Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 and cyber harassment

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Thank you very much to help my last spurt!  I can keep going on thanks to all your support !

Today I had a security check of facebook. Honestly, I was really offended.


↓ Woke up, turned on my PC, tried to log into Facebook and it appeared on the screen.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012

↓ Clicked “Why am I seeing this?” ..government-issued ID ? I have NO government.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 2




↓ and they removed this picture of the man who died of nuclear accident. but it can’t be the reason of security check. When they remove a picture, they just remove it without a security check. and this picture was uploaded one year ago. Someone must have reported it to shut me up.

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 3



↓ Killing millions of people by radiation is accepted and posting the picture of Looking-dead-but-still-alive-nuclear-worker violates  the community standard ?

Settlement report 4/29 ~ 4/30/2012 4


I was very impressed.


Alexander Dale Oen died from cardiac arrest [Link]. Traffic accidents are increasing in Japan. I haven’t blogged about those news yet but it always reminds me of cesium. 311 changed our view over the world.



  1. Dumb people will be shocked by what they see. Dumb people can’t read. Go on and say as much as you want, *we* will read !

    BTW, I never used facebook, but I know that gmail for instance asks you this kind of security check when someone repeatedly tried and failed to log into your account. Not sure if you can retrieve failed login information, but some troll might be trying to gain access to your FB account to ruin your online identity.

  2. Salutations Iori,

    I have encountered this problems via Optic Rail FB page many months ago. The solution I had to take was;

    1- change computer (IP adress)
    2- create a new emaill
    3-create a new facebook page, new personna

    Did not find any other solution, for details ask C/cile to write me on my email in rench I can be more clearer since french is my mother toungue, I am from Quebec, Canada

    This is a Marathon not a Sprint my friend

    Better to bend than to break

    One who is ready to welcome about 40 people in my villages. All things ready cf: Fukushima informations fb page in french

    Salutation Honorable and Authentic Reconnaissance (Éclaireur) of your rich Culture.

    Antoine and aliasss

  3. Thank you for your work, Iori

    Keep it up and f##k FB!

    The system attacks whoever is not compliant.

  4. If someone tries to access your FB account, trying to guess your password numerous times, it will give you security checks (usually it starts with a photo quiz).. Yeah, typically someone has complained about a photo for it to get removed. So someone is harrassing you and FB doesnt seem to have time to discern if its valid or not. That’s not to say FB isn’t cooperating with more than a few haters. We already know they cooperate with state and federal agencies.. And other governments… And we know the Japanese gov prefers to shut 311-realists up as well. It may not be more insidious than a persistent tool.. but id guess if they are working that hard they may be getting paid by someone.

  5. Here are some more dollars to start the month.
    Could you automatically send a mail thanking the person who sends you money, with the amount of money written ? It would help me check faster when and how much money I sent you in the past, which would help me know when to send you money again. Though with your monthly goal, I can now think about sending you money the last day of the month, or the first.
    The problem of an account on facebook, compared to a blog on your own server, is that your freedom of speech is in the hands of a capitalist corporation. I do not use facebook, but I hope the alternatives (like Diaspora) take off.

    1. Thank you very much for your donation [again] and comment. Oh I can send you email, but I think you may want to try recurring donation as a solution.

  6. The Security Check is usually a sign someone tried to hack your Facebook account by guessing your password and failing. That sends a Red Flag to Facebook (and most other web services work this way) that something is up so they temporarily close the accountuntil they can verify the attempted log in with this security check.

    As for the picture most likely the same piece of low life scum that tried to break into your account filed a complain with Facebook about the so-called ‘offensive’ picture

    But that’s America … You can push sex and drugs to teenagers (beer commercials with bikini clad women that have nothing to do with beer) and no one bats an eye but show them a little Reality they want to pretend isn’t happening and it’s the ctime of the century ….

    Americans have been lied to and have been living a lie for so long the Truth and Reality really upsets them and is more offensive to them than the lies. Some of that seems to have rubbed off on a lot of the Japanese People after the American occupation of your island after WWII

    BTW I’m a Dakota Sioux Indian who’s Reservation is aboput a 100 yards from a twin Westinghouse Reator (Prairie Island Minnesota) and about a 1000 tons of nuclear waste (Fuel rods) and I’ve been fighting this insanity for over 30 years …. A Fukushima type dusaster there would have genocided my entire Band since we live practically on top fo the G*ddamnned thing …

      1. You are very much welcome my Brother and if you need anything you can email me

  7. Hello, I just wonder — who is the man on that picture, I would like to know more about that accident.

  8. I am so happy you are back on the web after today’s hacking!

    Whatever they are trying to do to your account it has to be illegal!
    Your internet host shoukld help you fend off these censorship attacks!

  9. I have never seen that picture before. Will you please post it (or re-post it) in its original size on this website now that it has been removed from FB? Is it of a Fukushima worker or a Chernobyl worker? Is there any more information about the photo, such as a news story about who the man was? Pictures like that are terrifying, however the world needs to see them so people will understand what nuclear radiation can do. If I were that man I would have hoped that doctors would kill me to put me out of such unutterable misery.

  10. yo, Mr. M.- Facebook is very much appropriated and monitored by the powers that be. We know all about “that” in the U.S. since BushCo days, illegal surveillance, etc. We often run into “minders,” although I don’t think the minders even know exactly what they are minding for, much like the bogus security Code Orange alert or “wars” on an undefined “enemy,” but I digress…

    Don’t be an open book on facebook. They are no doubt using you far more than you are using them! Or you can always partially “hide” in plain sight, if all else fails! 🙂

  11. facebook…. bwahahahhahahah! It may be preferable to tack up a poster on the streets!

    1. …just a warning…you can always seemingly hide in plain sight though, if you know what I mean.

  12. Several commentators have asked about the the picture you posted about the nuclear accident. Can you please tell us more about it? When did it happen, and where? How did it happen and who is the worker? Thank you!

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