Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012

Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012


Settlement report 6/1 ~ 6/3/2012 2


Thank you very much for your support.

I’m preparing for my next journey.  I thought I didn’t have anything to throw away anymore when I left Japan, but I’m still throwing away some clothes. I don’t need 2 pieces of coat. One clothes, one purpose. and I know they are contaminated.

Some of them are from my university days. Looking back the time, and before 311, everything was so peaceful. Ground was ground, food was food. You can even touch dead leaves. When you see the advertisement of bars, you don’t have to worry about Bq/kg. You can breathe in the wind. Sickness was curable. Children were promised to live long. You didn’t have to feel sad to see playing children on the street. The smell of the green was authentic, protests were funny. We thought about CDs, movies, TV shows, Manga etc.. There were nothing more serious.

Looking back those times, everywhere was like a living room with clean carpet. You could have lied on the street, you were literally allowed to live.

and then, everything changed. On 3/15, when fallout came to Tokyo, I was working outside. Because I was a civil engineer, I sometimes had to sit down on the street, touch the soil, breathed in dust. and it continued until December. I don’t know how much I was contaminated. I touched it. Some people say there is remediation, but they are almost nothing. Exposure is irreversible. Radiation exposure is the matter of your attitude toward life. Can you sacrifice what you have for the future ? This is what matters.

It doesn’t sound. no taste. You can’t see it. but from my research, Tokyo is as contaminated as Kiev. Entire Japan will be severely contaminated too because of debris. Even without the debris, you would eat contaminated food.

You must find it happy to be able to see children without being reminded of death.

I don’t want to regret when something happens. When it happens, I want to say to myself, “Yes, I did everything I could do. I did more than my best, but it was inevitable.”  but I don’t think I’m doing my best yet. I could warn more, I could save more people in Japan. My life is full of self-resentment, but I want to feel like I did everything when I die at least.

If you feel something to read this, I would like you to re-think, did you try ?

I know you are trying hard everyday. but it’s not that.

Today I posted the historical moment when the government lied to the tax payers. [Link]

The world is full of hypocrisy. Too many people try to ignore the truth and live in idleness. Giving up changing and accept the manipulated justice. You may not change it, but if you don’t try, you are as guilty as them.

If your country still has nuclear plants, you can still stop them. Japan is over, but you still have time. Don’t follow after Japan.



  1. I buy all my clothes used iori, and you are very right about japan being over.
    All they can do is leave, now all we have for question is, will the world die, when daichi/daini/onagawa/tokai are all burning?

  2. Thank you Iori. Your work is not in vain. Many people around the world are reading your words. Though some may not understand now what is happening to them, they will very soon. In time your eternal legacy will be your work here at the Fukushima Diary. Your work will help change Japanese government and culture.

    Iori, your honorable work will never be forgotten.

    Thank you again.

  3. Also, please iori, the world stopped making sense 3/11/11, since that is the case it is crazy, please do not let anyone hurt you, keep your eyes open. Hugs 🙂

  4. Hy there!

    I am arguing this topic here in Germany a lot. Most people do not see anything they can do about radioactive contamination. Most people go like: what could I do? – There ain’t anything I can do so why worry?

    As a matter of fact that is not the case! There are ways to detoxify. Radioactive materials are mainly made of heavy metals. To detoxify from radioactive materials works the same way as detoxifying from heavy metals. Not only can the body be detoxified, also the brain can be detoxified thereafter quite easily. Once both body and head are cleansed one can detoxify the lungs.

    There are ways how to get the body more clean of contamination. Just whats needed is that one goes for it!

    Cheers mate, I do like your site very much!

    Best regards,


  5. Your story is very similar to that of thousands of people who have suffered real mental anguish as a result of TEPCO’s, and Japan’s negligence. The feelings you describe above are real. Much has been stolen from you.

    Tokyo was a unique place. A capital city of 32 million where it was safe for kids and young women to walk around at night unescorted, where shoppers can carry hundreds of dollars in their purses without any thought of being mugged. A city where you don’t worry about drink drivers (or getting your own drunken self home safely) because there are trains everywhere and they run every few minutes. A country where the apples grow as big as small melons and taste sweet, where food preparation even in affordable restaurants is nothing less than an art, a country where even rice farmers take great personal pride in the quality of their crop. A country of courtesy, civility and personal dignity where your name is almost always expressed with an honorific attached – mr. so and so, mrs. so and so (there are even honorifics for the kids) – no matter your race or station in life. A country where people expect to be served and where people expect to be gracious servants themselves, where there is no tipping in even the best table service restaurants. A country where you are not patted down by rude federal security cops when you board the most common form of high speed domestic intercity transport. A country with the most beautiful landscapes of mountains and sea coasts. A country where you can ski in the winter, hike in the fall, scuba dive in the summer, and picnic with friends under cherry blossoms in spring. A country where health care is affordable. A country where the unemployment rate, even at the worst depth of recession, was still only half that of western economies. A place like no other on earth. But now damaged beyond use for many people who feel the same way as you do.

    And there are, at a minimum, thousands who are suffering the same way. Maybe millions, I don’t know for sure.

    If you were to seek legal justice for damages due to radiation, it would be difficult to prove right now – the physical damages that come from low dose radiation will not show up for years, and even then it cannot be 100% proven that the damage to any one person was caused by a specific accident. The farther away from the meltdown, the more difficult to prove the link.

    So, if you filed a lawsuit within the three years required under the law, the lawyers might claim that there is no proof that radiation has damaged you, so you cannot claim damage for that.

    However, you have clearly been damaged by the post 3/11 atmosphere of distrust that TEPCO and the government caused by withholding information, misinforming, and delaying informing the public about the disaster. You were also damaged by the fact that as news was released in the early days of the accident, you quite reasonably were fearful and imagined a worsening of the situation. Then the news DID keep getting worse and worse and worse (because they were withholding information). We all became suspicious that they were withholding information and lying. When more information came, our fears were confirmed. We feared more, and those even worse fears also realized. This trained us to believe that our worse fears would probably come true. They trained us also to not believe their claims of safety because we learned more and more that they were incompetent at best, and out-right lying at other times.

    It is completely understandable, in a situation like this, for a mentally healthy person to become distrustful of what the government and TEPCO were saying. The government and TEPCO’s manipulation of public opinion may have reassured some unthinking people, and given them sufficient reason to hold out hope for the future. The government might even argue that its information campaign might have prevented panic, so overall they caused LESS damage.

    But even if you don’t argue those assertions, at a minimum, their lying also had an undeniable SIDE EFFECT, creating such intense fear and distrust in some of the public that lives were turned upside down. Maybe the courts would agree that what they did was right (I do not), but even if that were true, the COST of their action was the destruction of lives like yours. For this SIDE EFFECT, they should be legally liable, and this should be legally provable NOW, without waiting to see if you have radiation-related health effects.

    Please get an attorney in Japan. Please also get one in the US (you may be able to get some compensation from the designers of the “containments” which failed in all three operating reactors at the site).

    When you get your attorneys, please let us know who they are. There is probably a class action suit possible.

    But beware of shills. It would not be beneath the nuclear village to get one of their shills to become your attorney so as to make you lose the suit and to serve as a negative example to anyone else who might try. You must choose attorneys with a track record of honestly championing the public against the interests of big business. You must choose very carefully. Skill at litigation is less important than their integrity and commitment to the cause.

  6. Thank you for the touching post.

    You have reminded me to not take Australia for granted. As bad as it seems with it’s living-10-years-in-the-past attitude, I can say with certainty that I do no fear breathing in the air, or touching the trees, or drinking the dew off from a leaf in the early morning hours. Nor am I reminded of death when I see children playing.

    So for Japan, I will enjoy what I have, while I have it… I’ve made that mistake too many times, not to have learned from it.

    So again, thank you Iori. Your words are heavy and laced with sorrow, and that is understandable. But today you have given the gift of life to me, a reminder that while I still breathe, I live.

  7. “Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows”.
    — Anonymous

    And that is true for ALL of us, not just those contaminated. We must all live every moment fully, no matter our condition.

  8. The World’s Biggest Environmental Hypocrisy is happening in Japan

    Cut carbon emissions but ignore the release of radiation/radioactive isotopes. C will somehow kill us faster than C-137.

      1. Global Warming? Beside carbon, perhaps you should also research more about how sun effects our climate. We will have solar maximum in 2012/2013.

        Researchers show changing climate caused an ancient civilization’s collapse

        “The insolation — the solar energy received by the Earth from the sun — varies in cycles, which can impact monsoons. In the last 10,000 years, the Northern Hemisphere had the highest insolation from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, and since then insolation there decreased.

        All climate on Earth is driven by the sun, and so the monsoons were affected by the lower insolation, decreasing in force. This meant less rain got into continental regions affected by monsoons over time.”

    1. If you listen to Helen Caldicott, you’ll see that “green” nuclear is FAR from it … the whole process emits carbon (the mining, enriching requires great amount of coal-powered plants), and is even cooled, in part, with CFC’s. In the US, a great amount of CFC’s are used in these plants, for normal operation … which contribute something like 30,000 times MORE greenhouse effect than Carbon, but then the CFC’s are even removed from asthma medicine … so that it is no longer working well for people with breathing difficulties. So it is all a lie … the only green is solar and wind but solar and wind is ENOUGH and more. It can provide at least 3 times the energy we currently use on planet earth, even with TODAY’s technology. Germany is a great example … it has such a surplus that it is exporting it’s truly green produced energy to france, which has many not-green nuclear plants.

  9. I thank you and admire you. I just sent $100 through paypal and am hoping many others will do so too.
    All my best,

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