Propaganda site is taking too long to finish



The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy was planning to make a website to spread the correct information by last September, but it still hasn’t been finished.
Mid August in 2011, they outsourced it for an advertisement company ADK, which is a group company of Dentsu.
They made budget of 70 million yen.
The purpose was to spread the correct information promptly. They were to collect about 100 articles and introduce it as Q&A form.
The Agency of Natural Resources and Energy says, most of the collected articles were about the health risk of radiation, but correct information vary depending on the experts. Also, because the government’s policy about safety limit of food and decontamination was fluid, they are still having a trouble to find out the correct answer.

Prof. Igarashi from Hosei university talks, from the view of freedom of speech, it is inappropriate for the government to surveil the internet. There is no established theory of the radiation effect on human body, it is difficult to assert which theory is wrong. It’s natural for them to have troubles to make the website. They have already taken too long to make one, which proves this project is unnecessary.









法政大の五十嵐敬喜教授(公共事業論)の話 言論の自由の観点から国が情報を監視すること自体、不適切な上、放射性物質が人体にどんな影響を与えるかは定説がなく、ある情報が誤りだと一律に判断するのは難しい。事業の難航は当たり前で、この段階でもホームページが作成できないなら、正当性や必要性がないことは明らかだ。

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