The prosecution sent public prosecutors to Fukushima plant

The prosecution is investigating Tepco executives and governmental persons in charge for professional negligence resulting in injury or death.
As a process, they sent prosecutors to Fukushima plant to interview with nuclear workers and experts. However, they didn’t enter highly radioactive prohibited area.

They are also investigating into the disaster related deaths.

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L’accusa ha mandato membri dell’accusa pubblica all’impianto di Fukushima

L’accusa sta investigando sull’esecutivo della Tepco e le persone del governo accusate di negligenza professionale che risultano ferite o morte.
Per il processo hanno mandato dei membri dell’accusa all’impianto di Fukushima per intervistare i lavoratori nucleari e gli esperti. Tuttavia non sono entrati nell’area proibita altamente radioattiva.
Stanno anche investigando sulle morti relative al disastro.

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Le parquet envoie des procureurs à la centrale de Fukushima

Le parquet est en train d’enquêter sur des dirigeants de Tepco et des membres du gouvernement avec à charges des négligences professionnelles ayant entraîné des blessures ou la mort.
Dans le cadre de la procédure, ils ont envoyé des procureurs à la centrale de Fukushima pour recevoir les déclarations des employés et d’experts. Ils ne vont toutefois pas rentrer dans la zone interdite hautement radioactive.

Ils enquêtent aussi sur les morts liées à la catastrophe.

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Actually, nothing has progressed in the plant since 2011. We still don't even know what is going on inside. They must keep cooling the crippled reactors by water, but additionally groundwater keeps flowing into the reactor buildings from the broken parts. This is why highly contaminated water is always produced more than it can circulate. Tepco is planning to officially discharge this water to the Pacific but Tritium is still remaining in it. They dilute this with seawater so that it is legally safe, but scientifically the same amount of radioactive tritium is contained. They say it is safe to discharge, but none of them have drunk it.


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