing to LISTEN. Most japanese refuse to listen and keep hiding themselves from the truth. The truth is they need to cut loss NOW, give up everything they have in japan and LEAVE this hopeless country. We CAN’T help if they kept being arrogant and ignorant to what’s really going on. Especially to those stupid farmers and fisherman providing radioactive food to the public even if they know THEIR FOOD ARE POISONED. Why would we help ANYONE who tries to poison the rest of the world???

  6. Iwanttolive says:

    The State Controlled Media should be generously fed with the foodstuffs and say “oishii” on national broadcast. Since they have the audacity to be well-paid by taxpayer monies, they should the audacity to gulp the food down and say oishii on national tv, papers and radio.

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