Mutated canola in Noda city Chiba

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mutated rape blossoms


Mutated plants grow every 3 meters along Edogawa river in Noda city (← has nothing to do with current JP prime minister) Chiba.





mutated rape blossoms2


You can find them almost every 3 meters.




mutated rape blossoms3


was taking a walk along Edogawa river before it started raining. The canola look so messed up.








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5 Responses to “Mutated canola in Noda city Chiba”

  1. Don't forget the Gulf! says:

    That was exactly my reaction when they dumped Corexit rain and Benzene off-gassing on us in S.coastal U.S. from the BP oil gusher disaster in the Gulf (still ongoing mess) and all the local plant life looked like CRAP!!! It all looked like it had been burned by acid and had fatal cancer! I have never seen leaves look so bad in my life!! I would just pick some and try to figure it out–MESSED UP!

    It does look more normal in the outdoor vegetation now, but I will never forget that “preview” to Fukushima. :(

  2. Don't forget the Gulf! says:

    Oh, and the weird damage to all the plants outdoors went on for many months in S.E. coastal U.S.A. after the BP disaster. I would only eat West Coast food and now ironically, I try to avoid the West coast now! A lot of people don’t realize how messed up things were. BP is no better than TEPCO. Evidence shows BP concealed the truth about how bad the spill was, the lack of remedies, etc. Sound familiar??!!!

  3. tomo says:

    watch out for canola oil (菜種油)now. rape, as well as broccoli, cauliflower, tatsoi, cabbage, radish, 大根, bok choy, 白菜、arugula, 小松菜、高菜、most of the variety of asian greens are all mustard family plants, the superb accumulators of heavy metals, known for its remedial property. mushroom, seaweed are also known to accumulate them. tea, katsuobushi, nori, wakame, hijiki, kombu, etc. all dried food are also on a watch list as the process concentrates radioactivity. oh, horseradish too. we should cover our gardens and keep the soil unexposed. or growing indoor. SIGH….

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